June 16, 2006


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# June 16, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn: Salutin & FEMA -&- Brazil & Varig
# June 16, 2006: Justice? Notorious police Sgt. Hon Shum / Hon Kwing Shum ...
# June 16, 2006: The superb or the worst? ... [photos]
# June 16, 2006: Ban radical Sheikh ... [petition]

June 16, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn: Salutin & FEMA -&- Brazil & Varig

Time for a cage match with Rick Salutin

Ordinarily, Mr. Salutin's column in The Globe and Mail is a good warm-up for the funny pages. For him there is no lefty stance that wouldn't improve world peace and help your garden grow. I wonder if he isn't still a secret admirer of Stalin ("So he didn't tweak the utopia plan quite the right way. Nobody's perfect"). In Friday's paper (June, 9th, A-17) he is pooh-poohing the terrorist arrests in Toronto. He tends towards the idea that these were simply misguided youth, who were planning an elaborate prank. That they were in possession of enough fertilizer to blow away a chunk of downtown Toronto (and his beloved CBC to boot) doesn't faze him. To Salutin, it is obviously another example of the right wing trying to foment panic. More multicultural grants and sensitivity training for Canadians would clear up the problem.

It never takes Rick long to segue to the situation in Iraq or Afghanistan. It works to minimalize our own terrorist concerns. You want terror, well let's look at the murderous rampages of the U.S. troops in Iraq--"Just another militia among many". Other than the possible freak-out by marines in Haditha, they are not bombing mosques or wiping out Iraqi kids trying to get some bubblegum. Sorry, Mr. Salutin, but these "militias" are not of the same order of magnitude. But he really steps up to the plate when he states:

"As for our own terror episode this week, it wasn't our 9/11, Bali, or London. It didn't even happen, and we won't even know until the trials if anything was actually planned. It was low- rent terror..."

Wow! A breathtaking diminution of "episodes" there, Ricky. First, he suggests that the entire two year investigation and the vast amount of evidence the police have is maybe simply a political ploy. To build up the fascist police state no doubt. Next he suggests that it was a "low-rent" operation, not a Bali. No, if it had succeeded, Bali would look like a firecracker accident by comparison. A whole infastructure of national symbols would have been obliterated--the TSX, CBC, CSIS headquarters, the CN Tower, and for emphasis, our Parliament. He's right, it was no Bali.

But Rick isn't only a nay-sayer. He has concrete plans for taming a lawless Afghanistan. Granted, he does call his plan "painstaking", as it involves NGOs and the blue helmet boys operating without military protection. Presumably, the left could live with the body bags returning with blue helmets, and culturally righteous, but beheaded, NGOs. Anyway, the remaining peace keepers could still go on handing out "Give peace a chance" pamphlets to Taliban zealots. Thank god we have intellectuals like Salutin, who can think outside the box.

I neglected to get into his "Fascist Americans trying to help dislodge the Islamic fundamentalists from Somalia--Mistake written all over it idea", he opines. That will be my next cage match, if I lose this round. However I must add that The Globe and Mail was so impressed with Rick's article that they gave him a double page spread to further elucidate his beliefs. Well, now these 17 Muslim (alleged) psychopaths are merely an extention of The Weathermen, and The FLQ. Those rock-the-state boys from our distant past--either OD'ed or became stockbrokers, but still they are a powerful aphrodisiac for Rick. Unfortunately, Salutin has missed the magnitude factor again here. The old 60's-style terrorists were strictly politicized. The goverment was their target and due care was taken to limit civilian lives lost, with two exceptions [FLQ]. On the other hand, these (alleged) Muslim jihadis were intent on mass murder and destruction. Their enemy wasn't only the state, but all the people who didn't embrace their Talibanesque ideology. Sorry, Rick, you really must try harder to make a cogent apologia for these fanatics.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Related: Photos via CNEWS Forum re: 'Perhaps Toronto 17 Not Terrorists At All posted by DustyRhodes, 6/08/2006 23:20:59


I watched CNN's expose of how $1.4 billion dollars was scammed from the FEMA program. Unbelievable! Millions went to prisoners, who claimed they were "dispossessed"--true, but not the way FEMA thought. People used their $2,000 government debit cards to buy diamonds, trips to the Caribbean, and for strippers. That must explain the hefty entrance fees at certain watering holes. This scandal may be the coup de grace for Pres. Bush. It also makes you wonder how so many would scam a relief program. On top of that, the two main cities to which evacuees fled, Baton Rouge and Houston, have witnessed a huge increase in violent crime since the influx. Bet the New Orleans' Chamber of Commerce aren't working too hard to get those folks back.

© Bud Talkinghorn

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Five tips for a woman....

1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job.

2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.

3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to you.

4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.

5. It is important that these four men don't know each other.

Thanks to one of the women I know.

Brazil & Varig: Sic transit gloria mundi

Well, another one bit the dust. The once great airline Varig went belly-up. And just today M wrote that they had had a lousy flight home from Italy with Varig. And today C had to manage a lot of emergencies for Brazilian ticket holders on Varig who suddenly found themselves holding tickets for a dead airline.

Apparently, Varig owes three billion dollars, so they wanted to auction off the airline; the best offer was $400 million - in other words: nobody wants them. C thinks that the other Brazilian airline, Tam, is simply waiting to pick up the pieces for a song. Yes, sic transit gloria mundi.

[....] And about Sao Paulo today [***] had nothing good to say either; since the "commies" took over, nothing works properly. There has never been as much theft as now, people are afraid to be on the street and barricade themselves in their homes. To add insult to injury, Chavez, the Venezuelan nut, is sticking his meddling nose into Brazil too, pouring in money for dubious purposes.

This came via a friend, and thanks. Yes, that is a real report from someone who lives in Sao Paolo and knows whereof s/he speaks.

June 16, 2006: Justice? Notorious police Sgt. Hon Shum / Hon Kwing Shum ...

who fled to Vancouver with millions of dollars he had accumulated in bribes June 9, 2006, AsiaPacificPost (Mata Press Service) via Leo Knight's PrimeTimeCrime.com, entitled "Crooked cop’s family returns $20 million"
Two steps:


Naturally, the Canadian family members and addresses of this crooked cop are not all identified but there are some addresses and a few names; undoubtedly they are living quite nicely somewhere in Canada on the proceeds of crime. If you are interested, read to the end of this for company names, all now defunct ... but ... a little persistence might be called for ... in the interests of transparency, accountability, an end to the corruption ......... and maybe a few politicians.

The family of a notorious police sergeant who fled to Vancouver with millions of dollars he had accumulated in bribes during a 31-year career has returned part of the ill-gotten fortune to the Hong Kong government.

An excellent insurance policy for the family, who may remain in Canada, undoubtedly quite relieved that it is over and ... with money left ... from dear old ...

Was the payback a business proposition ... just in time for the explosion of Canada-China business deals? The Olympics with all that construction and expansion in BC which that implies? For political reasons here in Canada? ... It boggles the mind that the family now may live off the proceeds of crime and the mainstream media are concerned with minutiae ... not with investigating all this thoroughly ... but perhaps they are helping political friends I would suggest. One example from a CBC "journalist" whose voice I believe I recognized, heard from another room ... Julie Van Dusan earnestly discussing decorum in the House with ex-Min. Ralph Goodale ... How ironic her concern, considering all the things Van Dusan does not investigate.

Hon Kwing-shum, alias Hon Shum or Hon Sum, served in the Royal Hong Kong Police from September 1940 until he retired in August 1971 [in the 1970's he immigrated to Canada] during which time he had earned a total of about C$35,000.

But upon retirement he and his beneficiaries owned millions of dollars worth of assets. This included over 50 properties, various bank accounts, investments in Hong Kong, Florida, Thailand and British Columbia.

[...] one of the “Five Dragons” ....

The assets handed over were all in Hong Kong and do not include the millions of dollars worth of property and investments linked to Hon in Canada.

Note that the Canadian members of the family get to keep what Hon provided ... Do they also contribute politically? If so, to whom? To which political party/parties? If only the MSM would look ..........

[....] The police study done by Asian Organized Crime Investigators believes that up to 44 former Royal Hong Kong cops, followed the lead of Hon and the other so-called “Five Dragons” to escape a corruption crackdown and establish themselves in Canada with their ill-gotten gains.

The ex-Royal Hong Kong police officers, their wives, concubines and children have invested tens of millions of dollars in businesses and real estate in Canada, mostly in B.C. and Ontario, according to the secret Canadian police study.

Was that through the Immigrant Investor Program? Who was the Minister responsible ... or is it not responsible? ... Who was the Prime Minister? ... Is it possible there was a "plausible deniability" factor at work? [Okay, I admit, I learned that term on TV. How else?] ... Where were the mainstream media? ........ Where was the journalistic curiosity? ........ Perhaps the significant members of that ... journalistic ... group were distracted because they were getting Pravda Propaganda talking points and spin on their Blackberries?

The study also found that four of them, whose average salary was about HK$30,000 a year each, had built a two-tower, 600-room hotel in Toronto valued at more than $20 million.

The richest eleven ... C$80 million.


Brian McAdam, a former immigration-control officer in Hong Kong, [....]

"Some of these guys had close connections in high places and we were not seeing all the paperwork."

The exodus of Hong Kong cops to Canada ... Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) ... prevention-of-bribery laws. [ICAC Hong Kong, I assume.]


The Five Dragons, ... in Canada, .... graft ... triads ....


The bail was raised by family and friends of Hon .... by his:

i) Concubine [...]

ii) Son - David Hon Kam Hung [.... What is the name he has now, since I have noted more than one name used by persons of interest previously in my research?]

iii) Fei-Fung Lui, [....]

[...] Hon's three passports British, Taiwan and Chinese [...]

Hon's lawyer, H.A.D. Oliver, who later went on to become a judge and a conflict-of-interest commissioner, applied for the case to be thrown out on a technicality involving the law.

Three months later, a Federal Court judge agreed with Hon's lawyer and ordered the extradition hearing stopped. Hon is released, bail is discontinued and his three passports returned. The government of Canada appealed this ruling to the Federal Court of Appeals Canada.

On January 24, 1978, the Federal Court of Appeals overturned the ruling and ordered Hon's re-arrest and the resumption of extradition hearings but by that time Hon had left Canada for Taiwan.

[...] retired detective sergeant Lui Lok ... an out-of-court settlement was reached with his family in 1986. [....]

You just have to read all of this.

Should a wealthy B.C. family ... pay for the sins of their father?

Yes! That is the answer many taxpayers of Canada would undoubtedly, like to shout ... that is, the ones doing the paying ... (as opposed to the ones Blackberrying with the right people or the elite fellow travellers) ... Think about it.

* Considering the Canadian taxpayers' money already spent on this and on other cases that have resulted from this and

* Similar cases resulting from the corruption in Hong Kong,

* The Hong Kong embassy investigation which was abruptly ended (cf. McAdam, Read, and others),

* And, it appears, a corrupt Canadian immigration system where this kind of individual was allowed into Canada,

* Along with more like him--apparently triad members ........

Should this family pay for the sins of the father? YES! Why should they be able to live on the proceeds of crime after it has cost Canadians too much already? But read the article.

Message to the MSM: Read the testimony of Brian McAdam and Robert Read concerning Canada's Hong Kong embassy which, if you look further, leads on and on and on to revelations about a possible cover-up and the expenditure of more Canadian taxpayers' money. ... It is worth pursuing.

An aid:

38th PARLIAMENT, 1st SESSION -- Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates -- EVIDENCE from ex-RCMP Corporal Robert Read, ex-Foreign Service Officer Brian Adams, Joanna Gualtieri, Canada's expert on whistle-blowing, civil servant Allan Cutler, and Selwyn Pieters Feb. 3, 05

AsianPacificPost.com: Should a wealthy B.C. family pay for the sins of their father? Thu, September 04 2003

[....] Dubbed the "millionaire cops," [....]

[...] used a loose Canadian immigration system ... businesses and underworld connections in Canada since the seventies.

[....] Tracking a family fortune in Vancouver

The following properties and companies are listed in a covert Canadian police study on the asset base of the family of corrupt ex-Royal Hong Kong police sergeant Hon Kwing Shum. [.... The list is at the end.]

Search: Hon Investment Inc. , the family's umbrella company , Incorporated in British Columbia on Sept 30, 1983 , Esprit Management Inc. , Vincent Chan Enterprises Ltd. , SDI Software Design Inc. , CPI Manufacturing and Distribution Inc.Incorporated on Feb 3, 1988. Dissolved on July 15, 1994.

Note the dates when the latest of the businesses ceased to exist ....... What, if anything, precipitated the dissolution or sale of the assets in 2001-2002? ... Perhaps nothing unusual.

More articles:

‘Crooked’ bankers stash loot in Richmond and Vancouver

Vancouver cheers Hong Kong connection

June 16, 2006: The superb or the worst? ...

Which will it be?

Will Muslims worldwide emphasize what is great in their cultures, promoting and fostering the kinds of civilized intelligence that designed, created and decorated the Muslim architecture of a Hagia Sophia in Istanbul or that of a Jame Mosque of Isfahan in Iran, among other great treasures ... or will Muslims let the fellows in the last photo speak in their name? They must choose. (www.dejkam.com/iran/isfahan/photo.php?ino=25)

Iran-Isfahan: Aliqapoo or the music room

Hasht Behesht

Iran-Isfahan: Jame Mosque

The above ... or this

June 16, 2006: Ban radical Sheikh ...

Muslim and Non-Muslim Canadians: Ban radical Sheikh invited to address young Canadian Muslims

Please send an email to Monte Solberg, Minister of Immigration, Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety, and Stephen Harper, Prime Minister

Ottawa, Canada, Thursday, 15 June, 2006 - The Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) is calling on Immigration Minister, Monte Solberg, to refuse entry on security grounds to Sheikh Riyadh Ul-Haq of the United Kingdom. Ul-Haq is scheduled to visit Canada at the end of June to speak to various Muslim groups in Toronto and Montreal.

"Sheikh Ul-Haq has preached hatred of Hindus and Jews while glorifying martyrdom and jihad,” said David Ouellette, director of CCD. “Canadians may have just narrowly escaped the kind of massacre that occurred in the London transit system last year, a massacre perpetrated by young British Muslims radicalized by such racist, violent rhetoric.”

"If the Harper government is serious about ending the radicalization of young Muslims in Canada and protecting the lives of Canadians, banning Ul-Haq and like-minded preachers from entering our country is absolutely essential."

“Last week at a press conference on Parliament Hill, a spokesperson for one Muslim group said that Islamic extremism is ‘impossible to see’ here in Canada,” Ouellette added. “It is impossible not to see the inflammatory extremism of this radical Sheikh, and we hope that Muslim groups will protect their youth and fellow Canadians by joining the call to ban Ul-Haq from entering Canada.”

"Fighting radical Islam and its promoters is a key component of the war on terror," said David Harris, CCD's Senior Fellow for National Security. "Our government must take steps to confront Islamist incitement at every opportunity, otherwise Canadians may experience the same horrors as the residents of London, Madrid and New York."

We must stop the preaching of hatred and jihad in Canada. This would be a start.

June 15, 2006

June 15, 2006: Drugs, Gangs, Whistleblowers ...

and articles related to the work Rob Stenhouse and others were doing on gangs, drugs, and how to combat this -- also links that have changed and a new report on the RCMP April 2006

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: October 10, 2004 -- Taking Care of Business: Criminal Gang Activity in Canada, Prostitution, Medical Pot

Stenhouse Related: B.C.'s Hells Angels: Rich and Powerful, by Lori Culbert and Neal Hall, Judith Lavoie, Vancouver Sun and Victoria Times Colonist, Published: Saturday, September 11, 2004


One of those who worked on the Western Wind file was former RCMP officer Pat Convey, now an inspector with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. Convey was among those critical in the book of the handling of the case. "It happened and I'm not going to go into it again," he said in an interview. "Yes, I got my knuckles rapped [for speaking out in the book]. I'm not in the RCMP any more."

There is a list of other columns at the end.

Why is Convey not with the RCMP any more? How is the new attempt to pass effective whistleblower legislation coming along?

In my humble opinion, the usual suspects, through the mainstream media, are fighting any change to the way things have been done (and which so many understand?) for many years. I wonder why. CTV, CBC and the BellGlobeMedia empire should do some investigating ... but then, there is that problem with having a Conservative government now and CRTC ruling(s) ........ $$$ to be made, if only ......... a Liberal government returns things to ....... well, the way things were. Perhaps it is better for business not to investigate some things. Of course, I am simply surmising.

The rich and powerful Hells Angels motorcycle club in B.C. ... expanding ... cementing their territorial stake on organized crime.


Eight years ago, ... 70 so-called full-patch members and five chapters in B.C. Today, ... 95 ... seven chapters: ...


... roughly 2,000 members worldwide ... Canada, the U.S., Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and South America.

Canada has more Hells Angels members per capita than any other country ...


The huge profits ... drug trade ... to establish legitimate businesses ....


The public is also affected by the hundreds of Hells Angels "associates" -- a network of friends of club members who have been known to infiltrate the country's ports, phone companies, the post office and other government offices where private information can be obtained about citizens who run afoul of the Angels.

"The ports is an example where they use their associates to facilitate criminal activity," said Inspector Andy Richards, in charge of the outlaw motorcycle gang unit within the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, the successor to the Organized Crime Agency of B.C.

"The telephone company, or Shaw Cable or ICBC, that's an example where they've just got this wide-range of contacts ... where they can just make a phone call and get something done, if they need to, for example, run a licence plate," Richards said.


... a list of the top-20 organized-crime figures in B.C. and nearly half are Hells Angels members.


... the Western Wind debacle, detailed in the recent book The Road to Hell: How the Biker Gangs are Conquering Canada. Written by Julian Sher and William Marsden, ... a chance to nail drug-dealers for $330 million worth of cocaine ... fisherman offered ... headed for Victoria.

... wanted to be paid $1 million and be placed in witness protection, but [....]

One of those who worked on the Western Wind file was former RCMP officer Pat Convey, now an inspector with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. Convey was among those critical in the book of the handling of the case. "It happened and I'm not going to go into it again," he said in an interview. "Yes, I got my knuckles rapped [for speaking out in the book]. I'm not in the RCMP any more."

[....] Special News Series [.... with the list of articles]

The article is lengthy, detailed and worth reading.

Within the last while, fortunately, that Western Wind situation has been ameliorated through dedicated efforts and co-operation in investigating and apprehending criminals ... alleged criminals. Check FHTR for a post on it.

Gremlins at Links? -- and a new report on the RCMP

Earlier today I pointed readers to the following; since then I have found that links may be corrupted or changed.


Undercover Mountie -- a copy of an article published in Maclean's from Nov. 26, 01 by Robert Sheppard

The link has changed to [www.nvweather.net/messages/organic_teas_290.html] which is wrong. How did that happen? Again, gremlin spoor and no answer. It must have been worth changing ... for someone.

However, all is not lost; see

Law Envorcement
Undercover Mountie Maclean's Vol.114 No.48 Nov 26 2001 p14 R Sheppard

Even better, for a later study, check:
pdf format:


html format cached:
Title: BureaucratsinUniform ThePoliticizationandDeclineofthe RoyalCanadianMountedPolice [sic] ...

Bureaucrats in Uniform
The Politicization and Decline of the
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

by Barry Cooper, Fraser Institute Digital Publication, April 2006

[...] Among the most serious reasons advanced for the current problems in the Force is that it has become politicized in the sense that it responds directly to political instructions. [...]

Engaging, detailed and documented.

Another link no longer available:
Check here for whether Stenhouse was onto something
-- lengthy and full of information. Do not miss this article.
Available perhaps in an archive at the Vancouver Sun or in a library.

Whistleblower Legislation, Whistleblowers, Qui Tam & Related in particular, Oct. 25, 2005 which refers to FHTR May 15, 2005

Whistleblower related: If only the Liberals could keep Canadians from knowing the truth -- Whistleblowers and More [May 16, 2005]

June 15, 2006: Stenhouse & Read

What follows is the result of a search: Hells Angels, RCMP, Stenhouse

One of the links I found follows but the url seemed not to work:

Don't embarrass the 'carpet cops'
In 2000, RCMP Staff Sgt. Bob Stenhouse, frustrated with the lack of ... and it's also fair to say that Levigne's books on the Hells Angels have done more in ...

That url solution is to link to www.PrimeTimeCrime.com and check the archives index. Then the link worked. (There is a possibility that my linking problem was because of low memory at the time or something else.)

Column Index 2004 -- and then:


And search: Don't embarrass the 'carpet cops' Feb. 25, 2004 [See this below.]

Digression & Related:

Note also that there are other articles
you might want to return to later. E.g. Senior RCMP used for political purposes Mar. 31, 2004
(This column was published in the North Shore News on Mar. 31, 2004
nsnews.com/index.html )

Leo Knight: Senior RCMP used for political purposes

[....] But the corruption that is systemic goes far beyond the $100 million missing in the Adscam swindle.

[....] W5 news program [....]

That is, the penetration of our immigration system in our High Commission in Hong Kong and the resulting attempts to hinder the investigation of the situation.

Inherent in their story is the coverup of whatever it was that former foreign services officer Brian MacAdam and then RCMP Insp. Garry Clement found when they watched their intelligence files disappear before their eyes in the Immigration's CAIPS computer system.

Yes, coverup.

Strong words especially in discussing the actions of a political party holding power as a government.


The Hong Kong High Commission scandal is about selling the sovereignty of our nation and then co-opting the RCMP into participating in the coverup.

It should make your blood run cold.

See also:

The Asian Triad Affair

PrimeTimeCrime: Don't embarrass the 'carpet cops' By Leo Knight (This column was published in the North Shore News on Feb. 25, 2004)

THE takeover of B.C.'s Organized Crime Agency (OCA) by the RCMP is just the latest example of the carpet cops putting the boot into the good guys to the advantage of organized crime.

[.....] Read .... stayed true to his oath to Queen and country that he swore when they gave him his badge

A similar matter played itself out in another case in federal court last week. In 2000, RCMP Staff Sgt. Bob Stenhouse, frustrated with the lack of efforts to combat the threat posed by the outlaw motorcycle gangs, leaked a few documents to journalist and author Yves Levigne for his book Hells Angels at War.

[....] Julian Sher and William Marsden's book The Road to Hell [....]

The book deals at length with the apparent unwillingness or inability of the RCMP in British Columbia to do anything about the rising threat in the '90s that the Hells Angels presented. [....]

It's shameful, but then the carpet cops have no shame. Their priority is to make sure theirs is the biggest desk. You see, that's how they measure their worth.

Personally, I use Read and Stenhouse as measuring sticks.

reports.fja.gc.ca/fc/2004/pub/v4/2004fc34308.html [Note: no www]

Stenhouse v. Canada (Attorney General) (FC)

The author published these documents in his book Hells Angels at War. ... (2) did RCMP management know about Stenhouse's complaints and how did they deal ...

Reminder: All links are via Leo Knight's PrimeTimeCrime.com

Note: If the link to AsianPacificPost.com has the same problem, go to the main site and then try the url.

June 15, 2006: Stenhouse had been a top undercover officer ...

who lost his job with the RCMP has negotiated a settlement and some good news ... a vindication for his efforts in that he gets his leave and his full RCMP pension -- "Truth has been exposed and truth prevailed" -- "Former Mountie abandons job fight", Charles Rusnell, The Edmonton Journal, June 08, 2006


[....] Stenhouse had been a top undercover officer who headed a successful investigation of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Alberta, including the Hells Angels. A staff sergeant, Stenhouse had produced several plans for fighting organized crime with available resources, but they had been ignored by senior officers........

[....] In the federal court ruling, the judge also found RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli had been inappropriately involved in Stenhouse's case before and during his disciplinary hearing, creating a "reasonable apprehension of bias" in his role as final adjudicator in the case.

Zaccardelli has publicly criticized Stenhouse for his lack of integrity and ethics for leaking the internal documents. But Stenhouse still maintains he did the right thing, for the right reason. The public seems to agree with Stenhouse. He is now in demand as a speaker on ethics, integrity and whistleblowing to corporations and other groups.

Search: evidence the court found had been purposely withheld

Whistleblower Profiles 2004

Search: fipa.bc.ca/library/Whistleblower_Profiles_2004.doc Notes from Edmonton Journal, Oct. 19, 2000

Please Note:

Readers of this blog will note many familiar names and their stories in this compilation of whistleblower profiles ... a refresher course on the decent people who put Canada and Canadians ahead of their own best interests at the time. The ones I single out are only a few whom I have written about or about their causes: for example, Robert Read and Brian McAdam, Joanna Gualtieri and her colleague John Guenette (Foreign Affairs), Jon Grant (chair of Canada Lands Co. , Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano), Bruce Brine (Halifax Ports Police) on the public risks of closing down the ports police: Corporal Ian Whittington (president of the Ports Canada Police Association), and Mike Toddington (former superintendent of the Vancouver branch).

Bob Stenhouse has been a member of an honourable company of Canadian whistleblowers who have suffered for doing what is right.

BOB STENHOUSE. [Notes from Canadian Press, CBC, and the Globe and Mail]

RCMP Staff Sergeant Bob Stenhouse says the RCMP’s war against biker gangs is crippled by ego and bureaucratic turf-protecting, [....]

He says the forces “unethical” national strategy of using media to scare the public pushed him into an effort to change the force. That led him to leak documents to journalist Yves Lavigne, who used them in his 1999 book Hells Angels at War.

[....] On Feb. 24, 2001, [Stenhouse] testified that RCMP management has consistently resisted bringing together different police branches to jointly investigate biker gangs.

The branches include criminal intelligence, drug enforcement, proceeds of crime, and community policing. In Vancouver, he said, one organized-crime task force was specifically forbidden from working on drug files. He heard a similar story from officers in Ontario. [.... One could ask WHY?]

Search: lack of police cooperation , a whistleblower who risked his career

Further down that page is more information:

Former undercover drug Mountie Bob Stenhouse was shot at during one takedown near Surrey, B.C. in the 1980s. "It wasn't even a big op," said Edmonton's Stenhouse, who worked in the drug section for eight years during the 1980s and '90s. "Back in those days, we were allowed to go onto property without a search warrant . . . We were in the barn. All of a sudden -- kaboom. Someone shot over our heads. We hit the hay. We didn't see him." Not long after, Stenhouse lost his good friend and partner in a heroin bust gone bad in Thailand. A Thai/Canadian link in the trafficking of the drug had been established.

Memory Lane: Frost Hits the Rhubarb: October 02, 2005: Compare how ex-RCMP Cpl. Robert Read and ex-Staff Sgt. Robert Stenhouse .... -- or
October 6, 2005

Scam the Taxpayers, Get Half a Million -- But RCMP Get Fired for Doing Their Jobs -- Perhaps Too Well

Compare how ex-RCMP Cpl. Robert Read and ex-Staff Sgt. Robert Stenhouse were treated with the treatment accorded David Dingwall. Even the suggestion that Paul Martin's government would give [Dingwall] half a million dollars sticks in Canadians' craw.

There are other articles on this man and other whistleblowers, but this is a start.

June 15, 2006: Harris, Morden, Khadr, Gelati & Friendly Activists

David Harris

See if it is online. I'm late with posting this.

Security Certificates June 14, 06, G&M

[....] National security expert David Harris will be online for an hour-long live discussion Thursday on the controversial security certificates.

Join the Conversation at 1 p.m. EDT or leave a question or comment in advance. They will appear below, along with Mr. Harris's replies, when the live discussion begins.

David Harris is a the senior fellow for national security policy at the Canadian Coalition for Democracies. He is a lawyer with an extensive background in criminal and national security issues. Mr. Harris is the former chief of strategic planning for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and is currently the Director of the International and Terrorist Intelligence Program at INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc., a counterterrorism, national security and international risk-analysis consulting group.

Editor's Note: globeandmail.com editors will read and allow or reject each question/comment. [....]

Now, if this is like a CBC townhall or forum ... is it rigged to veer left? Liberal? Not accusing, of course ... just asking. Try to find a copy of Reid Morden's article which is behind a $ firewall, even if you have already bought the paper.

Reid Morden

The security certificate is an acceptable tool Reid Morden, Wednesday, June 14, 2006, Page A20 -- A must read article.

Indefinite detention! Secret hearings! No charges! What on Earth is that nice Canada up to with its security-certificate law for foreign terrorist suspects, the critics ask.

The law is, like most compromises, imperfect. But it is the imperfect compromise of a rights-respecting, immigrant-respecting society when faced with dangerous newcomers who fight deportation tooth and nail. [....]

A Motley Crew: Khadr, Gelati and "Friendly Activists"

Making martyrs out of molehills National Post, June 14, 2006


[....] Among them was Karim Khadr, a wheelchair-bound 17-year-old whose father was a senior al-Qaeda boss until Pakistani troops gunned him down in 2003. Mr. Khadr -- injured in the same gun battle -- was seated near the front and was reportedly greeted as a quasi-celebrity.

Even more unseemly was what went on outside the courthouse, where lawyers for the accused complained that their clients were being subjected to "cruel and unusual punishment." Front-and-centre was Rocco Galati, who is on record claiming Canadian anti-terror laws are "totalitarian" and that our security establishment "engages in racial institutional apartheid," and who once compared security officials in the war on terror to the Third Reich.

[....] That these young men are pulling out all the stops is to be expected: These are criminal defendants facing serious charges, and they are legally entitled to zealous advocacy on their behalf. But what is disappointing is that there is an audience eager to seize upon their complaints. It seems only a matter of time before other publicity hounds -- the James Loneys and Alexandre Trudeaus of this world -- hop aboard the parade. [....]

June 15, 2006: Immigration & Gremlin spoor ...

in News Junkie Canada post.

Immigration and Gremlin spoor in News Junkie Canada -- Strange how these spoor occur with certain posts, is it not? -- a break added in the wrong spot ...

September 19, 2003

[....] " target=_blankU.S. links Toronto group to bin Laden Runs Islamic youth camps: Nephew Abdullah allegedly founded anti-Jewish assembly, by Stewart Bell, National Post, Sept. 19, 03

[Correct link
51628-E56E-4248-A93E-838C45111C6E ]

TORONTO - A Muslim youth organization that American counter-terrorism officials say was founded by Osama bin Laden's nephew has been operating in the Toronto area, the National Post has learned.

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), established in the United States by Abdullah bin Laden, publishes literature promoting Islamic jihad and hatred of Jews, according to a senior investigator.

WAMY Canada runs a series of Islamic camps and pilgrimages for youth.

The WAMY Canada Web site has links to several organizations suspected of financing terror, including the Holy Land Foundation, Muslim World League and International Islamic Relief Organization.

[. . . .]

According to the WAMY-Canada Internet site: "The World Assembly of Muslim Youth is an international Islamic organization. The headquarters is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It has many branches all over the world. The Canadian office is supervised by the USA office in Washington D.C."

Perhaps this is more relevant today than it was in 2003.

June 14, 2006

June 14, 2006: No racism here ...

Weinreb: Residents of Caledonia deserve real police -- "The OPP should be removed from Caledonia." By Arthur Weinreb, Associate Editor, Wednesday, June 14, 2006, CanadaFreePress.com

[....] In Caledonia, where criminal acts have been taking place under the cutesy title of a "native standoff" (sounds like a dance), the rule of law has all but broken down.

[....] The standoff, which escalated when the Ontario Provincial Police tried and failed to end it in April, has seen an increase in violent acts in recent days. Last week, U.S. border agents were visiting the area to observe how the OPP were handling the situation. The agents’ vehicle was swarmed, they were dragged out, and their car was stolen.

[....] The OPP should be removed from Caledonia. Their conduct and that of the provincial government is despicable. [....]

The racism game ... again. Use the R word ... and police are reluctant to act since, from all angles, they are accused of racism. CBC, for example, would be first to use that tone that says the police are starting another Oka. They should just do what needs to be done.

Don't miss reading this one.

June 14, 2006: Accountability

Reid critical of Tory U-turn on Access reform -- Information Commissioner calls Accountability Act 'bureaucrat's dream' John Ivison, National Post, June 14, 2006

There are arguements pro and con. Realistically, could it be improved? Would taxpayers like it?

June 14, 2006: Beach Blast

An Israeli inquiry concluded the blast was caused by an explosive buried in the sand, not from Israeli shelling on the afternoon of the Palestinian family's beach picnic. Mark Lavie, AP, June 13, 06

Palestinians have another view.

June 14, 2006: Doomsday can wait ...

Peak Oil groupies, free of scientific and economic constraints, see demand growing independent of human ingenuity and market forces Vaclav Smil, Financial Post, June 14, 2006

Vaclav Smil is distinguished professor at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, and the author of Energy at the Crossroads.

[....] there is an unfortunate absence of rigorous international standards in reporting oil reserves and many official totals have been politically motivated[....]

Unless we believe, preposterously, that human inventiveness and adaptability will cease the year the world reaches the peak annual output of conventional crude oil, we should see that milestone (whenever it comes) as a challenging opportunity rather than as a reason for cult-like worries and paralyzing concerns.

June 14, 2006: Telus CEO tells CRTC ...

Telus CEO tells CRTC to keep its hands off broadcasters -- Telco expands TV service -- " let market forces rein" Kevin Restivo, Financial Post, June 14, 2006

[....] "Competitors ... must be given fair and reasonable wholesale access to the public network infrastructure controlled by the incumbent providers .... willing to pay cost plus a reasonable return."

[....] the current rates ... "plainly excessive."

[.... Darren Entwistle, Telus's chief executive] said the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) should "seriously consider" one piece of legislation that covers the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors.

[....] The technology sector's top U.S. and Canadian movers and shakers are gathering in Toronto for the Canadian Telecom Summit this week. Over the next two days in the Financial Post, reporters will extensively cover the event, the largest of its kind in this country.

I would add: stop bundling which includes many channels we never watch, and we have to pay even more to get the ones we might be interested in watching. Get the social engineering of language, art, drama, what is Canadian and just about every aspect of TV/telephone/mainstream media influence out of our lives. Let us live our lives as we wish, not be forced to pay for what some small group chooses for us ... programs, internet access, telephone (and probably more I don't even think of off the top of my head) from a narrow range of those companies who presently control these. I don't want to be restricted to one telephone company, one cable company, the demands of one language group or another ... ah, fill in the rest of it for yourself. Some people even agree with me.

We want choice ... and to choose for ourselves ... even to make mistakes ... but let us find out.

June 14, 2006: For men ... a must read

Domestic violence isn't one-sided -- Every male will want to read this one. Don Dutton, National Post, June 14, 2006

Don Dutton is Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia and the author of Rethinking Domestic Violence.

[....] Unfortunately, such gender bias in the law-enforcement system and beyond is typical, not exceptional. A double standard for men and women, applied in cases of intimate partner violence (IPV) -- as well as in family law, including spousal support and child custody cases -- has become commonplace in most Western societies over the last 25 years. And in spite of a widening stream of incontrovertible statistical evidence to the contrary, the myth persists that it is women, and only women, who are the victims of IPV.

It's about time somebody noticed ...

June 14, 2006: Tarek Fatah.

Hypocrisy masquerading as diversity Tarek Fatah, National Post, June 14, 2006

Tarek Fatah is a freelance Toronto writer and host of the Saturday night weekly CTS-TV show, The Muslim Chronicle.

Reverberations from news of the alleged Toronto terror threat had barely subsided when the merchants of multiculturalism were out with their begging bowls asking for government funding to find the "root cause."

Bingo! What a racket it's been.

June 14, 2006: Inscription in medieval dungeon ...

leads to political furor in Turkey -- "An inscription at a medieval dungeon translated as "Where God does not exist" .... "

[....] The head of the Archeology Museum in Bodrum, an Aegean resort popular with foreign tourists, said the Culture Ministry ordered the 500-year-old inscription scraped away after government inspectors decided that it had "no historical and archeological value."

June 14, 2006: Girls violent?

Fourteen-year-old girl among those charged with weapons offences at school -- three knives and a loaded .44 Magnum handgun ... Thistletown Collegiate Institute


June 14, 2006: Running from the truth about unions ...

"In Toronto today you lose your chance to be mayor by simply suggesting the unions have too much power." Bill Carroll Commentary, National Post, June 14, 2006

June 14, 2006: Suspects in Jane Creba's death ...

have long records -- Some have history of violence, weapons charges
NatPost, June 14, 06

June 14, 2006: $1.4 BILLION IN TAX BREAKS

Apparently this is on CNEWS. Check further for the whole story.

That is what the the booming oil industry is getting per year? [....] "Subsidies are for industries in transition," he said. "This is an industry no longer in transition and it has gotten over the last three decades about $40 billion from the federal government." (cnews)

via Invomag, Jun. 14, 06
Note to PM Harper and government: This needs to change. We've had enough vote buying from the guys in power most of that time.

June 14, 2006: Khomeini's grandson: Topple Iran clerics

Ayatollah Hussein Khomeini Jun. 14, 2006 -- or here posted by SeanMcElroy, 6/14/2006 07:57:44

In an interview with Al-Arabiya TV's Web site on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the death of the founder of the Iranian Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, his grandson Ayatollah Hussein Khomeini said that the current Iranian regime was "a dictatorship of clerics who control every aspect of life," and called for foreign intervention to topple the regime

[....] meeting with the son of the deposed Shah Reza Pahlavi ...

For the last three years, the Iranian regime has kept Khomeini under surveillance and has banned him from giving interviews to the Iranian media because of his criticism of the regime.

June 14, 2006: Gitmo-Terrorism prisoners seek asylum

Oh, wonderful! Maybe we'll get more refugees

Guantanamo Bay: Those cleared of wrongdoing look to Canada Glen McGregor, CanWest News Service, June 14, 2006

Four men... in Camp Iguana ... cleared by a combat status review tribunal and could leave if the United States can find a place to send them.

Lawyers ... speaking to Canadian authorities about the possibility of taking him in, perhaps as a refugee claimant.

[....] A refugee claim from Guantanamo would likely first require the Canadian government to give approval through diplomatic channels, as a claim cannot usually be made from outside the country.

'What does the world do with somebody truly dangerous?' -- Security laws before Supreme Court Janice Tibbetts, June 14, 06

[....] Lawyer Barbara Jackman, representing Mr. Almrei, said the detainees are enduring cruel and unusual punishment because they are left to languish in a facility that is not officially part of the Canadian justice system and therefore does not have programs and services in place, such as education and counselling.

"What it leaves them with is complete hopelessness," she said. She said her client, Mr. Almrei, has said: "I feel like I'm dead."

Frankly, it leaves me with complete satisfaction. How do you feel about Mr. Almrei's "complete hopelessness", yourself?

June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006: Fulford, Christian Alert ... & Trudeau's Gift That Keeps on Giving

June 14, 2006: There are updates inserted below.

Robert Fulford: How we became a land of ghettos June 12, 2006, NatPost

[....] A little more than 30 years ago, Canada changed its approach to the question of absorbing immigrants. [....]

In the Trudeau era, we chose to define our society as a patchwork of many culturally distinct groups that may or may not interact.

The word we used to describe this new, more balkanized model -- multiculturalism -- is harmless on its face: No reasonable Canadian opposes the right of immigrants to respect their homeland cultures and retain aspects of their pre-Canada lives.

[....] Salim Mansur, a Muslim professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario, wrote in the Toronto Sun on Saturday: "We [Canadian Muslims] preach tolerance yet we are intolerant. We demand inclusion, yet we practise exclusion of ... those with whom we disagree." In what he called a "brutally honest" response to this month's events, Mansur argued that "We have made hypocrisy an art, and have spun for ourselves a web of lies that blinds us to the real world around us."

Religious freedom becomes a very pale idea when used to assert a belief in one true way and contempt for other beliefs. [....]

Search: Charter of Rights and Freedoms through Section 27


Trudeau's Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- Combined and aligned with UN speak about "rights", global "rights", "undocumented immigrants", not "illegal aliens" ...

Update: June 14, 06: I should have added that former governments' acceptance of the United Nations' pronouncements on "rights" has, more recently, become a movement toward "global rights". I am waiting to see which way the present Conservative government and the courts move on this. Today there was an excellent article on the logical extension of the Charter's concern with rights -- in relation to security certificates.

'What does the world do with somebody truly dangerous?' -- Security laws before Supreme Court Janice Tibbetts, June 14, 06

[....] Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin summed up concerns when she questioned what Canada should do with the "hard cases" -- people who may threaten public safety but cannot be evicted because of torture concerns.

[....] Three Muslim men are challenging a section of Canadian immigration law that allows the government to issue "security certificates" to detain non-Canadians. The certificates are issued on the approval of two federal ministers, based on secret information from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The litigants are: Adil Charkaoui ... Morocco ... Mohamed Harkat, an Algerian-born ... and Hassan Almrei, a Syrian-born refugee and accused al-Qaeda associate [....]

These people detained under security certificates may leave and return whence they came, I believe. The problem is that if they stay they will be subject to the security certificates and hence, remain incarcerated. Naturally, they don't like this and are talking about their rights -- things like access to information about why and the like -- that it is cruel and inhuman to treat them so. May I urge them to accept their right to leave?

Do people who talk about security certificates and rights in relation to these people think we should care about "torture concerns" if they are deported? That is not my, nor others', first concern. Many of us don't care, nor do we care about any human rights pronouncements coming out of the thug-state run UN when related to our security. Are we mad? Or realistic? Or fed up and callous? Take your pick. Whatever it is, we don't care. We want the above-named men deported........... If no country wants them, consider a covert drop. Let them squat on a rock in some desert ... forget the food and water. Just drop them ... hard. Does writing that constitute a hate crime in politically correct Canada? ... Ah, I'm jesting ... of course ... aren't I?

Trudeau's Charter of Rights and Freedoms: It is the gift that keeps on giving rights to people who did not build this country ... and in the process, taking away Canadians' right to protect themselves under some misguided giving of rights to illegal aliens or other dangerous immigrants/refugees. The Khadr family come to mind. Remember Jean Chretien's efforts on that family's behalf. Where is JC today? Hiding?

Canada used to work well. Compliments of the social engineering Liberals and particularly under Trudeau, who did much to create rights for all except Anglo-Canada, Canada is not the same safe and secure country it was, and it is hamstrung by UNspeak and Liberal bows to those pronouncements, by Charter rights for people who did nothing to build the democracy and freedoms of this country. Many have come on-the-take. Now, Canada suffers a failure to thrive ... except for those who stand to make money ... those who don't care about the burgeoning criminal guns, drugs and gang activity, imported problems of people who neither want to nor try to fit in, perennial whinging classes of people who believe they have a right to push their ways, their languages, their victimology, their rights ... et cetera. Anglo whitey, now your right is only to give in, to bow in guilt ... and, it goes without saying, to pay.

The worst thing is that colour / race was never the problem, as long as new Canadians acculturated and became productive Canadians. Under the Liberals, taxpayers' money was sluiced to groups of identifiable voting blocks to maintain their cultures and to support their learning one of the official languages, something they should have done on their own money ... if they wanted to become Canadians. If I go to live in another country, I expect to have to learn the language or to remain outside the mainstream there, with all that that implies. On entering, I make that choice. New Canadians have chosen to come here. Let them pay to join the society. Why should Canadians pay them to do it? .......... That was how it used to work until ...... astute Liberals saw how they could garner votes and loyalty ......... using other people's money, taxpayers' money, and allowing rights to strangers entering our midst.

Related two posts -- search: Updated May 31, 2006: #4 No one is illegal! Screen captures

May 31, 2006: #3 No one is illegal! Anti-Capitalism Convergence

No one is illegal -- check for more.

Terror and tolerance Jonathan Kay, June 06, 2006, National Post

Friday's arrest of 17 terror suspects may well transform Canada's muddled attitude to militant Islam: Terrorist bombs, like the proverbial hangman's noose, tend to focus the mind.

This is the third time in two decades that Canada's multicultural pieties have conflicted with our need to thwart global terrorism. And until now, multiculturalism has gotten the upper hand.

[....] Over the past five years, Canada's contribution to the fight against terrorism has been continually hamstrung by our self-conscious dedication to the ideals of multiculturalism and tolerance. But as Friday's arrests show, the tension between the two has always been a phony one: It hardly empowers minority communities if we ignore the violent subcultures embedded within. Such neglect just allows the militants to co-opt the community as a whole -- which is exactly what Tiger supporters did with Toronto's Tamils, and what radical Sikhs did in B.C. [....]

And what radical imams are doing to Muslims?

CBC is already trying to present some or most of the young boys as just teens influenced by bad men; you know, it isn't their fault ... no? Like heck! Did you ever look at the pictures of Muslims around the world dancing in the streets over the Twin Towers on 9/11? And these boys were never taught hatred at home? ... Mais non! They were good boys ... always praying at the mosque ... or cracking jokes ... or playing with chemicals ... you know, good Canadian boys.

End of updates

Christian Belief Alert

Thanks to W for the following -- I do not have a link:

Political Wilderness Beckons.

There are some very interesting and potentially ominous developments happening with the Liberal Party of Canada. One only has to project a little bit based on past news items.

1) Comments have been made from within federal government circles that there is a possibility of a lawsuit against the Liberal Party of Canada to recover the lost millions (forget exactly how much - $40 mm to $80 mm??)

2) Liberal Leadership candidates are hurting for money and are borrowing with the expectations of repaying the loans. Losers will likely be a longer time paying off these loans. This may have the dampening effect of them being able to function less effectively as MPs.

Now, let's put this together:

1) One of these heavily in debt individuals becomes leader of the party.

2) The party is successfully sued for the lost millions.

3) Add the possibility of federal election financing being reduced (after the next election) from $1.75 per vote to $0.75 (or less) per vote and you have all parties except the Conservatives cut off at the knees because the Conservatives have a much broader base of financial support.

4) Said LPOC is many years in the political wilderness.

Maybe now is the time to carefully read Ann Coulter's latest book, glean and distil those ideas and issues that are applicable to the Canadian situation and publish them widely and often (especially to soft liberals).

All prognostications are subject to the vagaries of the ever shifting winds of political, social and economic forces and may be widely off the mark!

Prior to the last election and even now, many, many Christians are praying for solid, stable, effective and righteous government? Did you notice how the Liberal Party in general and Paul Martin in particular appeared to become increasingly confused as the election campaign progressed? I attribute that to the unseen hand behind the affairs of men in answer to the uplifted prayers of the many.

Further, it seems that, so far, [Stephen Harper] has been right on the money - in virtually every decision. A government dedicated to doing the right things will have the support of that unseen hand which, as events unfold, will become ever more evident to those whose eyes are open.

June 13, 2006: The first comment breaks my heart.....

There are several newer posts below but the comment from this reader bothered me so I have placed it at the top.

I don't know why I had not seen this before, at least that I remember. I am often bothered by problems posting to Blogger and/or trying to publish comments which seem not to appear later. Perhaps this is one of them. I wonder why this is so ........

Anyway, I am re-posting this comment here because it touches something in me.

Anonymous said...

ummm....obviously, as always the extremely detrimental impact of smoking pot is overlooked. OF COURSE it should stay illegal. I was addicted for years, my best friend is addicted, my husband is addicted. They can't even go a few hours without a toke. They buy pot before food. Ask my husband who's pawned off our kid's video games for weed if it's harmless. I've talked to hookers who work the streets to buy pot-just pot...no crack or heroin. I know from experience what it can do. Just come on over to my house and witness the man who cries himself to sleep because he can't stop smoking it. Talk to my friend. Talk to me. I couldn't even stop when I was pregnant. So there....there's your "study consequences", and yes, I live in BC. The most losers and unemployed per capita in North America.

Tue May 03, 07:34:38 AM 2005

I did respond to the above today, much too late for readers to notice; also, I draw your attention to the content of the post that drew the above response entitled:

October 23, 2004
Pot Rot -- Pot-Marijuana-MaryJane and Organized Crime--Grow Ops--Fraser Institute Report


How can all of us help? I think that we must start with every effort to support the family. I had someone visit me lately who is involved with social services in another province. We both agree that giving someone money--EI? Welfare? whatever-- that allows the person to sit at home in poverty, but that does not contribute enough support so that the individual may rise ... get and go to a job and maintain some semblance of a normal life -- a life which requires enough sustenance to get off drugs or to get education and to develop skills that are saleable, is useless. I have an example of one young man but I cannot post the story for reasons of privacy. How a solution may be worked out requires more time than I have available, also.

One suggestion:

Make use of those people who are retired or otherwise out of the work force through disability or whatever; let them go into the schools and support the education of the children even just to listen to them read which is the foundation of so much learning. I could recommend SPORT, SPORT, SPORT for health and to burn off excess energy, along with studying really interesting things and events that will pique their learning, lead them on to more ... instead of promoting dependency, guilt and the idea that Big Brother will provide ... or, well, whatever the schools do now.

I am reading a book which just happened to include a section on the Roaring Twenties which will lead into the Dirty Thirties / the Great Depression and on up to the present. I know stories of this era that would send young people off on a quest to learn more.
Should we not engage students and young adults, even young parents, in their own history and, related to that, the Roaring Twenties section, for example, lead them to learn that buying on time / hire purchase / overextending oneself / buying on credit ..... add your own name for it ... whatever, can only lead to insecurity and fear of an economic downturn. Then, teach our children to want for less in the general junk/junque department, to study to learn and to gain skills they can always sell for sustenance. They don't have to all be university graduates.

June 13, 2006: Islamic Nuclear bomb? Who? Me?

NUCLEAR WAR-FEAR -- Pakistan pressured to produce Khan – 'father of Islamic bomb'

U.N. desperate to question scientist after evidence of enriched uranium found at Iranian military site
June 11, 06

[....] U.S. officials and U.N. inspectors believe Khan, the "father of the Islamic bomb," who remains under house arrest in Pakistan after confessing he had provided both Iran and North Korea with details of how to make their own nuclear bombs, has important information about Tehran's nuclear program.

In January, IAEA inspectors found traces of highly enriched uranium, which could be weapons grade, in vacuum pumps at the destroyed and leveled Lavizan-Shian site in Tehran – a site Iran denied had been used for its nuclear work. The find casts further doubts on Iran's claims its program is intended only for peaceful purposes. [....]

In case it rains, you'll need something to read -- such as:

Special offers:

'Atomic Iran' proven accurate: Learn how the terrorist regime bought the bomb and American politicians
Are you prepared for nuclear terror? Get free report on practical steps for survival of 'inevitable' attack

Previous stories:

Brit MI6 confirms bin Laden nukes
Iran negotiator announces: We duped West on nukes
How Pakistan's Dr. X sold al-Qaida Islamic bomb
How al-Qaida got the bomb
Report: Scientist gave Iran nuke material
U.N.'s proliferation failures alarm U.S.
New evidence of Egyptian nuke program
The 'Islamic Bomb' spreads over globe
Bin Laden met nuke scientists

The terrorist next door: What is taught in mosques is never challenged, questioned, or scrutinized. .... We, Muslims seem ... more concerned after times like this with the possible "backlash" as opposed to self examination and scrutiny. Thinking Blog


The terrorist next door June 06, 2006


[....] 1. Muslims in Canada, and in the West in general, are mostly completely isolated from their surroundings. They live in close-knit exclusivist communities and they fail miserably in integrating with the Western society they chose to live within.

2. The Muslim community in Canada is extremely passive-aggressive. They are disengaged from mostly every social and political aspect of the place they call home.

3. What is taught in mosques is never challenged, questioned, or scrutinized. 43-year-old Qayyum Abdul Jamal, the oldest suspect in the case, is said to have repeatedly delivered Friday sermons that were filled with hate against Canada; as reported by the Associated Press. If that was the case, why didn't anyone in the community raise a flag?

4. We, Muslims, as Christie Blatchford said in her article, seem to always be more concerned after times like this with the possible "backlash" as opposed to self examination and scrutiny.

In this atmosphere of the self perpetual cycles of unexamined and unchallenged dogma, coupled with the predominant passive-aggressive mentality in addition to an entitlement mindset that is in a constant state of self imposed victimhood it becomes easy to lure young minds into thinking they can become instant heros/revolutionaries. An instant illusion of purpose, belonging, and mission.

In addition, contemporary Islamic ideology is in dire need of reform, and those of us who are capable of speaking out have to speak out or, as I repeatedly said in this blog, the terrorists will speak for us.

There’s no plot, says Anthony Browne: Islam really does want to conquer the world. That’s because Muslims, unlike many Christians, actually believe they are right, and that their religion is the path to salvation for all. Anthony Browne, The Spectator, July 22, 04 posted by David Virtue, an Anglican website

Anthony Browne is Europe correspondent for the Times.

Take Dr Al-Qaradawi, the controversial Egyptian imam who was recently fawned over by the Mayor of London even though he promotes the execution of homosexuals, the right of men to indulge in domestic violence, and the murder of innocent Jews. During the brouhaha it went unnoticed that he also wants to conquer Europe. Don’t take my word for it, just listen to him on his popular al-Jazeera TV show, Sharia and Life.

‘Islam will return to Europe. The conquest need not necessarily be by the sword. Perhaps we will conquer these lands without armies. We want an army of preachers and teachers who will present Islam in all languages and in all dialects,’ he broadcast in 1999, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, which translates his programmes. On another programme he declared, ‘Europe will see that it suffers from a materialist culture, and it will seek a way out, it will seek a lifeboat. It will seek no life-saver but the message of Islam.’

[....] Saudi Arabia, whose flag shows a sword, seems unabashed about its desire for Islam to take over the world. Its embassy in Washington recommends the home page of its Islamic affairs department, where it declares, ‘The Muslims are required to raise the banner of jihad in order to make the Word of Allah supreme in this world.’ Saudi Arabia has used billions of its petrodollars to export its particularly harsh form of Islam, Wahabism, paying for mosques and Islamic schools across the West. About 80 per cent of the US’s mosques are thought to be under Wahabi control.

Saudi Arabia’s education ministry encourages schoolchildren to despise Christianity and Judaism. A new schoolbook in the kingdom’s curriculum tells six-year-olds: ‘All religions other than Islam are false.’ A note for teachers says they should ‘ensure to explain’ this point. In Egypt, the schoolbook Studies in Theology: Traditions and Morals explains that a particularly ‘noble’ bit of the Koran is ‘encouraging the faithful to perform jihad in God’s cause, to behead the infidels, take them prisoner, break their power — all that in a style which contains the highest examples of urging to fight’.

A popular topic for discussion on Arabic TV channels is the best strategy for conquering the West. It seems to be agreed that since the West has overwhelming economic, military and scientific power, it could take some time, and a full frontal assault could prove counterproductive. Muslim immigration and conversion are seen as the best path.

[....] In Muslim tradition, the world is divided into Dar al-Islam, where Muslims rule, and Dar al-Harb, the ‘field of war’ where the infidels live. ‘The presumption is that the duty of jihad will continue, interrupted only by truces, until all the world either adopts the Muslim faith or submits to Muslim rule,’ wrote Professor Bernard Lewis in his bestseller The Crisis of Islam.’

[....] I believe in a free market in religions, and it is inevitable that if you believe your religion is true, then you believe others are false. But this market is seriously rigged. In Saudi Arabia the government bans all churches, while in Europe governments pay to build Islamic cultural centres. While in many Islamic countries preaching Christianity is banned, in Western Christian countries the right to preach Islam is enshrined in law.

Christians are free to convert to Islam, while Muslims who convert to Christianity can expect either death threats or a death sentence. The Pope keeps apologising for the Crusades (even though they were just attempts to get back former Christian lands) while his opposite numbers call for the overthrow of Christendom.

In Christian countries, those who warn about Islamification, such as the film star Brigitte Bardot, are prosecuted, while in Muslim countries those who call for the Islamification of the world are turned into TV celebrities. In the West, schools teach comparative religion, while in Muslim countries schools teach that Islam is the only true faith. David Blunkett in effect wants to ban criticism of Islam, a protection not enjoyed by Christianity in Muslim countries. Millions of Muslims move to Christian countries, but virtually no Christians move to Muslim ones.

In the last century some Christians justified the persecution and mass murder of Jews by claiming that Jews wanted to take over the world. But these fascist fantasies were based on deliberate lies, such as the notorious fake book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Now, many in the Muslim world are open about their desire for Islam to conquer the West.

There is much more -- a must read.

June 13, 2005: Inaccuracies: CBC red faced ... as it should be

June 12, 2006: "Prairie Giant" Pulled From Distribution

My friends, watch out for the left-wing propagandist with an idea;

CBC Television has agreed to pull the movie Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story from all future scheduled broadcasts in response to criticisms it was historically inaccurate. [....]

Search: CBC Television's executive vice-president Richard Stursberg

Spot the other "Big Lie"* about the late Rev. Toomy Douglas.

BTW, Macleans magazine received over $4 million from tax dollars in direct subsidy in 2004-2005.

CBC pulls Tommy Douglas movie because of historical inaccuracy
Macleans, Canada

REGINA (CP) - The CBC has pulled a movie about the life of medicare founder Tommy Douglas from its broadcast schedule, citing historical inaccuracies in the ... google

*"Big Lie"... Douglas was the "medicare founder". Not. Ever. ...-

Posted by: maz2


June 13, 2006: Updated: Did Minister of Indian Affairs & Ex-Sol Gen Andy Scott ...

mention any of this? ... I don't seem to recall his railing against the problems detailed on an Indian and Northern Affairs Canada website while he was the Minister in 2004. He must have been overburdened ........ with ........ Kelowna Accord Pork Plans? Perhaps with helping to allocate pork through ACOA or with oversight along with Min. Gerry Byrne (I think. Check this.) dishing out the pork through Technology Partnerships Canada? I am sure the ex-Min. was busy ... busy ... busy ... too busy to notice all the inconvenient details.

Small Dead Animals: Reverse Racism, Political Correctness -- which leads to this link from one of the comments, by a Dr. Wright, I think:


Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Last Updated April 23, 2004

Social Development



Addictions & Solvent abuse:

62% of First Nations people aged 15 and over perceive alcohol abuse as a problem in their community, while 48% state that drug abuse is an issue. (Source: Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS), Statistics Canada, 1991)

Solvent abuse by youth is a particular concern: 22% of First Nations youth who report solvent abuse are chronic users and come from homes where there is financial hardship, neglect, family conflict or child abuse. (Source: Health Canada)

AIDS/HIV reporting is increasing for the Aboriginal population, whereas reporting in the mainstream is levelling off. The proportion of AIDS cases in Canada reported by Aboriginal peoples has risen from 1.4% (1984-1990), to 2.4% (1990-92), to 4.4% (1993-95).

Other health indicators for First Nations people:

* 6.6 times greater incidence of tuberculosis
* 3 times as likely to be diabetic
* 2 times as likely to report a long-term disability

(Source: MSB, Health Canada)



Social problems: 39% of Aboriginal adults reported that family violence is a problem in their community; 25% reported sexual abuse and 15% reported rape as problems. More Inuit report these to be problems in their community (44%, 35% and 25%, respectively). (Source: APS, Statistics Canada, 1991)

Incarceration rates of Aboriginal people are 5-6 times higher than the national average. (Source: Sol Gen, 1995) The highest rates of Aboriginal sentenced admissions are in the NWT (80%), the prairies (50%) and BC (20%). (Source: Sol Gen) In some age categories, for example, youth aged 12-18 in Alberta, Aboriginal offenders are projected to account for 40 % of the admissions. (Source: RCAP)
Urban crime rates for Aboriginal people are 4 ½ times higher than the non-Aboriginal rate in Calgary and 12 times the non-Aboriginal rates in Regina and Saskatoon. [Well, RCMP HQ is nearby, so ..... ]


Education of Aboriginal people lags behind other Canadians, although it has improved. In 1991, 18% of Aboriginal people (15 years or older) had less than grade 9, compared to 37% in 1981. In 1996-97, there were 112,060 students enrolled in kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools. The percentage of students remaining in school to Grade 12 increased to 71% in 1996-97 from just 31% in 1981-82. (Source: 1991 Census & BDD97)

Remaining in school doesn't mean much. The whole push has been to keep bodies in school -- both native and non-native, but that does NOT mean they are doing much more than warming seats. I want to see their test results, not the results of tests given by teachers pressured to create the illusion of success, but the figures on standardized tests administered by an outside agency, preferably by a non-Canadian government agency, since government agencies might, just might, be tempted to massage the results. Trust me on that. I know someone I trust who sat in on marking provincial, goverment administered exams. I have other stories from people who care ... but mostly, no-one wants to know. It might create problems, a delicate situation. Truth is so inconvenient, at times.

In 1996-97, there were an estimated 27,487 students enrolled in post-secondary education, up from 5,467 in 1981. In 1995-96, there were 3,929 graduates.

Why? Why? Why? Does the native leadership have no positive influence? No responsibility? The Minister(s) who allowed this to happen, along with the corruption? and ??? (Scroll down for an example from the Health Department posted today earlier.) br>

The Victims Of Two-Tier Justice

Revisiting one of the racist diatribes I'm famous for;

[....] Darcey has a more personal take. Go read it.

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