June 03, 2006

Jun. 3, 06: Details: Canadian terror suspects named

Locations included at FoxNews, June 3, 06.

Terrorists: names compliments of CNEWS Forum posted by RottenRon. After all the warnings from the security services representatives and the mainstream media that these alleged terrorists were from various groups, do you notice a certain similarity in their names?

This story also connects with the two arrested in Georgia, US, which I have mentioned on this site previously.

Doug Struck: 17 Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Canada WaPo, June 3, 2006

TORONTO, June 3 -- Canadian police and intelligence agents say they foiled a "series of terrorist attacks" by a group that had obtained three tons of explosive fertilizer -- more than the amount used in the Oklahoma City bombings -- to attack targets in Ontario.

Twelve men -- described as "mainly Canadian citizens" -- and five juveniles were arrested in a series of raids Friday night at locations in the outlying suburbs of Toronto in enclaves for immigrant groups in Canada. The men, all with Arabic names, were mostly in their 20s. [....]

Make a guess someone will write that they were "all good boys ... went to the Mosque". The mainstream media is working hard to convince us not to leap to any conclusions about their belonging to any particular group, though all apparently have Arabic names ... their parents or they, having emanated from the same countries from which terrorism/jihadism have sprung.

It is time for the non-violent Muslims who don't owe their first allegiance to some far-away cult of violence and hatred, and who want women to have the same freedoms as the rest of Canadian women, to come out and fight this madness among Muslim youth.

At the same time, Muslims are rightly appalled at what they see around them in our society in the flagrant sexualization everywhere, particularly in the media, and the abuse of the freedoms we have gained, along with the absence of moral outrage over the most abhorrent actions -- a sick distortion of choice, rights and freedom.

How is this barbarity legally possible in a society claiming to be civilized? Scroll to "Here are some photos" on that website as of June 3, 06. I had never seen anything like these photos before today.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day rebuts CSIS deputy director Jack Hooper -- Day and the Conservative government may be right about policy today -- but what about the past? Kathleen Harris, TorSun, June 3, 06

Stewart Bell: Nevermind foreign terrorists, why is Canada growing its own extremists? National Post, June 03, 2006

[....] But they share a devotion to puritanical Islam, contempt for non-Muslims (and other Muslims deemed not sufficiently Islamist) and a seething anger at what they see as the worldwide oppression of Muslims. On top of that, they believe that terrorist violence is a justified response to the "war on Islam" they are convinced the West is waging in such places as Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as within Western countries such as Canada, which have arrested Muslims for terrorism. [....]

We can't even get rid of the worst of criminals -- their rights supercede the rights of the rest of us -- and furthermore, Canadians' taxpayer money will be used for this smuggling kingpin to fight his deportation: "He will now seek a court appeal of the risk-assessment process itself." Terri Theodore, CP, June 2, 2006

[....] Lai [Changxing], 53, has exhausted all his legal appeals for refugee status since arriving in Vancouver in August 1999. He will now seek a court appeal of the risk-assessment process itself.

He will be allowed to remain under house arrest in Vancouver, the court ruled yesterday, while he launches the further appeals. That process is likely to take months.

Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson .... [Why is she not more concerned about us? Why should Canadians not get to turf this type of individual instead of paying and paying for appeals? ]

The Canadian government has argued that a diplomatic note from China promises Lai will not be executed or tortured if he's returned for prosecution. But the judge cited Supreme Court of Canada case-law that noted that assurances against execution can be monitored, but torture is much harder to verify. [....]

Julie Smyth June 2, 06

The Liberals shuffled their critics this week to replace leadership contenders, which is just as well as many don't plan on being in Ottawa too much. They will continue to collect their MP salaries but constituents should not expect too much from them, as they are busy eating pasta, sipping chardonnay and crossing the country seeking votes.

EDITORIAL: Did Trudeau have feet of clay? via
Copy and comments uplink, 6/01/2006

Here's some things you probably don't know about Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada's 15th prime minister.

* At age 17, he fantasized about leading a separatist army to establish an independent, Catholic, all-francophone Quebec and about blowing up "the enemies munitions' factories."

* At 19, he wrote a "comedic" play performed at his college "intended to bring out the difference between dishonest and profiteering Jews and honest but too-naive French Canadians."

* At 23, he denounced Canada's participation in the war against Adolf Hitler in terms that bordered on treason.

* One of his earliest heroes was Alex Carrel, a prominent Nazi sympathizer in France's infamous Vichy Regime. Carrel argued "the equality of rights is an illusion," that "the feeble-minded and the man of genius must not be equal before the law" and that "the sexes are not equal" in a book Trudeau referred to as "perfect" that needed "to be assimilated entirely."

I have seen his friends interviewed who emphasize how far beyond these views he moved and, truthfully, do we not all change? I think he did great harm to Canada too with his charter and constitution, for Canada has become more dangerous and the Charter has enriched lawyers, not the lives of most of us. It seems we are ruled from abroad and cannot get rid of scum. (see Lai article.)

Does anyone know whether this is true? -- Comment from Sensaregreat: "What they didn't publish was Trudeau was the Past President of The Communist Youth League of Canada"

And another bit of information from that site: from gordholio: "The following is a partial transcript of the impromptu interview between Tim Ralfe of the CBC and Trudeau." -- during the 1970 FLQ crisis and the kidnappings of Pierre Laporte and the British consul (I think) -- the "Just watch me" speech on deploying men with guns to Montreal.

Trudeau: Yes, I think the society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power in this country and I think that goes to any distance. So long as there is a power in here which is challenging the elected representative of the people I think that power must be stopped and I think it's only, I repeat, weak-kneed bleeding hearts who are afraid to take these measures.

There is more.

Globalization: Hamilton-Windsor area ... a Nigerian immigrant ... mastermind in an auto theft ring which was shipping vehicles abroad tweetypie, 6/02/2006

I have seen the news article on this but no longer have the link.


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