June 04, 2006

June 4, 2006: More Memory Lane Links

On the roundup of alleged terrorists, CBC's big story is how Muslims feel ... peace ... innocent until proven guilty ... blah, blah, blah. CBC seems more concerned to protect the tender feelings of Canadian Muslims. In interveiws at a mosque (nearby? outside?) a few Muslims voiced concerns about the fact that some of those arrested are Muslims but ... same old, same old.

CBC has never come and asked me how I feel. CBC emphasizes stories about racism or anti-Muslim feeling.

I listened to a bit of Rex Murphy's Cross country Checkup today -- heavy with callers (screened, I would say to cut out people like me, for example) -- callers who were concerned about Canadians' targetting Muslims. CBC in general has been more concerned with that than with reporting news about the terrorism threat.

More Memory Lane Links

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: April 24, 2005 -- Khan and dozens of other Pakistani nuclear scientists were trained and hosted by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, (AECL) - a 40-year-old Crown corporation that ...


A space had appeared in that link too. Place it on one line.

Probe International's Campaign to stop the Export Development Corporation: "Indo-Pakistani nuclear war? CANDU! or, how Canada learned to stop worrying and sell the bomb." Saturday Night, May 1/2002 by Alex Roslin


Caveat: This reads like a translation.

[....] Canada quietly resumed nuclear technical assistance both Pakistan India late 1980s. kept flowing even after both countries conducted tit-for-tat nuclear tests in 1998. nuclear aid provided so surreptitiously that even Lloyd Axworthy, then foreign affairs minister, was apparently unaware it. When confronted reporters about aid after 1998 tests, Axworthy adamant that Canada had nuclear contacts with Pakistan India. Two days later, Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien acknowledged the aid but defended being purely safety purposes. But many nuclear experts say assistance helps the weapons programs both countries teaching their scientists how run reactors more efficiently. Especially problematic, say, fact Canada has provided aid India's network CANDU-clone reactors, which operate outside international controls are believed to produce plutonium weapons.

Officially, Canadian nuclear establishment denies any responsibility bringing nukes South Asia. "I know for fact CANDU reactor, fuel, whatever, cannot used that," says Louise Duhamel, AECL's general manager communications. Another AECL official, David Lisle, says Canadian-supplied reactors are under "stringent" international controls ensure fuel not diverted into weapons. Brown, engineer KANUPP project, says Pakistanis he worked with had interest in weapons. "All guys who came train Canada were very sincere guys who were just interested operating a power reactor."

But broad range scientists, proliferation experts and government officials say Canada's contribution was fundamental. "The story would begin with Canadian help," says Ashok Kapur,chair ipolitical science department University Waterloo author of several books on nuclear programs India Pakistan. "CANDU technology starting point."
Zia Mian, a Princeton University physicist expert on nuclear proliferation South Asia, agrees. Canada's role was "absolutely indispensable," he says. "Without it, India, especially, would not have gotten nuclear weapons." A senior U.S. State Department non-proliferation official, who spoke on condition anonymity, said Canadian-supplied nuclear infrastructure "facilitated development of nuclear weapons. provided foundation on which a nuclear weapons program could built." [....]

This is quite a lengthy, detailed article.

Asia Pacific Post: Another top scientist, Dr. A.Q. Khan .... September 20 2005

/4028818207ce7b2e0107d84446de000f.do.html [Place on one line without spaces.]

Noted & Quoted in: Canada Free Press, May 6, 2005

"Another top scientist, Dr. A.Q. Khan, the man who made Pakistan's nuclear bomb and who has also been linked to assisting Iran, Iraq and North Korea weapons programs, was also hosted by the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL)." (The Asian Pacific Post)

The western world is only now waking to the nightmarish specter of China providing nuclear technology know-how to Pakistan and North Korea.

[....] Premier Li Peng (AKA the "Butcher of Beijing"). Documents were signed by Li Peng, Prime Minister Jean Chretien, as well as AECL President Reid Morden [former president and CEO of AECL] and his counterpart in the China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) Jiang Xinxiong.

[....] at least five of nine Pakistani scientists who have gone on the lam deep into the so-called axis of evil, were trained in peace-loving Canada.

[....] centrifuges to Iran, ....

[... ] used to enrich uranium ....

Pakistani scientists like Dr. Khan, Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood and Chaudhry Abdul Majeed got their uranium enrichment expertise courtesy of the accommodating AECL.

Some 50 other leading Pakistani nuclear engineers--including five of the nine on the lam--were also trained in Ontario and New Brunswick.

Pakistani authorities have been warned in an internal memo prepared by engineers of the CHASNUPP nuclear power plant, built with Chinese assistance in central Pakistan that many more of its 250 nuclear scientists and engineers were planning to make a run to other countries.

.... Saddam Hussein.

... a French-Canadian nuclear engineer ... befriended by North Korean agents seeking western technology and scientific secrets.

A second unidentified Canadian, ... also met with the North Korean spies.

The French-Canadian engineer ... CANDU reactors at Wolsong, South Korea ...

Ingmar Lee: the Smiling Buddha Blast and CANDU's Snafu -- AECL's mandate is to create customer and shareholder value through: ... of Pakistan's Bomb," Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, were trained and hosted by AECL. ...


Book on Asian Gangs

Bertil Lintner: Blood Brothers: The Criminal Underworld of Asia (Hardcover)

"soldiers at seven o'clock in the morning from the window of his offices in the Hamilton Building in the city centre: about a hundred troops..."

This gets 4.5 to 5 stars in the reviews online on this webpage.

CBC's Hill contingent - what do they all do? Submitted by user2 on Tuesday, May 30, 2006 - 06:32


CBC's Parliamentary Press Gallery contingent
Does it really need this many staff to cover the Hill?
May 30, 2006

CBC employs 113 of approximately 415 listed active press gallery spinners and whiners. Is the Canadian taxpayer getting good crybaby value for the buck?

What do they all do? Even Tony Burman is wondering.:

Emmanuelle Latraverse 288-6813 Radio-Canada TV
, 181 Queen ....


Just check it; after all, you pay for this. Think you're getting your money's worth?


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