June 15, 2006

June 15, 2006: Stenhouse & Read

What follows is the result of a search: Hells Angels, RCMP, Stenhouse

One of the links I found follows but the url seemed not to work:

Don't embarrass the 'carpet cops'
In 2000, RCMP Staff Sgt. Bob Stenhouse, frustrated with the lack of ... and it's also fair to say that Levigne's books on the Hells Angels have done more in ...

That url solution is to link to www.PrimeTimeCrime.com and check the archives index. Then the link worked. (There is a possibility that my linking problem was because of low memory at the time or something else.)

Column Index 2004 -- and then:


And search: Don't embarrass the 'carpet cops' Feb. 25, 2004 [See this below.]

Digression & Related:

Note also that there are other articles
you might want to return to later. E.g. Senior RCMP used for political purposes Mar. 31, 2004
(This column was published in the North Shore News on Mar. 31, 2004
nsnews.com/index.html )

Leo Knight: Senior RCMP used for political purposes

[....] But the corruption that is systemic goes far beyond the $100 million missing in the Adscam swindle.

[....] W5 news program [....]

That is, the penetration of our immigration system in our High Commission in Hong Kong and the resulting attempts to hinder the investigation of the situation.

Inherent in their story is the coverup of whatever it was that former foreign services officer Brian MacAdam and then RCMP Insp. Garry Clement found when they watched their intelligence files disappear before their eyes in the Immigration's CAIPS computer system.

Yes, coverup.

Strong words especially in discussing the actions of a political party holding power as a government.


The Hong Kong High Commission scandal is about selling the sovereignty of our nation and then co-opting the RCMP into participating in the coverup.

It should make your blood run cold.

See also:

The Asian Triad Affair

PrimeTimeCrime: Don't embarrass the 'carpet cops' By Leo Knight (This column was published in the North Shore News on Feb. 25, 2004)

THE takeover of B.C.'s Organized Crime Agency (OCA) by the RCMP is just the latest example of the carpet cops putting the boot into the good guys to the advantage of organized crime.

[.....] Read .... stayed true to his oath to Queen and country that he swore when they gave him his badge

A similar matter played itself out in another case in federal court last week. In 2000, RCMP Staff Sgt. Bob Stenhouse, frustrated with the lack of efforts to combat the threat posed by the outlaw motorcycle gangs, leaked a few documents to journalist and author Yves Levigne for his book Hells Angels at War.

[....] Julian Sher and William Marsden's book The Road to Hell [....]

The book deals at length with the apparent unwillingness or inability of the RCMP in British Columbia to do anything about the rising threat in the '90s that the Hells Angels presented. [....]

It's shameful, but then the carpet cops have no shame. Their priority is to make sure theirs is the biggest desk. You see, that's how they measure their worth.

Personally, I use Read and Stenhouse as measuring sticks.

reports.fja.gc.ca/fc/2004/pub/v4/2004fc34308.html [Note: no www]

Stenhouse v. Canada (Attorney General) (FC)

The author published these documents in his book Hells Angels at War. ... (2) did RCMP management know about Stenhouse's complaints and how did they deal ...

Reminder: All links are via Leo Knight's PrimeTimeCrime.com

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