June 02, 2006

YouthForVolpe.ca -- website

Bumped up. There is a new post below.

Try the link above. See what happens to history on the web.

The story of the Liberal Senator (update below) fits in very nicely in the power clout department with the story of Joe Volpe, his so-enthusiastic youthful voters with their individual $5,400 donations, the setup of a website named youthforvolpe.ca. Apparently, someone did not like the website Youth for Joe Volpe--perhaps it was the unintentional humour--for it was deleted by someone on the Volpe team--see quotation below.

I have in hand a copy of a Globe and Mail article: Jane Taber: Campaign gets tangled in website spoof -- "youthforvolpe.ca"

It includes information on the website and screen captures of the website, I assume, before it disappeared. It's rather like taxpayer money ... off into the ether ... as if it had never been there. The wonders of history now that we have the internet. Buy a copy of the Globe and Mail (A4) and save it for posterity. Again, the G&M makes the point I have mentioned several times: What happens to truth in the age of rewriting history at the press of "delete" with your mouse? It never was?

There is no google cache either. Not only in Canada you say? Exactly .... shades of China, Stalin's Russia, maybe even Putin's ...... and a few other fine member states of that organization to which Liberal governments turned for "ethical" guidance ... you know, Kofi Annan's talking head shop.

Campaign gets tangled in website spoof June 2, 06

This is a hoot! The article online lacks the children's pictures with captions.

"My Office has had the website suspended through CIRA [Canadian Internet Registration Authority] and CDNS [Canadian Domain Name Services] and it will be down as soon as 6 p.m. I think the issue with the website has been dealt with. . . ."

Background: John Ivison: What would a child not buy for $5,400? John Ivison, National Post, June 01, 2006

Kurt Liedl, a 17-year-old from Vancouver who was visiting Parliament Hill with his parents yesterday, rubbed his chin and considered what he would do with $5,400, if he had it.

Put it toward a Volkswagen Beetle, perhaps. Or travel. Would he follow the lead of the teenage children of drug company executives Barry Sherman, Craig Baxter and Jack Kay, and donate that amount to the leadership campaign of Toronto Liberal MP Joe Volpe?

Not likely. Clearly he is not as civic-minded as the 20 individuals connected to Apotex -- including children as young as 12 and 13 -- who handed over the maximum allowable donation of $5,400 each to Mr. Volpe. Young Mr. Liedl said contributing to a Liberal leadership campaign is precisely the last thing he'd do with such a windfall. [....]

Volpe returns money from young donors Joan Bryden and Alexander Panetta, May 31, 06

Update at StephenTaylor.ca June 1, 06

Re: June 1, 2006: Breaking Senate Scandal: CALLS IN RCMP

Stephen Taylor is breaking the story that the senate will call for a RCMP investigation of Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne

[....] The updated lede: Today, I learned that new improprieties by Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne may land him in trouble with the RCMP. This morning, the Senate board of Internal Economy heard that he allegedly filed a false $20,000 travel claim and I've heard that his own colleagues are going to call for an RCMP criminal investigation. [....]

For more details search: Daniel Côté , cut down about 15 trees , Wakefield, Que.

Excellent work on the media -- don't miss Reductio ad americanum May 29, 2006, StephenTaylor.ca


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