June 03, 2006

Jun. 3, 06: Updated -- Arrests under Anti-terrorism Act


INSET is the overall co-operative investivative team, group or unit (over 400 highly skilled individuals involved) comprising the collaborative efforts of several security forces.

Privacy concerns prevent disclosure of the names of the 5 young offenders and 7 others involved in alleged terrorist activity. (a misguided use of privacy there, I would say -- that right should be changed to protect all of us by giving us information) The oldest is approximately 40 but most of these Canadian citizens are in their twenties; they will be charged in a Brampton court later today. 3 tons of ammonium nitrate (a commonly used fertilizer) for creating a massive explosion was found, along with what looked like a cellphone detonator, a barbeque, et cetera. Possibly, there were training camps involved outside Toronto (Barrie? Combermere? further north?)

As a comparison, 1 ton of ammonium nitrate was used in the 1995 bombing of the Murragh Building (Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma) that killed 100-200 people.

People were told--warned--not to pinpoint any one group, whatever that means, but I suspect it is to keep people from using the M word or questioning ... well, whatever Canadians might question about our security in the face of exploding immigration from areas whence terrorists have emanated ... and what has gone on before in (liberal and Liberal) Canada. Nevertheless, for some strange reason, Tarek Fatah (see more below), spokesman for some Muslim Canadian community was interviewed about backlash ... so I think one can safely assume the terrorists were not associated with the Legion of Mary nor a Mormon Tabernacle choir on tour in Canada.

CTV.ca has interviews online, I expect. See if there are video replays:

* a replay of the CSIS, CBSA, RCMP, Durham, Toronto, OPP, York, Peel Regional Police Chiefs press conference from June 3, 06 am.

* an interview with John Thompson, Mackenzie Institute, and David Harris, CSIS (or ex-CSIS now?) It may have been on CBC.

Congratulations on the impressive result of much high powered police activity from that thin blue line of people engaged in policing and security that allows the rest of us to rest relatively comfortably. Good show!

(CTV or CBC TV?) Tarek Fatah discussed reasons for the Muslim community's relatively affluent youths' disaffection from mainstream Canadians in their readiness to support Islamist terror:

* failure of the Muslim community to destroy the credibility of the Islamists -- He suggested that instead, youth should become politically active -- protest -- demonstrate -- not act violently

* an anti-American component (Now, where did they learn that?) -- re: Iraq and possibly Afghanistan. Fateh did not mention what the West should do instead, after 9/11 and in the face of all that has occurred since. Frankly, political activity here by Muslim youths won't stop the Islamist barbarism happening around the world ... except perhaps to give the leftist media some activist photo ops. In fact, considering some of the activities, one could ask how much activism we want from Muslim youth and others:

* the mostly Palestinian activists at Concordia in Montreal (Netanyahu, violence)
* the anti-Israel hate-fest at U of T in Toronto
* along with the No one is illegal / Anti-Capitalist Convergence activity (note Algerians, Montreal) and their funding and networking internationally (see FHTR May 5 and May 31, 06) -- Then add to the above
* the native protests that have become increasingly violent and seem to be above the law (Caledonia) -- native activism supported by and included on the website of No-one is illegal / Anti-Capitalist Convergence

I don't know enough about the native youth to comment on their efforts at dialogue. However, the Muslim youth movements in Canada have not exactly been geared toward friendly dialogue ... you know, the meetings over coffee and cookies designed to learn more and to appreciate "the other".

My personal preference would be that some of these privileged young people--privileged in that they have enough time and money to protest--do a little more school / home / community work, volunteer activity, anything that would keep them occupied until they know more about what they are activating about. Perhaps we should send the disaffected Muslim youths for a stint in their parents old country? Let them find out what life would be like under the Taliban ... but for some strange reason, based on evidence of those who have done this and become jihadis, it might just make them worse. We could start with the mosques which spew hatred via imported imams speaking in Arabic; end this. Stop caving in to Muslims in their efforts to bring their ways to Canada. Just for a start. But, back to the young.

What is wrong with the Canadian upbringing and teaching ... or whatever, that turns out such hate-filled young people? Here, consider all our young ... the goth murders, the swarming and bullying, increasingly violent kids, the unruliness that has passed far beyond youthful testing of adult boundaries, drug taking and seling and mindless criminal and gun violence. We all have a problem, not just certain identifiable communities.

End of update

Involving several police forces -- Alleged terrorists may have attended a large training camp north of Toronto -- found guns and explosives -- may have been planning a major terrorist attack.

Arrests in terror raid -- At least nine nabbed, one suspect sought Stewart Bell, National Post, Published: Saturday, June 03, 2006

[....]The RCMP has scheduled a news conference for this morning to announce it has made at least nine arrests under the Anti-terrorism Act, and was still seeking one suspect. Hundreds of officers were involved. The arrests went without incident.

[....] CSIS has been reporting for the past two years that a "new generation of jihadists" is emerging in Canada composed of youths angry about what they see as the oppression of Muslims.

CSIS now reports that a "high percentage" of the extremists on its target list are Canadian-born.

Terrorism raids sweep Toronto -- using various police forces -- "The Integrated National Enforcement Team, comprising the RCMP and other police, CSIS and federal agencies such as the Canada Border Services Agency, will hold a press conference this morning to outline charges and further details." Tim Appleby (With reports from Jeff Sallot and Oliver Moore), G&M, June 3, 06

CNEWS/Toronto Sun, June 3, 06
At least 8 in 'terror' cell arrested as police foil possible attack on TTC -- In a stunning development yesterday, police made a sweeping terrorist bust within the GTA and expected to make several more arrests throughout the night.

Major terror bust in Toronto

News conference on terror arrests this morning: See newsbeat1 -- for press conference this morning with links -- Also, don't miss the Hansard excerpts from June 2, 06

UK: London police arrest two while searching for chemical bomb June 3, 06, NatPost

Information websites: MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base and MIPT: National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism

Canada must establish sovereignty over Northwest Passage, author says -- if viable transit route -- jurisdiction dispute possible

Heads up -- Globe and Mail
Christy Blatchford: A tragic failure of the legal system
Re: Natives and legal system -- special treatment -- sentencing circles

Get off the dole June 3, 06

From 1971 through 1996, the number of Employment Insurance (EI) claimants who filed for benefits every year rose steadily from around 100,000 to almost 750,000. Even good economic times barely put a dent in the expansion. Rich federal benefits encouraged legions of able-bodied Canadians not to work year-round. Thanks to Ottawa's largesse, it was possible to make nearly as much money working 12 or 14 or 20 weeks, then living off the dole the rest of the time, as it was to work 52 weeks.

[....] This month, one of the Liberals' EI embellishments is coming up for renewal. [....]


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