June 03, 2006

June 3, 06: Updated Prambanan & Eagles

Update added at bottom

When the world is too much with you ... and you need respite:

Prambanan Hindu Temple is the biggest and a most beautiful Hindu temple about 20 minutes from Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta city on the island of Java. It is believed to have been built by King Balitung Maha Sambu in the middle of the ninth century

Discovery Channel: Quake Badly Damages Hindu Temple AP

May 29, 2006 — The recent earthquake on Indonesia's island of Java badly damaged the famous Prambanan temple complex, sending intricate stone carvings crashing to the ground and destroying years of restoration work in less than a minute.

Recognized as a U.N. World Heritage Site, the ninth-century temple and the nearby Borobudur Buddhist complex are reminders of the rich Hindu and Buddhist past of what is now the world's most populous Muslim nation. [....]

Asian Historical Architecture -- Discover the Historical Architecture of Asia -- Introduction

Prambanan Index Note also the bas-reliefs on the the Brahma temple.

There are photos from several countries -- not to be missed ... an utterly wonderful collections of photographs.

Update entry

Eagles and eaglets: The clarity is superb and the artistic sense obvious. These made my day. I could not find what thread led me to these but I would like to thank the photographer whose work I saw because of a link found somewhere on this site: Eagles and other wildlife: Forum

Martin Smart Wildlife -- don't miss these

Whenever events leave me feeling 'down' or sad, I listen to music, look at something artistic, or create something, all of which touch my soul and spirit and leave me feeling uplifted. The links above will lead you to the works of the people who have created currently or the works others left for posterity, the richness of man. All will take your thoughts away from the works of the destructive, aka peaceful, ones. Enjoy.


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