June 08, 2006

The National with Irshad Manji & Haroun Siddiqui

I could not even get this completely posted on June 8 so I have added to it (June 9). What is the problem with Blogger ... or is it a more localized, filter problem? This panel is worth watching.

The National, June 7, 06:

Click on watch The National for an online-panel with Irshad Manji and Haroun (Haroon?) Siddiqui at the 26:00 minute mark.

Prior to that, the sanctimonious Neil MacDonald does his usual knock the U.S. bit

As for CBC, they live in a world of denial and for years have been merely a Liberal propaganda machine not an objective news organization. If the CBC building were hit and there were casualties, guess who they'd blame for not stopping the attack - the security agencies - the very ones they knock, the ones they make sure are politically correct and the ones they have handcuffed so they are still understaffed and underfunded. The whole Arar publicity blitz was to keep CSIS politically correct and hence an advantage for terrorists with second guessing.

To comment, link to CBCwatch.ca

To the CBC, note: we keep our friends close and our enemies closer ... so we watch you.

I still have commitments that prohibit my posting until later.


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