June 09, 2006

June 9, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn & Terrorism

Daimnation! 4 Jun 2006 -- Aly Hindy, imam at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, said the charges ... The rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) leader Khalil Ibrahim, ...

What I want to know is why the Liberals are on record for:

1. After 9/11, Chrétien denied there were any terrorist groups operating in his country until his own security organization went to the media and contradicted him, saying there were 50 such groups on Canadian soil.

2. Chretien also snubbed the World Trade Center tragedy when he refused to have an official memorial service for the almost 40 Canadian citizens who died in its rubble.

3. Chretien excused himself by saying that Hamas has a charitable wing that runs schools and hospitals in the Gaza strip and West Bank; only its military wing, he says, should be sanctioned.

4. "Terrorism should not stop us. Terrorism should motivate us" -Jean Chretien (Sep. 27, 2001 - from a speech delivered in Halifax during a nationwide storm of criticism that his government was not responding effectively to terrorist threats)

Does ex-PM Chretien not have to answer for any of Canada's insecurity?

And of course...more damning of the Liberal security 'attempts'. which leads to -- Is Canada Next Report: Western Canada's Conservative Voice -- by Paul Tuns, September 10, 2005. Posted by CCD in Business Report on 18:12:49 2005/09/10

Just a matter of where and when

[....] Alastair Gordon, president of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD), said that whether a group of people are attacked by Islamic terrorists has nothing to do with Iraq or Afghanistan. He noted that many innocents in countries that have nothing to do with American Middle Eastern policy are the victims of Islamist terror, including hundreds of farmers in Thailand, the murder of 300 schoolchildren in Beslan, Russia, the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir, and countless other attacks around the world.

As the "Winds of Change" website has noted, Al Qa'eda has killed at least 4,895 innocent people and injured in addition 12,345 more in 16 countries since 1998. Told of these numbers, Gordon suggests it is folly to imagine Canada can long elude an attack. "Involvement with U.S. foreign policy has no relationship with being attacked by Islamic terrorists." he said. "They hate our way of life."

Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, chair of the Senate committee on National Security and Defence, wondered whether London caught the attention of Canadians, noting "Canada is the only country on the Al Qa'eda list that hasn't been hit yet."

Anne McLellan, [....] "We need to be constantly checking our systems, doing exercises and rehearsing."

Gordon said that he does not know "if psychological preparedness matters." He added, "What matters is prevention. Everything else is a red herring."

[....] While McLellan highlighted a reactive response to terrorism (checking our systems and rehearsing for emergencies), Bell and Gordon advocate a more proactive response that prevents terrorism by punishing and removing terrorists.

[....] In March 2004, in the wake of the Adscam scandal, Auditor General Sheila Fraser released another damning report, this one on Ottawa's inaction on addressing national security concerns. She highlighted the vulnerability of Canada's ports and airports to terrorist attacks, especially with regard to those who work there. She found that 5.5 percent of a sample of airport employees had possible criminal connections, a flag for national security concerns. If extrapolated to the entire airport workforce, there would be 4,500 employees with possible criminal connections ­ the implications being that employees are not being properly screened, and those with criminal connections may also be tied to terrorist groups.

Senator Kenny's Security and Defence committee has released several reports over the last three years raising concerns about the country's lack of preparedness for terrorist attacks. In December 2004, Kenny released the 2005 edition of the Canadian Security Guide Book, which highlighted the same concerns Fraser drew attention to: improperly guarded and underguarded borders, and vulnerable ports and airports. In one example, he noted that Canada's ports of entry were jeopardized by the disappearance of 1,127 uniforms or uniform items belonging to Canadian airport screeners over a nine-month period, including 91 security badges.

Kenny's committee also alleges that the government is "cutting corners on intelligence." This seems to confirm Fraser's findings that nearly $9 billion in anti-terrorism money is not ending up where it is supposed to go, and that there are intelligence gaps resulting from fiscal mismanagement and oversight confusion. Kenny says the problem is not merely money but training; he said it can take years to properly train intelligence officers, but that there is no commitment to train a sufficient number of analysts. [....]

CBC was on militants list of bomb sites. Posted by Judith on 13:54:44 2006/06/06

My comments on this:

As long as CBC's best funding is tied to a corrupted and leftist/Liberal government, along with all the access, CBC will spout the leftist/Liberal mantras in order to help Liberals get back in power. I think CBC have massaged the Liberal message and bought their own lies for so long--in the service of maintaining their own perquisites and funding--that they no longer search for truth, nor can they see truth ... until it bombs them to smithereens. Then those who are left alive will be searching for root causes.

Yes, I'm cynical about this propaganda organ and everything else that government has funded in the past. Look into the United Nations tentacles in Canada for more. Follow the money.

Then check what the students are taught in schools and universities, the bilge for want of a politer word for what I am thinking. Teachers, like CBC types, are hired as much for their political views/correctness as for anything else. They fall into line. Follow the curricula and then see how hard it is going to be to change not just CBC, but so much else.

CCD: Our World: The path to our destruction Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post, June 5, 2006 -- Posted by mmaxx on 05:23:09 2006/06/06

A Canadian Muslim friend who lives in Ontario told me recently that he has been unwelcome in his local mosque since the September 11 attacks on Washington and New York. His fellow Muslims have blackballed him because he made public statements critical of the hijackers and of al Qaida and the Palestinians and supportive of the US and Israel. He informed me that while in absolute numbers, mosque attendance in Canada has dropped since Sept. 11, those who continue to attend are fervent in their devotion to jihad against the Western world.

That is, the Muslims who have been forced from the organized Canadian Muslim community are those who believe in Muslim integration in the West while those who remain within that community are radical separatists who cannot abide their pro-Western Muslim brethren.

My friend and his fellow pro-Western Muslims are doubly ostracized. Not only are they rejected by their fellow Muslims who decry their denunciations of jihad, they are also rejected by the intellectual and cultural elites in their countries who insist on apologizing for jihadists in the name of multiculturalism and anti-racism.

The depth of my friend's isolation was made clear this weekend when, in the wake of the arrests of the Canadian jihad cell, Luc Portelance, the CSIS assistant director of operations told his countrymen, "It is important to know that this operation in no way reflects negatively on any specific community, or ethno-cultural group in Canada."

Think about that statement in the light of all the information available. Of course, this jihadist activity reflects negatively on Muslims. Just as in a family, with a murderer or, for example, organized criminal gang activity on the part of one member of the family, that leads others to look more closely at the whole family in case the problem runs throughout the family or they are involved. So Canadians look more closely at all Muslims to see if they can figure out which are friends and which are foes. It is common sense in the interest of self-preservation. It may be unfortunate for the really peaceable ones, as opposed to the faux "peaceful ones", but it is a fact of life. Just as I would rush a child away from friendship with an organized criminal gang member, all of us look more carefully at the Muslims in our midst, trying to assure ourselves that the one in question doesn't hate our whole way of life, our freedoms, our democracy, to see which ones are safe with which to continue as trusted friends. I would suggest that any other reaction would be tantamount to being a fool. That does not mean that all Muslims are potential jihadists; it does mean that Muslims had better start to clean up their own religious community before demanding that we non-Muslim Canadians blind ourselves to a potential reality. We are simply being prudent. While Muslims are at it, they could stop screaming "racists" and "backlash" at us. Memo to MSM, note that.

FOR ITS part, the Canadian Islamic Congress (whose leader, Mohamed Elmasry has openly stated his view that all Israeli citizens are legitimate targets for terrorist murder), attacked Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper for what it referred to as his decision to "paint today's arrests as a battle between 'us' and 'them.'" The CIC alleged that "Such statements put all Canadian Muslims in great danger," and demanded that the Canadian government fund "legitimate academic research to diagnose this serious social problem [of Canadian Muslims waging war against their country] and provide scientific solutions to it."

Mr. Elmasry, cut the bilge! It is not everyone's social problem. The problem is one of Muslims worldwide. Clean up your own house yourselves! It isn't Hindus nor Buddhists nor Jews hatching plots to kill our Prime Minister, bomb Parliament, CSIS and the CBC (The CBC? It might be poetic justice considering how CBC Pravda has abased itself in its coverage of all terrorist atrocities so as not to offend Muslims ... and I must suppress a ... oh, never mind.)

Justifications for the actions of Western born and raised jihadists - and indeed for all jihadists from Osama bin Laden down - like that published by the Telegraph are of course par for the course. As author Bruce Bower exhaustively demonstrates in his book While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, there exists a unity of purpose between Islamic extremists and Western elites in Europe and throughout the world. Both sides wish to hide the fact that Islamists seek to dominate the Western world while painting the US and Israel as the greatest threats to international security.

There seems to be no limit to the willingness of Western elites to justify jihadist acts of war against their societies.
The Telegraph's apology for the Canadian jihadist terror group came at the same time as Britain's counter-terror forces were conducting a desperate search for a chemical bomb they fear was built by two British born terrorists who were also arrested on Friday in London. The fact that Britain's own jihadists were planning to attack Londoners with sarin gas made no dent in the Telegraph's willingness to make excuses for radical Islamic warriors.

THIS PATTERN of collaborative dissimulation between leftist Western elites and jihadists manifested itself last week in Winnipeg, Canada. There, as the Ontario 17 steadily advanced their plans of war, Muslims in Manitoba launched an attack against a film that exposes the nature of the global jihad against the West. Last Monday and Tuesday the documentary film Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West launched its Canadian premiere in the city. (It will be premiering in Israel at Hebrew University on June 14.)

Obsession, was produced by the media watch group Honest Reporting. It effectively shows the depth of the hatred and indoctrination to jihad that is taking place worldwide. Interweaving clips from Arab television, recordings of mosque incitement, interviews with extraordinarily brave Muslim heroes like The Jerusalem Post's Khaled Abu Toameh and renowned historians such as Sir Martin Gilbert, Professor Robert Wistrich, and Daniel Pipes, the film seeks to fill the void left by the Western media and academia to alert regular citizens to the reality of the threat that jihadist ideology presents to their freedom.

Search: Shahina Siddiqui , hate propaganda , the refusal of Western elites to acknowledge

Canadians Against Suicide Bombing (CANASB)
Support Canadian Bill S-206 against suicide bombing
Posted by mmaxx on 09:46:25 2006/06/04

Senator Jerry Grafstein, seconded by Senator Hugh Segal, tabled Senate Bill S-206 in April to cover suicide bombing as terrorism in the Criminal Code. Other Senators, including General Romeo Dallaire and Art Eggleton, support it and you can also help this Bill to pass.

[....] We expect Senate Committee hearings within the next few weeks for Bill S-206. It will need support from as many Canadians as possible to pass in the Senate and move into the House of Commons. Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day and other Conservatives support CANASB but they need public pressure to convince the Government, which has other priorities, to support it.

You can see news about the Bill, the Senate speeches, our new supporters like Major General Lewis MacKenzie
, and other important items in our redesigned web site in the Breaking New and Events pages.

If you have not already sent us your support for Bill S-206 please offer support through our web site, www.canasb.ca, which will forward your messages to the Prime Minister, Senators and MPs.

*Bill S-206 is the same as Bill S-43, which died when the election was called.

Canadians Against Suicide Bombing

Box 54509, 1771 Avenue Rd. Toronto Ont. M5M 4N5

Email canasb@canasb.ca. Web site www.canasb.ca

In Reply to: The US connection posted by Canoe News -- Toronto mayor says he was warned months ago homegrown terrorist cell may exist Gregory Bonnell, CP, June 03, 2006. Posted by Tom Beck on 08:43:23 2006/06/04

Re: David Harris Interviews on Jihad Threat in Canada Posted by Al Gordon on 08:51:22 2006/06/03 -- In Reply to: Re: Canada's Homegrown Terrorists posted by Stewart Bell in National Post

David Harris, CCD Senior Fellow for National Security, was interviewed recently by CTV on the catastrophic failure of our security agencies to screen immigrants from terror-exporting nations such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the deadly phenomenon of homegrown terrorists such as the Muslim British citizens who slaughtered London commuters on 7/7, 2005.

May 31 2006 - CTV Canada AM interviews David Harris on Canada's Immigration security collapse & homegrown terrorists

May 31 2006 - CTV Newsnet interviews David Harris on the identified risk of homegrown terrorists and the risk of a London 7/7 bombing in Canada


The terrorist fame game

Obviously, these 17 jihadi wannabes thought that they could win eternal recognition for their butchery. However, the only name of the infamous Sept. 11th terrorist bombers readily remembered is Mohammed Atta. His face will remain always the poster boy for the religious psychopath. His dead-eyed countenance burns into your psyche. I suspect that our Canadian boys wanted that notoriety for themselves. Thousands of their fellow citizens dead to decorate their resumees. And, ultimately for what? The advancement of fundamentalist Islam as the saving grace for mankind? To add the dreaded "Afganistan" component as an excuse is to say that these kids really wanted the Taliban to reclaim the country, with all the attendant barbaric attitudes. Maybe they did. Hell, why not give Iraq back to Saddam and the Baathists also. Of course that would mean that that their heroic foreign jihadis would have been liquidated immediately ... Saddam not putting much stock in radical ideology. But that wrinkle has not been thought out yet. Whatever. Those damed boozy Kurds and infidel Shi'ites would have been eliminated. Allah akbar! [Allah-Hu-Akbar]

Time will reveal what their twisted message was about. The illogic of it will be depressingly familiar however. Hopefully, they will have many years in prison to think about their real motivations. Meanwhile the bunker mentality of the Canadian Islamic community will be shaken to its core. Their time has come to step forward and declare their allegiance to Canadian values, or their implacable hatred of them. We will all be watching closely. Ardent multiculturalists also can afford to do some navel gazing into how their "mosaic vision" all went horribly wrong.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Might I suggest, Bud, that their adherence to multiculturalism is only overshadowed by their allegiance to political correctness as a way to prevent Canadians' admitting to consciousness the reality and then speaking out the truth about what their intelligence tells them. Hate crimes legislation was the cap to all that. It needs to be tossed; truth is necessary to protect Canadians ... now. NJC

1944 D-Day June 6, posted by Tinsnips

On this day in 1944, Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower gives the go-ahead for largest amphibious military operation in history: Operation Overlord, code-named D-Day, the Allied invasion of northern France.

By daybreak, 18,000 British and American parachutists were already on the ground. At 6:30 a.m., American troops came ashore at Utah and Omaha beaches. At Omaha, the U.S. First Division battled high seas, mist, mines, burning vehicles-and German coastal batteries, including an elite infantry division, which spewed heavy fire. Many wounded Americans ultimately drowned in the high tide. British divisions, which landed at Gold, and Sword beaches, and Canadian troops, landing at Juno beach, also met with heavy German fire, but by the end of the day they were able to push inland. [....]

D Day Museum resource posted by Winnie

Total Allied casualties on D-Day are estimated at 10,000, including 2500 dead. British casualties on D-Day have been estimated at approximately 2700. The Canadians lost 946 casualties. The US forces lost 6603 men. Note that the casualty figures for smaller units do not always add up to equal these overall figures exactly, however (this simply reflects the problems of obtaining accurate casualty statistics). [....]


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