June 05, 2006

Dear Blatch: Why are you the only one who sees ...

the terrorist elephant in the room?

Christie Blatchford: Ignoring the biggest elephant in the room — they are all Muslims. Globe and Mail, June 05, 2006

I drove back from yesterday's news conference at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto in the northeastern part of the city, but honestly, I could have just as easily floated home in the sea of horse manure emanating from the building. ...........

A gathering of familiar faces at Brampton courthouse Colin Freeze, G&M, June 5, 06

You will be relieved to know that the accused will all get Korans ... and one will get his glasses ... wouldn't want him to miss the ... instruction ......

BRAMPTON — Canada's hard-line Muslims can seem a pretty tight-knit group at times. As a long line of completely new terrorism suspects were being shuffled in and out of the prisoner's box, there were many familiar faces looking on in the courtroom.

In the visitors' gallery Saturday morning sat Zaynab Khadr, the sister of Abdullah Khadr, who is fighting extradition to the United States. He is accused of supplying weapons to al-Qaeda.

Ms. Khadr, who once expressed an admiration for suicide bombers on national TV, sat looking at the prisoner's box, speaking Arabic with Aly Hindy, a controversial fundamentalist preacher. [scroll down or search for more on Aly/Ali Hindy posted June 4, 06 -- Search: Hindy]

[....] There is a contingent of people who will always believe Muslims are more often victims of conspiracies than perpetrators. Mr. Galati is in this camp. And certainly Mr. Hindy, the controversial leader of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre, feels that way too.

You will also be pleased to know that, just this morning, CBC gave Ali Hindy several minutes to expound on the victimization of his brethren. It must have been after he, along with Zaynab Khadr, left the courthouse, having seen to their lads' welfare from the visitor's gallery ... disinterested observers.

June 4, 2006: Updated Memory Lane Links, Terrorists, Gun Registry

which has a link to even more here: FHTR July 27, 2005: Dissembling & Misinforming? Ah, cut to the chase: "Islam - Why Muslims Lie" -- Ali Hindy, Guarantor and Friend


Note: Check whether there is more than one item in the week beginning July 27, 05

Timothy Appleby & Colin Freeze: Plot targeted Peace Tower, police say -- Complex operation leading to arrests of alleged terrorists shrouded in secrecy June 5, 06

Mosque was warned about suspect Greg McArthur, G&M, June 5, 06

[....] Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, was merely a volunteer at the Al-Rahman Islamic Centre for Islamic Education, occasionally cleaning and running errands, said Fahim Bukhari, the director of the Mississauga Muslim Community Centre.

The mosque's management, however, was warned about Mr. Jamal by numerous people, including the local Liberal MP, said Mr. Bukhari, who often prayed at the mosque because it was founded by his uncle.

[....] Occasionally, Mrs. [Cheryfa Macaulay] Jamal would bring home the yellow school bus she drove. And she was advocating for a group called the Toronto District Muslim Education Assembly.

In May, 2000, she gave a presentation to the Toronto District School Board, demanding that teachers give parents ample notice if they planned on teaching any material that promoted "homosexual or bisexual lifestyles, or sexual promiscuity."

Search: doing a documentary or what , didn't seem to have a job , a steady stream of men , allowed to live in a unit reserved for people in wheelchairs

It's that talk of sex that ruins those boys ........


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