June 05, 2006

Jun. 5, 05: Stay tuned ...

for more excuses from the liberal media. It may be intended to be subtle ... but it isn't.

Ongoing, there is a feeble attempt by the liberal mainstream media to avoid suggesting the need for a mea culpa on the part of the terrorists ... alleged terrorists ... Nor can we expect a mea culpa from their ideological tutors ... the ones teaching / preaching in the radicalized mosques.

The very suggestion, at the top of the news, that the fact the arrests, which may have included a police sting over the ammonium nitrate, would then cast doubt on the suspects' guilt has me enraged. We do not yet know the whole story on any of this and our media should leave their own biases out of their news ... and their tone. Too often, the media slant their coverage using tone, positioning and quantity to indicate a pro-terrorists (if Muslim), anti-security forces bias. Ridiculous! These "innocent" lads also had camouflage outfits, detonators, et cetera ... more information coming out all the time. Two of the suspects had been caught (arrested? jailed?) bringing weapons into Canada from the US. -- Well, was that was a sting too? Is it all the fault of the police? ......

I'm waiting for information on how that 3 tons of ammonium nitrate / fertilizer sale went down. Someone has suggested one of the suspects placed an order, the police found out and then, in mufti, they delivered it so as to catch the "good boys" red-handed ... and so the (alleged) terrorists were caught.

Cue to TV interview with the wife of one of those "innocents", a wife (in full disguise ) with only her eyes showing, all the rest of her shrouded in black, the better to hide her (connection to a possible terrorist?) modesty ... and to wring our hearts ....... oh, woe. Poor thing. I think the police may have shouted ... kept her from talking to her dear husband ... frightened everyone, even the dear little 9-month old ... The media love this kind of ..... human interest story ... whatever. If only she had cried for the camera ...


It's all about me, me, meeee! RightGirl, Jun. 4, 06 -- good point about the peaceful ones and the media -- and Don't miss the comments from jema54j, DrD, new kid on the block, nomdenet, verdad, Mark Collins, dmorris, Freedom ....... and more

RightGirl has an answer for all the CBC/CTV types who are starting to blame the police for "entrapping" these fine Canadian lads.
It's not entrapment. Narcs have been selling drugs to dealers for years in order to catch them dealing. It's normal. Vice does it too. Why not the anti-terror squad?

After all, maybe they just needed 3 TONS of fertilizer for farming ... on the balcony ... or off the terrace ... or for a modest grow op ... As for that last one, why the Libs were talking about legalizing small amounts of pot just last year so ... gee, whiz, we shouldn't get upset over someone with ... a lot more ambition ... in the grow-op department ... should we?


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