May 31, 2006

May 31, 2006: #3 No one is illegal! Anti-Capitalism Convergence

Update: May Day


International Manifesto of The Undocumented
May 1st: International Mobilization For Regularization

On May 1st the undocumented have taken to the streets demanding RIGHTS, DIGNITY, and RESPECT. We publish here a Manifesto drawn up by migrant/undocumented organisations from across the world.

May 1st is Labour Day in most countries around the world, celebrated in honour of those who lost their lives to gain the 8 hour work day. On this day, demonstrations around the world will come together to support the rights of the working class and of the oppressed. It is a day of read more

End of update

No one is illegal?

These are must check websites. They are in the same vein as the misguided activism and propaganda detailed in this post: May 29, 06 #1: Propaganda, Kyoto, Activists, NRTEE, Global Justice. That may be compared to the scientific data detailed in this post: May 29, 06 #2: Kyoto, Scientists & Data

There were marches in at least four places across Canada in support of illegal aliens in Canada. Previously, I had posted this: FHTR May 5, 2006 #1
Why was this meeting held at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)?
No One Is Illegal & Don't Ask, Don't Tell [DAD] General Meeting

History on the internet is ephemeral, disappearing at the click of a mouse. The website I referenced has disappeared ( )-- but Google cached a copy.

Why were Members of the Parliament of Canada, MP Olivia Chow (NDP) and MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj (Liberal) participating in supporting illegal aliens in Canada? (Toronto) They have sworn to uphold the laws of Canada and these people are illegals. Did they check out the connections to a group in Montreal called Anti-Capitalist Convergence? Its international network?

Do all those who contribute to the CAW, the Canadian Auto Workers union of Canada wish their union to support the idea that "No one is illegal"? See website for evidence.

Search: No one is illegal -- Then open the cached copy.

No one is illegal -or- here

Anti-Capitalism Convergence
No One is Illegal!
Direct Action and Agitation for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
DIRA (Anarchist Library) Documentations, Informations, References et Archives
-- a screen capture

The No one is Illegal campaign of Montreal is part of a worldwide movement of resistance for justice and the right to self-determination for (im)migrants, ...

[....]2035 St-Laurent, Métro St-laurent Montréal [....]
(514) 843-2018

Immigrants and refugees all over the world are being scapegoated for crime, economic problems and the threat of "terrorism".

[....] Now we are part of a new network of groups, who have come together to say NO ONE IS ILLEGAL.

[....] Not just to lobby the government for legal rights (though that's essential work), but also to help people find places to live, under the table work, health care, safe ways to cross borders. No One is Illegal networks worked with artists and activists too, to question our very idea of borders, to do anti-racist education, to put on fundraising and consciousness-raising concerts.

[....] In Montreal, for instance, NOII works alongside the Action Committee of Non-Status Algerians, to prevent the deportation of almost 1,000 Algerian refugee claimants. .... The Committee has held weekly protests at the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, and big marches that have brought hundreds of supporters to the streets. In October 2002, they won the right to apply for landed immigrant status under a special process, for most of the 1,000 people immediately affected. But not everyone is able to apply or get landed status, and many still face deportation. .... For more about the non-status Algerians in Quebec ....


Mass mobilization:

* We will organize demonstrations, pickets, and other events to publicize our demands and to concretely support communities and community members.

* We support direct action, and honour the tactics developed by people resisting on their own behalf.

* We will build and participate in demonstrations against US war and imperialism, against the occupation of Iraq and Palestine, and in support of First Nations sovereignty in Canada.

Network building:

* We will connect with other groups working on these issues across Canada.

* We will contact and share information with groups internationally.

[Link and telephone number for contact are on the site.]

FHTR May 5, 2006 #1 -- Why was the "No one is illegal" march meeting at OISE: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education?

Search: Karim Remtulla , Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)

Memory Lane FHTR Sept 19, 03 Why Does “fairness, openness and flexibility” Mean Lower Immigration Standards, Mr. Coderre?


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