May 31, 2006

Updated May 31, 2006: #4 No one is illegal! Screen captures

These screen captures go with the post entitled May 31, 2006: #3 No one is illegal! Anti-Capitalism Convergence


Note in the following the organization of activists both nationally and internationally, the fact that two Canadian MP's, a doctor, and the Canadian Auto Workers union are involved in "No one is illegal", which is the latest idea emanating from the United Nations. Note also with the Cyberactivism abstract information from a student at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), there is mention of both IRFD and the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Activism on behalf of illegal aliens tends to be rather well organized. Is OISE aware that the use of its name--even as a meeting place--lends some legitimacy to this? Does it approve? Note that the Toronto No one is illegal group is part of an international network connected to the Montreal activists and their activism which, surely, is illegal -- "to help people find places to live, under the table work, health care, safe ways to cross borders" (No one is illegal Anti-Capitalist Convergence: see statement of its activities and aims.)

Note also that this group, No one is illegal, along with its international brethren, also support native activism which often has devolved into criminal activity, as the Caledonia protest shows. There has been other illegal activity on some reserves; think of Tobique with illegal aliens found who were to be shipped into the US (check for links for that one), think of the drugs that make it to remote reserves, along with weapons crossing the border with the US. There are other examples. Do you think this international activism is supported and funded to induce destabilization of Canadian society? I do.

Related -- native activism: a post on the Inuit Circumpolar network, Inuit leader Sheila Watt-Cloutier and her lawsuit against the US and the network supporting these activities -- May 29, 06 #1: Propaganda, Kyoto, Activists, NRTEE, Global Justice
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Karim Remtulla: Cyberactivism


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