June 15, 2006

June 15, 2006: Stenhouse had been a top undercover officer ...

who lost his job with the RCMP has negotiated a settlement and some good news ... a vindication for his efforts in that he gets his leave and his full RCMP pension -- "Truth has been exposed and truth prevailed" -- "Former Mountie abandons job fight", Charles Rusnell, The Edmonton Journal, June 08, 2006


[....] Stenhouse had been a top undercover officer who headed a successful investigation of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Alberta, including the Hells Angels. A staff sergeant, Stenhouse had produced several plans for fighting organized crime with available resources, but they had been ignored by senior officers........

[....] In the federal court ruling, the judge also found RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli had been inappropriately involved in Stenhouse's case before and during his disciplinary hearing, creating a "reasonable apprehension of bias" in his role as final adjudicator in the case.

Zaccardelli has publicly criticized Stenhouse for his lack of integrity and ethics for leaking the internal documents. But Stenhouse still maintains he did the right thing, for the right reason. The public seems to agree with Stenhouse. He is now in demand as a speaker on ethics, integrity and whistleblowing to corporations and other groups.

Search: evidence the court found had been purposely withheld

Whistleblower Profiles 2004

Search: fipa.bc.ca/library/Whistleblower_Profiles_2004.doc Notes from Edmonton Journal, Oct. 19, 2000

Please Note:

Readers of this blog will note many familiar names and their stories in this compilation of whistleblower profiles ... a refresher course on the decent people who put Canada and Canadians ahead of their own best interests at the time. The ones I single out are only a few whom I have written about or about their causes: for example, Robert Read and Brian McAdam, Joanna Gualtieri and her colleague John Guenette (Foreign Affairs), Jon Grant (chair of Canada Lands Co. , Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano), Bruce Brine (Halifax Ports Police) on the public risks of closing down the ports police: Corporal Ian Whittington (president of the Ports Canada Police Association), and Mike Toddington (former superintendent of the Vancouver branch).

Bob Stenhouse has been a member of an honourable company of Canadian whistleblowers who have suffered for doing what is right.

BOB STENHOUSE. [Notes from Canadian Press, CBC, and the Globe and Mail]

RCMP Staff Sergeant Bob Stenhouse says the RCMP’s war against biker gangs is crippled by ego and bureaucratic turf-protecting, [....]

He says the forces “unethical” national strategy of using media to scare the public pushed him into an effort to change the force. That led him to leak documents to journalist Yves Lavigne, who used them in his 1999 book Hells Angels at War.

[....] On Feb. 24, 2001, [Stenhouse] testified that RCMP management has consistently resisted bringing together different police branches to jointly investigate biker gangs.

The branches include criminal intelligence, drug enforcement, proceeds of crime, and community policing. In Vancouver, he said, one organized-crime task force was specifically forbidden from working on drug files. He heard a similar story from officers in Ontario. [.... One could ask WHY?]

Search: lack of police cooperation , a whistleblower who risked his career

Further down that page is more information:

Former undercover drug Mountie Bob Stenhouse was shot at during one takedown near Surrey, B.C. in the 1980s. "It wasn't even a big op," said Edmonton's Stenhouse, who worked in the drug section for eight years during the 1980s and '90s. "Back in those days, we were allowed to go onto property without a search warrant . . . We were in the barn. All of a sudden -- kaboom. Someone shot over our heads. We hit the hay. We didn't see him." Not long after, Stenhouse lost his good friend and partner in a heroin bust gone bad in Thailand. A Thai/Canadian link in the trafficking of the drug had been established.

Memory Lane: Frost Hits the Rhubarb: October 02, 2005: Compare how ex-RCMP Cpl. Robert Read and ex-Staff Sgt. Robert Stenhouse .... -- or
October 6, 2005

Scam the Taxpayers, Get Half a Million -- But RCMP Get Fired for Doing Their Jobs -- Perhaps Too Well

Compare how ex-RCMP Cpl. Robert Read and ex-Staff Sgt. Robert Stenhouse were treated with the treatment accorded David Dingwall. Even the suggestion that Paul Martin's government would give [Dingwall] half a million dollars sticks in Canadians' craw.

There are other articles on this man and other whistleblowers, but this is a start.


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