June 13, 2006

June 13, 2005: Inaccuracies: CBC red faced ... as it should be

June 12, 2006: "Prairie Giant" Pulled From Distribution

My friends, watch out for the left-wing propagandist with an idea;

CBC Television has agreed to pull the movie Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story from all future scheduled broadcasts in response to criticisms it was historically inaccurate. [....]

Search: CBC Television's executive vice-president Richard Stursberg

Spot the other "Big Lie"* about the late Rev. Toomy Douglas.

BTW, Macleans magazine received over $4 million from tax dollars in direct subsidy in 2004-2005.

CBC pulls Tommy Douglas movie because of historical inaccuracy
Macleans, Canada

REGINA (CP) - The CBC has pulled a movie about the life of medicare founder Tommy Douglas from its broadcast schedule, citing historical inaccuracies in the ... google

*"Big Lie"... Douglas was the "medicare founder". Not. Ever. ...-

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