June 05, 2006

June 5, 06: Bud Talkinghorn -- May Day

Canadians awaken to a nightmare terrorist plot

Of course, Torontonians had images of the CN Tower crashing down on them, with CSIS headquarters in the path, thus paralyzing that essential agency. Other targets in the immediate area had the potential for massive destruction and pandmonium. Still, the shock to all of us was profound. It springs open a Pandora's Box of serious questions about what is transpiring in the Muslim population. And as much as the Islamic community and the multiculturalists try to deflect any blame, there is much to go around. These youths did not operate in total isolation, the police suggested. The round-up is still on for homegrown accomplices, facilitators and foreign connections. Needless to say, the usual spokesmen for the Islamic diaspora maintained that this was an isolated incident, thus had nothing to do with "true" peaceful Islam.

CBC's role in pumping out this message, while secretly trying to cast doubt on the entire raid. was rather obvious. One method was to yoke reportage on the Canadian terrorist cell to a possibly botched anti-terrorism raid in England. Then there was the notorious Monday interview with Ali Hindy, the radical imam from the Salaheddin Islamic Center. The CBC interviewer mostly just let Hindy rant away about the Canadian security forces, which he claimed were targeting young Muslim men for no reason. His best denunciations were "[The raids were] just so departments can justify their budgets...This is to keep George W Bush happy, that's all." The only surprise was, not that the interviewer didn't vociferously attack his illogical, paranoid interpretations--that was expected--but that Hindy didn't claim that all the arrested were actually undercover Mossad agents. To top off the "sensitive" CBC coverage, we have a Ms. Farooq lamenting the callousness of the arresting officers, who didn't allow her to have a final conversation with her arrested husband. Boo Hoo!

What the liberal establishment wants to forestall is any serious look at multiculturalism and our ultra-lax immigration/refugee polices. This "tolerant" approach has been the Holy Grail of the left. Nor do they want Canadians to link this foiled attack to the successful one in London. Both suspected ring leaders were "youth counsellors". As well a poll commissioned by The Telegraph, just two days after the London bombings, showed that the majority of British Muslims hated British culture; a large per centage would not have turned in the perpetrators if they had know of the plan, and a scary minority would have actively aided the bombers. A similar poll of Canadian-Muslim viewpoints could be equally eye opening. Where are the urgent cries from our Muslims to disband the virulent terror blog sites, or to investigate the anti-western rhetoric flowing out of their mosques and education (indoctrination) centers? Or even for a call to Muslims to end their self-imposed exile from mainstream Canadian attitudes? What we are getting instead is this self-serving pap about Canadian racism and Islamophobia. Meanwhile Fahim Bukari, the Director of the Missasauga Islamic Center admitted that Qayyam Jamal, a volunteer there, was a close friend of five of the arrested youths. He had been warned by numerous people, including a Liberal MP, that the man was dangerous radical. Bukari admitted he wasn't surprised by the raid and Mr. Jamal's role in it. Yet no attempt was made to ban him from the center. Rather suspicious behaviour for a director who claims to be a moderate.

Come to think of it, I've rarely heard any overt criticism of the worldwide atrocites committed in Allah's name. What do they really think about the mutual slaughter of Shia and Sunnis in Iraq? I always find it disturbing when I hear that these young monsters may have been motivated by Western actions in Afganistan and Iraq. That seems to suggest that the majority thinks that Saddam's regime should have been left intact, or that the terrorist-aiding Taliban should be lauded. Does Islamofascism fit their mindset more than Canada's democratic model? Where, as a Sunni imam, does Aly Hindy stand on the latest mass murder in Iraq? In that ambush, the Sunni al-Qaeda separated the Iraqi bus passengers into Sunni and Shi'ites, then executed all the Shi'ites, to the chant of "On behalf of Islam, today we will dig a mass grave for you." That the alleged terrorists here cannot make the distinction between the goals of the occupying coalition forces and those of these blood-thirsty thugs is truly frightening. When issues such as these are openly aired, I will start to have more trust in our Muslim neighbours. The ball is in their court now.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Unity and the CBC

The Globe and Mail (Thursday, June 1, 06, R1-2) published an article by Konrad Yakabuski which showed the furor that erupted in Radio-Canada, the Quebec wing of the CBC following this. Guy Fournier, the chairman of the CBC board, had declared that Radio-Canada had become too Quebec-centric -- as though Canada didn't exist. In the past, Trudeau and Chretien called it "a hotbed of separatists". From evidence during the last decades, those sentiments seem to be borne out as a truism. For the privilege of having separatism promoted, the Canadian taxpayer shells out $300 million. That sum, by the way is almost a third of what CBC claims is the total of what it gets from the government. Rather generous subsidization for a province that doesn't make up a quarter of the nation's population. Guy Fournier maintains that as a public institution their mandate is to foster unity--not hidebound regionalism or, God forbid, separatism.

The Radio Canada folk say "******" as, in 1991 the Broadcasting Act was revised to eliminate promoting unity as a CBC priority. The mantra now is to "contribute to the national consciousness"--which in CBCspeak means any liberal cause that attracts their sensibilities. If there is bias, Radio-Canada says, then it is towards the Liberals, not the BQ. The evidence? The long line of Liberal cronies who have held the whip hand at CBC. "The sole fact that [ex-Trudeau bureaucrat and political aide] Robert Rabinovitch is the head of Radio-Canada says a lot about the political allegiance of the place." Actually, one has only to view the left-leaning fodder that English CBC pumps out to realize that CBC is practically a (Liberal) propaganda organ. And it has become vociferously so during the Harper reign.

I watched CBC's "Absolutely Canadian" this morning. As usual. it was hosted by the sweet-faced Karla Robinson. Her eye candy appeal helps the viewer digest the endless whine factor of the show. Even when the program tries to highlight the wasteland that some reserves have descended into, somehow, the blame is put on whitey's doorstep. One native, who lives in a shack, bemoans the Conservatives plan to give $300 million for native housing in the north. He states that that money will not filter down to him or the other "out" groups on the reserve. But the truth is that the Conservatives are tired of watching the money taxpayers send either frittered away or dispensed only to the "in" group. That is why the Conservatives want more accountability. The Kelowna Accord did not demand that level of scrutiny. It was simply another "throw-billions-more-at-the-problem" approach. There was another segment which suggested that if the computers of Nunavut were using Inuit language then there would great educational progress. That is a debatable proposition. If these young Inuit ever want to engage the larger world, they must have either English or French fluency. Teaching primarily in native dialects will doom them to a marginal existence only. After a while it would be impossible for aboriginals to even converse with each other. I doubt that a Slavey speaker would understand Inuit. There must be a realpolitik approach to the question of how natives can prosper in a fast-paced world of change. We can't go on denying that the past attitude of promoting an "benign apartheid" policy has failed competely.

And CBC's vaunted documentaries are nothing if not anti-American screeds or attempts to induce guilt in Anglo Canada. If you didn't get the leftist slant the first viewing, then CBC will happily replay it--again and again. What would the programmers do if Bush and Cheney suddenly died? It would be a (CBC) catastrophe. Of course, they could "encore" old "Absolutely Canadian" episodes to fill the void. They wouldn't even have to mention that they were re-runs, as the whine content rarely changes from show to show. The bottom line cause for all and sundry native problems? Whitey's colonialization and that whole residential school thing. I don't know how even the most doctrinaire liberal can swallow such massive helpings of this codswallop any more.

© Bud Talkinghorn

An update to a May 31, 06 post on No one is illegal: May Day


International Manifesto of The Undocumented
May 1st: International Mobilization For Regularization

On May 1st the undocumented have taken to the streets demanding RIGHTS, DIGNITY, and RESPECT. We publish here a Manifesto drawn up by migrant/undocumented organisations from across the world.

May 1st is Labour Day in most countries around the world, celebrated in honour of those who lost their lives to gain the 8 hour work day. On this day, demonstrations around the world will come together to support the rights of the working class and of the oppressed. It is a day of read more


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