June 04, 2006

June 4, 2006: From a Friend -- More Info

Part of a CBC news clip: "Accused 'inspired by al-Qaeda,' say police" , Last Updated Sun, 04 Jun 2006 12:16:37 EDT, CBC News

[....] "Most of the suspects are Canadian citizens and all are residents, said police, who added that some are students, some are employed and some are unemployed.

The Mississauga suspects are Zakaria Amara, 20, Asad Ansari, 21, Shareef Abdelhaleen, 30, Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, 21, and 19-year-old Saad Khalid.

Those from Toronto include Fahim Ahmad, 21, Jahmaal James, 23, Amin Mohamed Durrani, 19, and 25-year-old Steven Vikash Chand, alias Abdul Shakur.

The Kingston suspects were identified as 22-year-old Mohammed Dirie and 24-year-old Yasim Abdi Mohamed.

Rocco Galati, a lawyer for two of the Mississauga suspects, told the Canadian Press that Ahmad Mustafa Ghany is a health sciences graduate from McMaster University in Hamilton. He was born in Canada, the son of a medical doctor who emigrated from Trinidad and Tobago in 1955.

Shareef Abdelhaleen is an unmarried computer programmer of Egyptian descent, Galati said. He emigrated from Egypt at the age of 10 with his father who is now an engineer on contract with Atomic Energy of Canada, the lawyer said." [....]

From my friend R who comments:

Hmmmmm, such a diverse lot - and the only thing in common is they were arrested for plotting to bomb something??????

Wonder what else they have in common? The CBC sure isn't saying!

Why should we not know the names of the so-called YOUTHS allegedly involved in this kind of terrorist activity?

Addresses from FOX News, June 3, 06 -- Is Fox available from Rogers Cable in the East?

Details: Canadian terror suspects named with locations

(CNN) -- Twelve adults and five youths were rounded up in Canada, suspected of plotting terror attacks in and around Toronto, Canadian police announced Saturday.

Fahim Ahmad, 21, of Robinstone Drive, Toronto
Zakaria Amara, 20, of Periwinkle Crescent, Mississauga
Asad Ansari, 21, of Rosehurst Drive, Mississauga
Shareef Abdelhaleen, 30, of Lowville Heights, Mississauga
Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, of Montevideo Road, Mississauga
Mohammed Dirie, 22, Kingston
Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, Kingston
Jahmaal James, 23, of Trudelle Street, Toronto
Amin Mohamed Durrani, 19, of Stonehill Court, Toronto
Steven Vikash Chand alias Abdul Shakur, 25, of Treverton Drive, Toronto
Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, 21, of Robin Drive, Mississauga
Saad Khalid, 19, of Eclipse Avenue, Mississauga

ROSIE DIMANNO: Take a good hard look at what is going on here. Jun. 4, 2006. 08:51 AM

Be sickened. Be frightened. Be angry. But don't you dare be shocked.

Unless you've been had.

Either way, the time has long passed for domestic bliss born of ignorance, virtue and wilful denial. [. . . . ]

Small Dead Animals with links and Toronto Terror Cell - Who Are Dirie and Mohamed? Small Dead Animals June 3-4, 06

Are they the same people who were arrested 2 years ago for smuggling guns and ammo?

Reader "Kelly Ann" gets extra marks for sharp eyes; CNN - August 13, 2005;
Ali Dirie, 22, and Yasin Mohamed, 23 -- both Canadians from the Toronto area -- face weapons-related charges and are in police custody in Niagara Falls, Ontario, according to a police statement. Ontario's Provincial Weapons Enforcement Team and the Niagara Regional Police Service are investigating.

From the list of those arrested yesterday:

6. Mohammed Dirie, 22, Kingston, Ont.;
7. Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, Kingston;

That ought to be good for at least one evening of internet sleuthing.

There's a more detailed account of the incident (scroll down) by Michelle Shephard in the Toronto Star, including a mention of a 2 year sentence. In Trudeaupia, though, there's no way to know if they're still behind bars - (or ever were).


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