June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006: The Power of Muslim Zionism

For background to this article, you may wish to see [Daniel Pipes'] article on "The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem" or its op-ed counterpart, "Jerusalem Means More to Jews Than to Muslims."

Muslim Zionism -- Might Muslim Zionism be stronger than Jewish Zionism? New York Sun, June 6, 2006. [NY Sun title: "The Power of Muslim Zionism"]

This text is excerpted from the Distinguished Rennert Lecture that Daniel Pipes delivered last week in Jerusalem for Bar-Ilan University.

Although the question may sound preposterous, it is not.

Jewish Zionism evolved out of a steadfast three-millennium-old love of Jerusalem that flourished despite a dispersion that settled Jews far from their holy city. This love of Zion inspired the most extraordinary nationalist movement of the 20th century, one that motivated a far-flung population to relocate to their ancient homeland, revive a dead language, and establish a new polity – and to do so against intense opposition.

Muslim Zionism, by contrast, has a conditional and erratic history, one based on an instrumental view of the city. Each time Jerusalem has emerged as a focal point of Muslim religious and political interest since the seventh century, it has been in response to specific utilitarian needs. When Jerusalem served Muslim theological or political purposes, the city grew in Muslim esteem and emotions. When those needs lapsed, Muslim interest promptly waned. This cyclical pattern has repeated itself six times over 14 centuries. [....]


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