June 04, 2006

June 4, 2006: Updated Memory Lane Links, Terrorists, Gun Registry

Update: Someone doesn't want you to know this. I found another corrupted link concerning Canada's first Muslim terrorist and that atrocity's link to the Gun Registry.

Corrected and reposted here:

The Gun Registry: Why did Canadians have to register or get rid of their guns?

Canada's First Muslim Terrorist: Gamil Gharbi aka Marc Lepine

News Junkie Canada August 17, 2003: ... explaining how Gamil Garbi aka Marc Lepine was Canada's First Muslim Terrorist.


I found this link had mysteriously acquired an unnecessary space, which I have removed. Also, the link in that post to the CBC story is corrupted, I found. Here is a corrected link to Les Archives de Radio-Canada, 7 décembre 1989.


Place that link on one line--no spaces in it.

That CBC article has more information but this is the paragraph on Lepine/Gharbi. Gamil Gharbi died while Marc Lepine lived on in the mainstream media as soon as women got onside for a Liberal government gun registry -- with the idea that all men are violent, implicit. No, Canadian men should not be tarred as violent because of the actions of a brutalized terrorist.

In 1999 the Toronto Star reported that Marc Lepine was born Gamil Gharbi to an Algerian mutual fund salesman who thought "all women were chattels." The article said Lepine's father beat him until he bled from the nose and ears and didn't allow his mother, a nurse and former nun, to console her son. It also reported that Lepine's mother was often "humiliated, smashed up against walls and beaten." Lepine changed his name in his teens [from Gharbi to Lepine ].

End of Update

Caveat: As I posted, then checked, links changed. Go figure. I fixed them but there are no guarantees. Get 'em while they're hot. NJC

For over three years I have been trying to bring to Canadians' attention some information which I found that I believe is related to Canadians' well-being and security. These are links and, in some, key words leading to a few past posts which should contain links to the original articles. Perhaps now is the time to check them again, in view of the apprehension of alleged terrorists in Ontario within the last two days. Perhaps these are of no use ... then, enjoy your weekend. NJC

If a link has been corrupted:

Example 1:

frosthitstherhubarb.blogspot.com/ 2006_02_19_frosthitstherhubarb_archive.html [space inserted]

frosthitstherhubarb.blogspot.com/2006_02_19_frosthitstherhubarb_archive.html [Remove space.]

Example 2: Others will have a hard return inserted at the end of the link.

Right click the link, copy and save the link as it is.
You may find this added [without the + signs and spaces] which will add a hard return and render the link inoperable. Simply remove it and then, the link should work.

I have noticed this kind of error in several important links which I had checked and that had been all right ... though I do make errors, just not as many as I find. Still, the links that develop errors often are related to important items on security and/or business / politics / China, and the like. Forewarned is forearmed.

Memory Lane:

Note: There is more than one item in the week beginning July 27, 05 linked below.

FHTR July 27, 2005: Dissembling & Misinforming? Ah, cut to the chase: "Islam - Why Muslims Lie" -- Ali Hindy, Guarantor and Friend -- Apparently, in the service of Allah, it is appropriate to lie where necessary.


Update: this goes along with a post from previously today. I posted on Dr. Ali Hindy and Dr. Mohamed Elmasry's views and activities:

"Honour", Aly Hindy, CSIS, Lying, General Hillier, Elmasry, Anomaly, Restoring the Caliphate

Islam - Why Muslims Lie
USS Neverdock, posted July 22, 2005 .... via CCD

[....] Shahina Siddiqui out of Winnipeg on the CBC Newsworld afternoon call-in show, there to answer questions about Islam.

Related: Kuwaiti gives statement Canadians Muslims failed to -- re Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood posted by David on 19:46:02 2005/07/25

Anti-dhimmitude in Canada: no "boutique law"
May 16, 04

[....] his acquaintances, members of his mosque, the ones he supports

[....] Dr. Ali Hindy is a supporter of Mohamed Harkat -- so he must be okay

More of Ali Hindy's friends: Mahmoud Jaballah. The Egyptian brought his family Canada in 1996 as refugees, . . . . The only thing he knows is that CSIS alleges he's a terrorist - a member of al-Jihad, an Egyptian Islamic extremist group that merged with Osama bin Ladin's al-Qaida organization in June, 2001. The agency believes he "has supported and will engage in terrorism."

[. . . . ] Mahmoud Jaballah. [....]

CCD / Toronto Star, Mar. 9, 2005:
Scarborough's Salaheddin Islamic Centre may be monitored by Canada's security agencies.
Mosque founder tied to terror group
CSIS spy chief reveals names
Links men to Al Qaeda group
Michael Shephard and Tonda MacCharles.


He was a founding director of a Scarborough mosque and a doting father who brought his children to the park for picnics on weekends.

Now he's been named as a key commander of a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda that's fighting against the Americans in Iraq.

The allegation was made this week by Jim Judd, director of Canada's spy service.

Hassan Farhat, known as Abdul Jaber to security officials and Abu Khalid to friends, was a landed immigrant who left Canada in October 2001 to return to Iraq.


Judd said the "ranks of trained terrorist fighters in Iraq are bolstered by individuals from around the world, including from Europe and Canada. For example, a Canadian citizen is believed to be a member of a group affiliated with Al Qaeda and Abdul Jabbar, a landed immigrant, is believed to be a key commander and ideologue with that same organization in Iraq."

A CSIS official confirmed yesterday that Judd was referring to Farhat and a Canadian citizen.

He was linking the two to Ansar al-Islam, a group the United States said was the connection between Al Qaeda and deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

The Canadian citizen referred to by Judd is Saeed Rasoul Sobrhatollah Muhammad, a 31-year-old Seneca College graduate who is alleged to be Ansar's computer expert and who has not been heard from since early 2003.


Another brother and Canadian citizen, Masoud Rasoul, .... missing in northern Iraq and alleged to be involved with the Ansar group.


The men met at the Salaheddin mosque, according to a relative.


The story about a Canadian connection to Ansar al-Islam first broke in March 2003 after an 18-year-old detained Ansar member talked to the Toronto Star's Sandro Contenta in a Sulaymaniya prison.

Osman Ali said a Canadian named Abdul Jaber (also spelled Jabbar) or known as Abu Ossama, was his boss in Ansar, the group that runs a Taliban-style regime from its mountain stronghold near the border with Iran.


.... Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, (PUK) ....

.... Jaber is Hassan Farhat (also spelled Farahat).

.... Canadian citizen Sobrhatollah Muhammad ....

In the wake of the attack, PUK investigators found identification belonging to former North York resident Masoud Rasoul, including his driver's licence, social insurance card and a laminated card for Toronto sporting goods store Mountain Equipment Co-op.

.... Iraqi-Canadian Muayyed Nureddin ....

.... Farhat and the father of Masoud Rasoul and Saeed, the two now-missing Canadians.

.... moved to Canada in 1990 and soon after were granted citizenship, ....

Training camp -- There are more training camps.

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: 19/02/06

Terror Camp in Combermere, Ontario and Other Locations in Canada Canadian Sentinel, Feb. ... Wahhabi ] Why Terrorism Works, International Banking & More ...

a Jamaat ul Fuqra (JuF) "jamaat"

Place the following together on one line.

Gates of Vienna: February 2006 Interim Report on the Investigation of Jamaat ul-Fuqra. by Baron Bodissey ... Muslims of America Watch out for breaking news on Jamaat ul-Fuqra. ...

gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/ 2006_02_01_gatesofvienna_archive.html [Note that space?]

That came from a Google search. Probably, the correct link has no space.

The Politics of CP: Jamaat ul-Fuqra in Canada... jumped on the gun and has a post about a reported compound in Combermere, Ontario. ... Jamaat ul Fuqra: An amalgam of Pakistani backing and Black Muslim ...


religion blog ++ relapsed catholic ++ -- ... Jimmy Akin's website reports that he actually lives in Combermere, Ontario, ... radical jihadist version, the Al Qaeda version, or the Wahhabi version. ...


small dead animals: Terror Training Camp In Canada?What drew my eye in the article was the mention of a Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound in ... There used to be a sweet little bar in Combermere about ten years ago. ...


Being American in TO: War on Terror Archives
... including, most famously, the Wahabi royal regime of Saudi Arabia. ... Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty is in London but not among the injured or dead. ...


FrontPage magazine.com: War Blog -- "Hindy left Egypt for Canada 30 years ago and went on to enjoy a successful ... Ali Dirie , 22 , and Yasin Mohamed , 23 - - both Canadians from the Toronto ..."

[Check whether the // should be a single /]


Frost Hits the Rhubarb: August 14, 2005 The Salaheddin Mosque in Scarborough -- RADICAL ISLAMIST WAS NUCLEAR SAFETY ENGINEER


Here’s a story that will make you feel warm and safe; one of Canada’s most insane Islamist fanatics, a man who was not allowed to meet with Prime Minister Paul Martin, spent his earlier life in Canada and the US.designing safety measures to protect nuclear facilities [....]

Note also while you are on the FrontPageMag site: KOFI ANNAN'S BROTHER CONNECTED TO OIL-FOR-FOOD


The Oil-For-Food scandal at the UN has begun to resemble a hilarious reconception of All In The Family, with yet another nepotistic element of UN corruption. First, OFF gave us the Kofi Annan-Kojo Annan connection to the major OFF contractor Cotecna. Next we found the Alexander Yakovlev connection to his son Dmitry, who got paid big bucks while his dad granted Dmitry's employer large UN contracts. (Alexander also got some cash himself, as he admitted when he pled guilty last week to bribery and corruption charges.) [....]

The perils of speaking what you perceive as truth: Kilroy-Silk "We owe Arabs nothing" -- Politically Correct Speak and Hate Crime

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: January 30, 2005 Its leader is Robert Kilroy-Silk. Just how feared Kilroy-Silk is was illustrated ... Bud Talkinghorn: AIDS and aid in Africa--The current hopeless situation ...


Original Kilroy Silk article: We owe Arabs nothing -- or Original Kilroy Silk article: We owe Arabs nothing By Robert Kilroy-Silk, The Express [UK] on Sunday , 4th January 2004

From a Google search:

Muslim Communities in Europe: Britain... Jan 03, Hajj, Dec 02, Islamic Finance, Nov 02, Aids in Africa, October 02, Energy, ... By Robert Kilroy-Silk, The Express on Sunday , 4th January 2004 ...

Note the slight difference in these: check which is correct.

month/september03_index.php?l=45 [had an extra space]


[....] Why do they imagine that only they can feel anger, call people loathsome? It is the equivalent of all the European nations coming out in support of Hitler the moment he was attacked by the US, because he was European, despite the fact that he was attempting to exterminate the Jews - and Arabs.

Moreover, the people who claim we are loathsome are currently threatening our civilian populations with chemical and biological weapons. They are promising to let suicide bombers loose in Western and American cities. They are trying to terrorise us, disrupt our lives. And then they expect us to be careful of their sensibilities? We have thousands of asylum seekers from Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries living happily in this country on social security.

This shows what their own people think of the Arab regimes, doesn't it? There is not one single British asylum seeker in any Arab country. That says it all about which country deserves the epithet loathsome. [....]

News Junkie Canada April 5, 04 -- "Maboob Khawaja to be Released. Terror suspect's dad to be freed" by Jim Bronskill


Liberal Party of Canada $$$ contributor deported - CKA
He acted like a shepherd tending to his flock," wrote IRB appeal division member Egya Sangmuah in his Jan. 6 decision. Thanabalasingham's lawyer, Barbara ...

me=Forums& file=viewtopic&p=278614

Updated: The Gun Registry: Why did Canadians have to register or get rid of their guns?

Canada's First Muslim Terrorist: Gamil Gharbi aka Marc Lepine

News Junkie Canada August 17, 2003: ... explaining how Gamil Garbi aka Marc Lepine was Canada's First Muslim Terrorist.


I found this link had mysteriously acquired an unnecessary space, which I have removed. Also, the link in that post to the CBC story is corrupted, I found. Here is a corrected link.


Place that link on one line--no spaces in it.

Jihad Watch: Unworthy of Honor: Khomeini's tribute is a disgrace CAIR also fails to report that Ghamil Gharbi was a Muslim performing Jihad against the 14 female students that were murdered by him for wanting a education ...


Time to put a bullet in national gun registry
The other is his incomplete picture of "Marc Lepine" who was actually Ghamil Gharbi, an indoctinated, abused Islamic terrorist. He was taught that women are ...



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