May 29, 2006

May 29, 06 #3: China's Defense Challenge, JTF2 & Suing Terrorists

China`s Defense Challenge UPI

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- At some point this fall, probably in September, China will take delivery of a state-of-the-art anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system. For an overall contract that with training and spares will certainly exceed a billion dollars, the Russian-built S-300 PMU-2 air defense system will provide China with the power to challenge the United States for command of the airspace over the Taiwan straits.

The Russian air defense system, reckoned by military specialists to be more advanced than the U.S. Patriot missile system, has an intercept range of up to 120 miles, ... it provides 'increased lethality against tactical ballistic missiles and more effective electronic counter measures.'

China`s military modernization program also includes Russian-built Sovremenny-2 guided missile destroyers, another eight Russian Kilo-class submarines, and an accelerated production program for China`s own Song class of submarines.

Search: "Dan Blumenthal, formerly senior country director for China and Taiwan" , American Enterprise Institute is warning , Blumenthal`s colleague at AEI Karl Zinsmeister , White House.

Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates
Thursday, February 3, 2005

Just check who gave evidence at the top of this webpage. That should start you reading.

Of particular interest in NB and CFB Gagetown -- He's from NB.

EXCLUSIVE: The Mystery Surrounding Montgomery Paisley -- of JTF2 via newsbeat1, April, 17 @ 03:58 GMT, Valhall, ATSNN (Above Top Secret News Network) [edit on 4-18-2005 by Valhall]

No one knows what Montgomery Paisley has been up to, or where he has been, since late summer of 2003. That's when he took a trip to Thailand for a two week vacation, and subsequently vanished from the face of the Earth - at least until April 7th of this year, when he walked into the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, and inquired about getting home. If Montgomery Paisley was just your average Canadian citizen, his feat of complete disappearance for almost two years wouldn't even be worth talking about. But Paisley's not your average citizen. He's an explosives expert in Canada's Special Forces unit JTF-2. And when he disappeared, with a laptop full of bomb-making information, the NIS was hot on his heels. [....]

Comments: The Canadian military has requested a "closed-door" court martial for Paisley. Apr. 21, 05

Secrecy sought for JTF2 court martial
The military has withdrawn the desertion charges against Paisley. He is no longer facing any charges within Canada. A mental health issue is the reason given.

Lawyer determined to 'cut off the lifeblood' of terrorism -- Lawsuits go after the financiers of al-Qaeda and other groups Stewart Bell, National Post, May 26, 2006

[....] Mr. [Ron] Motley is also suing terrorists themselves, including Ahmed Ressam, the Montreal-based terrorist trained by al-Qaeda who built a bomb in a Vancouver motel room and tried to blow up Los Angeles airport. He was caught at the border in 1999.

Terrorist fundraising has long been a problem in Canada. Terror groups ranging from Hezbollah to the Sikh Babbar Khalsa have actively raised money here, using front organizations and criminal schemes.

The federal government agency that monitors money laundering reported last fall that $180-million in suspected terror financing had taken place in Canada in the previous year.

Terrorist fundraising was outlawed by Parliament in 2001 as part of the Anti-terrorism Act, but no charges have been laid -- although the RCMP recently raided
the Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto offices of the World Tamil Movement as part of a probe into the Tamil Tigers financing network. [....]

Search: suing the Arab Bank , alleged exploitation , child camel jockeys , wealthy sheiks , buying young boys , Pakistan and Bangladesh


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