June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006: Fulford, Christian Alert ... & Trudeau's Gift That Keeps on Giving

June 14, 2006: There are updates inserted below.

Robert Fulford: How we became a land of ghettos June 12, 2006, NatPost

[....] A little more than 30 years ago, Canada changed its approach to the question of absorbing immigrants. [....]

In the Trudeau era, we chose to define our society as a patchwork of many culturally distinct groups that may or may not interact.

The word we used to describe this new, more balkanized model -- multiculturalism -- is harmless on its face: No reasonable Canadian opposes the right of immigrants to respect their homeland cultures and retain aspects of their pre-Canada lives.

[....] Salim Mansur, a Muslim professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario, wrote in the Toronto Sun on Saturday: "We [Canadian Muslims] preach tolerance yet we are intolerant. We demand inclusion, yet we practise exclusion of ... those with whom we disagree." In what he called a "brutally honest" response to this month's events, Mansur argued that "We have made hypocrisy an art, and have spun for ourselves a web of lies that blinds us to the real world around us."

Religious freedom becomes a very pale idea when used to assert a belief in one true way and contempt for other beliefs. [....]

Search: Charter of Rights and Freedoms through Section 27


Trudeau's Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- Combined and aligned with UN speak about "rights", global "rights", "undocumented immigrants", not "illegal aliens" ...

Update: June 14, 06: I should have added that former governments' acceptance of the United Nations' pronouncements on "rights" has, more recently, become a movement toward "global rights". I am waiting to see which way the present Conservative government and the courts move on this. Today there was an excellent article on the logical extension of the Charter's concern with rights -- in relation to security certificates.

'What does the world do with somebody truly dangerous?' -- Security laws before Supreme Court Janice Tibbetts, June 14, 06

[....] Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin summed up concerns when she questioned what Canada should do with the "hard cases" -- people who may threaten public safety but cannot be evicted because of torture concerns.

[....] Three Muslim men are challenging a section of Canadian immigration law that allows the government to issue "security certificates" to detain non-Canadians. The certificates are issued on the approval of two federal ministers, based on secret information from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The litigants are: Adil Charkaoui ... Morocco ... Mohamed Harkat, an Algerian-born ... and Hassan Almrei, a Syrian-born refugee and accused al-Qaeda associate [....]

These people detained under security certificates may leave and return whence they came, I believe. The problem is that if they stay they will be subject to the security certificates and hence, remain incarcerated. Naturally, they don't like this and are talking about their rights -- things like access to information about why and the like -- that it is cruel and inhuman to treat them so. May I urge them to accept their right to leave?

Do people who talk about security certificates and rights in relation to these people think we should care about "torture concerns" if they are deported? That is not my, nor others', first concern. Many of us don't care, nor do we care about any human rights pronouncements coming out of the thug-state run UN when related to our security. Are we mad? Or realistic? Or fed up and callous? Take your pick. Whatever it is, we don't care. We want the above-named men deported........... If no country wants them, consider a covert drop. Let them squat on a rock in some desert ... forget the food and water. Just drop them ... hard. Does writing that constitute a hate crime in politically correct Canada? ... Ah, I'm jesting ... of course ... aren't I?

Trudeau's Charter of Rights and Freedoms: It is the gift that keeps on giving rights to people who did not build this country ... and in the process, taking away Canadians' right to protect themselves under some misguided giving of rights to illegal aliens or other dangerous immigrants/refugees. The Khadr family come to mind. Remember Jean Chretien's efforts on that family's behalf. Where is JC today? Hiding?

Canada used to work well. Compliments of the social engineering Liberals and particularly under Trudeau, who did much to create rights for all except Anglo-Canada, Canada is not the same safe and secure country it was, and it is hamstrung by UNspeak and Liberal bows to those pronouncements, by Charter rights for people who did nothing to build the democracy and freedoms of this country. Many have come on-the-take. Now, Canada suffers a failure to thrive ... except for those who stand to make money ... those who don't care about the burgeoning criminal guns, drugs and gang activity, imported problems of people who neither want to nor try to fit in, perennial whinging classes of people who believe they have a right to push their ways, their languages, their victimology, their rights ... et cetera. Anglo whitey, now your right is only to give in, to bow in guilt ... and, it goes without saying, to pay.

The worst thing is that colour / race was never the problem, as long as new Canadians acculturated and became productive Canadians. Under the Liberals, taxpayers' money was sluiced to groups of identifiable voting blocks to maintain their cultures and to support their learning one of the official languages, something they should have done on their own money ... if they wanted to become Canadians. If I go to live in another country, I expect to have to learn the language or to remain outside the mainstream there, with all that that implies. On entering, I make that choice. New Canadians have chosen to come here. Let them pay to join the society. Why should Canadians pay them to do it? .......... That was how it used to work until ...... astute Liberals saw how they could garner votes and loyalty ......... using other people's money, taxpayers' money, and allowing rights to strangers entering our midst.

Related two posts -- search: Updated May 31, 2006: #4 No one is illegal! Screen captures

May 31, 2006: #3 No one is illegal! Anti-Capitalism Convergence

No one is illegal -- check for more.

Terror and tolerance Jonathan Kay, June 06, 2006, National Post

Friday's arrest of 17 terror suspects may well transform Canada's muddled attitude to militant Islam: Terrorist bombs, like the proverbial hangman's noose, tend to focus the mind.

This is the third time in two decades that Canada's multicultural pieties have conflicted with our need to thwart global terrorism. And until now, multiculturalism has gotten the upper hand.

[....] Over the past five years, Canada's contribution to the fight against terrorism has been continually hamstrung by our self-conscious dedication to the ideals of multiculturalism and tolerance. But as Friday's arrests show, the tension between the two has always been a phony one: It hardly empowers minority communities if we ignore the violent subcultures embedded within. Such neglect just allows the militants to co-opt the community as a whole -- which is exactly what Tiger supporters did with Toronto's Tamils, and what radical Sikhs did in B.C. [....]

And what radical imams are doing to Muslims?

CBC is already trying to present some or most of the young boys as just teens influenced by bad men; you know, it isn't their fault ... no? Like heck! Did you ever look at the pictures of Muslims around the world dancing in the streets over the Twin Towers on 9/11? And these boys were never taught hatred at home? ... Mais non! They were good boys ... always praying at the mosque ... or cracking jokes ... or playing with chemicals ... you know, good Canadian boys.

End of updates

Christian Belief Alert

Thanks to W for the following -- I do not have a link:

Political Wilderness Beckons.

There are some very interesting and potentially ominous developments happening with the Liberal Party of Canada. One only has to project a little bit based on past news items.

1) Comments have been made from within federal government circles that there is a possibility of a lawsuit against the Liberal Party of Canada to recover the lost millions (forget exactly how much - $40 mm to $80 mm??)

2) Liberal Leadership candidates are hurting for money and are borrowing with the expectations of repaying the loans. Losers will likely be a longer time paying off these loans. This may have the dampening effect of them being able to function less effectively as MPs.

Now, let's put this together:

1) One of these heavily in debt individuals becomes leader of the party.

2) The party is successfully sued for the lost millions.

3) Add the possibility of federal election financing being reduced (after the next election) from $1.75 per vote to $0.75 (or less) per vote and you have all parties except the Conservatives cut off at the knees because the Conservatives have a much broader base of financial support.

4) Said LPOC is many years in the political wilderness.

Maybe now is the time to carefully read Ann Coulter's latest book, glean and distil those ideas and issues that are applicable to the Canadian situation and publish them widely and often (especially to soft liberals).

All prognostications are subject to the vagaries of the ever shifting winds of political, social and economic forces and may be widely off the mark!

Prior to the last election and even now, many, many Christians are praying for solid, stable, effective and righteous government? Did you notice how the Liberal Party in general and Paul Martin in particular appeared to become increasingly confused as the election campaign progressed? I attribute that to the unseen hand behind the affairs of men in answer to the uplifted prayers of the many.

Further, it seems that, so far, [Stephen Harper] has been right on the money - in virtually every decision. A government dedicated to doing the right things will have the support of that unseen hand which, as events unfold, will become ever more evident to those whose eyes are open.


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