May 31, 2006

May 31, 2006: #2

Liberals wanted me to shut up, ex-watchdog says -- RCMP Public Complaints Chair Cristin Schmitz, NatPost / CanWest, May 30, 06

OTTAWA - The retired civilian watchdog over the RCMP says the Martin government "didn't want any waves" and tried to "shut her up" by offering to continue her salary if she stepped down early.

Shirley Heafey, the lawyer who chaired the RCMP Public Complaints Commission for eight years until last October, said she had an "absolutely dreadful" time due to what she called "direct interference" by the Martin government with her independent role.

In allegations denied by former government officials, Ms. Heafey said she and her office were audited "to death" and there was an effort to forestall a public hearing by her commission into allegations that the Mounties covered up sexual abuse by an RCMP staff sergeant at the now-defunct Kingsclear youth training centre in New Brunswick. [....]

Ms. Heafey says she believes [ex-Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for public security] Ms. McLellan was concerned about an investigation launched by Ms. Heafey in May, 2004, into allegations that the RCMP failed in the 1990s to properly investigate alleged sexual abuse at Kingsclear, a probe carried out under Commissioner Zaccardelli's supervision as head of criminal operations in New Brunswick. [....]

New Route to the West by Daniel Pipes, New York Sun, May 30, 2006

The illegal immigration of non-Western peoples, I predict, will become an all-consuming issue in every Western country.

As Western birth rates plummet, as communication and transportation networks improve, and as radical Islam increasingly rears its aggressive head, Europeans, Americans, and others worry about their economic standards and the continuity of their cultures. After ignoring this issue for decades, reactions in Europe especially have sharpened of late.

[....] Austria's interior minister, Liese Prokop, has asserted publicly that 45% of her country's Muslim immigrants "cannot be integrated," and admonished them to "choose another country" in which to live. [....]

Search: The French lower house of parliament , West Africa's role , Mauritania Senegal , "mass exodus" and armed conflict

Worth reading.

A sinking party, sinking its leadership contenders. NatPost, May 31, 06

If efforts to sue the Liberal party of Canada for the missing adscam money are successful, then a sinking Liberal Party could also take down its leadership hopefuls who will have spent their money to lead a bankrupt party. Interesting! A sinking party, sinking its leadership contenders. They may have trouble repaying their loans.

This appears to have all the makings for a long-term tenure for the CPC.

The above was sent by a friend.

Ottawa plans to snuff out flame retardants -- -- or polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) -- Researchers link common chemicals to hyperactivity Martin Mittelstaedt, May 30, 06

[....] In reaction to the surprising discoveries that flame retardants can migrate from consumer products into people and affect health ....

[....] But testing of dust has found their concentrations can be thousands of times higher than in foods, indicating that unlike PCBs or the banned pesticide DDT, the chemicals have not yet contaminated the human food chain in a big way.

Next in the series: A plastic chemical mimics the hormone estrogen when absorbed by humans

Mark Levin: And Another Thing Presidential Irresponsiblility, 05/21 07:44 PM

[....] So now the Republican president and the Republican Senate are cobbling together an illegal-immigration bill that will badly damage both the Republican party and the country. ....

[....] Yes, we’re a nation of immigrants, like every other nation. But our government has never acted so irresponsibly. In the past, our country decided what kind of immigrants it needed and wanted. Today, illegal immigrants and foreign nations bring pressure on our politicians because they know it will respond favorably to their demands. America’s political class has never been so frivolous about U.S. citizenship and sovereignty, and so contemptible of the will of the American people. This is why the Republican majority will likely pay a severe price in November, even though conservatives like Jeff Sessions and Jim Sensenbrenner, among many others, are fighting the good fight and trying to save the day, while liberals get a free ride.

Heads up!

From "Never again" to "Never mind"? D.J. McGuire May 30, 06

"Camp 22 is Stalinist North Korea's camp for chemical tests - on political prisoners."

Video: Do not miss this one

BBC documentary examines issues raised in this post -- Posted by: Knight of Good Mr. Iron Man 30-May-06

Image of Camp 22 posted by Knight of Good Mr. Iron Man 30-May-06

North Korea's grisly arms tests on babies -- MI6 file describes concentration camp bigger, deadlier than Dachau, Auschwitz Gordon Thomas,

Gordon Thomas is the author of "Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad." He specializes in international intelligence matters and writes regularly for Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

[....] Thousands of men, women and children are trucked to the nearby town of Haengyong. There they wait and, just as Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele did at Auschwitz, the North Korean physicians single out those who will die in gas chambers, or in biological tests, or face death in the human dissection rooms.

[....] "I spoke to eight refugees who had first-hand evidence. Their stories tallied," said Hawk.

The Dictator on My Bar Napkin: The Case for Arguing Against Lies, Instead of Censoring Them By Joshua Stanton, Correspondent in Washington via China_e_Lobby DJ McGuire

Two recent news stories again raise the one of the most difficult questions free societies face: what role should governments play in limiting the expression of views that are tasteless, offensive, or which might even be lies designed to strip that society of its freedom?

Let's begin with some context. If the first casualty of prosperity is taste, a corollary to this rule is that the depth of affliction is proportional to the speed with which a society achieves prosperity. No society has achieved prosperity as quickly as South Korea, with one exception we'll get to later. [. . . . ]

Search: "Hitler Techno Bar and Cocktail Show," , "Gestapo" pool hall


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