June 06, 2006

June 6, 2006

Update: I had published this, or I thought so. There have been problems but I tried several times. I hit publish and once I could see this update all right but it did not show in the blog a few minutes ago. I shall try again and if it doesn't work ... a sunny afternoon ... perfect for a drink and I shall just ... drown out the cares of the world ... forget whether anyone sees my mea culpas. World, you will be sorry ........

My post on FHTR May 11, 2006: #2 -- A comment and answer from a reader that I would like readers to note:

I had asked

"Is this Karim Remtulla the same person as a U of T Grad Studies doctoral student of that name, or is the name an unfortunate coincidence?
[ http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/english/currentcourses.asp ]"

As of June 6, 06:

Someone placed a comment at the end of that post on May 11 and I want people to notice it so I am repeating it here in my own words.

Anonymous said that the Karim Remtulla of U of T Grad Studies, a doctoral student, is NOT the Karim Remtulla mentioned in the article above, the one facing charges -- so having the same name is an unfortunate coincidence.

I welcome corrections or added information that anyone cares to send via comments; the problem is in getting them to readers' attention. For example, some posts are so old I can no longer update on the post in question. Sorry. I was able to update the May 11 post but ...

While I'm at it, I might as well apprise readers of this, so far. I have made three errors of fact and one of not searching further--as opposed to making comments which may prove right, precient, or wrong--comments which I have tried to correct or I have tried to ameliorate the negative effects by posting updates.

1. The Aga Khan was not born in India; he was born in Paris or Geneva, according to the latest information which I have posted within the last month on this website. The post concerned a book on the Aga Khan.

2. Refugees do not get as much as I was led to believe and I have posted a correction based on an article in The Star but I have forgotten the link. The important thing is that they get a one-time stipend to allow them to settle in, then the money they get for living is relatively low, perhaps inadequate. I shall try to find the link later.

3. I posted on crime rising in December and referred to statistics; I also referred to an article from last summer, and someone took issue with it. The person suggested I don't know what I am talking about. The writer sounded knowledgeable about how statistics on crime are compiled in the US vs Canada. I tried to update this in January. (Link later)

4. Someone wrote to bring a post on the WWF out of Australia up to date. (some time in May or April. I'll find the link when I have time.)

That is the end of my mea culpas for today. Considering that I receive few plaudits and usually only the criticisms, I have a rather thick hide -- which may or may not be 'a good thing'.

End of update and corrections information

I have other commitments so I shall not post much, if anything for a bit.

Note, web links become corrupted rapidly in this best of all possible Canada. Get 'em while they're hot!

A few points and links

I am furious at the slant that CBC, in particular, is giving the work of our security forces in trying to protect us. CBC has bent overboard in trying to discredit our government and the security services' work; in fact, (imho) CBC is giving a sympathetic hearing to any Muslim apologist available, while emphasizing that it is not Islam, just some bad influence (wait for one or two to take the fall for the others, the "good boys"). Our security forces are doing a great job while our mainstream media, generally, undermine them. Thanks to those who are protecting us.

As for the media that work against us and them, Canadians should not have to pay for this bias.

When will CBC, along with any other media which are reporting by screaming "racism" or "backlash", start questioning? Ask why these members of the Muslim community--the Muslim community whose greatest fear is backlash, it seems--are ready to kill the rest of us -- and probably even a few peaceable Muslims in the neighbourhood?

Where were the immediate calls by Muslims to get rid of the cancer spreading in their religious community? Before they wail about a backlash.

When will Muslims start policing their own fonts of jihadist rhetoric, their mosques, perhaps not all, but you already know which ones? Stop importing Wahhabism while you're at it.

The same thing happened with Question Period in the House of Commons yesterday -- anything but questioning deeply into the terrorist threat in Canada. When are the Opposition going to research the terrorist threat and then inform Canadians fully, then support paying for enough manpower for our security services to address the problem?

Memo to Minister Stockwell Day, many of us want you to pay more for security, defence, and stop funding the divisive multicultural programs; put money into being Canadian! Into learning about what being a Canadian means, our history, our values, and our requirements of refugees and immigrants if they want to be Canadians.

Caveat: I emphasize CBC's part because I often it because it plays in another room as I work and I don't always want to take the time to change channels. Besides, it is always good to know what the enemy and propaganda organ for the Liberals is saying.

To the good journalists out there who are doing a credible job, that was not meant for you. Keep up the good work.

There are a few webpages to which I would direct readers:

Canada Free Press June 6, 2006

Scroll down the above site for more; here are two articles worth looking at to start:

The truth about terrorism Judi McLeod, June 6, 06, CFP


Missing from Kingston terror suspects in penitentiary Judi McLeod & Doug Hagmann, Monday, June 5, 2006 CFP


Search: Al-Rahman (Islamic) Centre for Islamic Education

Saudi Aramco World : Indexes : Subjects -- a massive compilation

EDUCATION—ISLAMIC. Books For A New World, Clark, A., JF 98: 32-37. The Islamic Legacy of Timbuktu, ... KING FAISAL CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND ISLAMIC STUDIES ...

Lists of Islamic centres Toronto Connecting Pakistani Canadians around the GTA" [Greater Toronto Area] -- Masjids and Islamic Centers in GTA
Islamic Organizations in GTA
Islamic Schools/Colleges in GTA



Lorne Gunter writes in the National Post: ... Do we really think jihadis want a tolerant, multicultural world? Tolerance is a Western ideal, and the Islamists hate Western ideals. This radicalized minority within Islam doesn’t seek multiculturalism. Their goal is monoculturalism: one world under radical Islam.... 5 June 2006

We could let Muslims practise sharia law within their own community and guarantee Muslim students and employees set-aside space at schools and work for their five-times-daily prayers, and still the jihadis among us would conspire to buy explosives and plot to blow up Canadian targets until we all agreed to live under sharia law and worship Allah at dawn, mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon and dusk.

Radical Muslims are not interested in what we will let them do. "You do your thing and I’ll do mine" is a Western notion. Jihadis are motivated by a desire to make everyone else in the world bow to Muhammad, too. [....]

Andrew C. McCarthy on At War & Media on National Review Online - Strike the word 'Muslim' Thanks R for this.

RCMP seize 20 tonnes of hashish off the coast of Africa -- An elaborate sting operation off the coast of Africa has prevented 20 tonnes of hashish from entering Canada, the RCMP said Monday.

June 02, 2006: Stephen Taylor -- "Joe Volpe strongarms the Internet and erodes freedom of speech in Canada".

Updates on the YouthForVolpe.ca website.

Yesterday, a Joe Volpe parody site went up called YouthForVolpe.ca which lampooned the Liberal leadership candidate's drug money (ahem pharmaceutical donations) from children of Apotex execs. [....]

The new site, as I have mentioned, is YouthForVolpeNoLibs.ca, if I have remembered correctly.

I think this leads to the complete article which is excellent: Christie Blatchford: So Islam has nothing to do with terror, eh?

'It's not over' -- More terror arrests expected June 5, 06, National Post, and more links from it follow.

Full Story

Suspects grew up in Toronto

Transit protected: minister

U.S. praises Canada for bust

Rural residents describe camp

Muslim leaders divided

Global National reports

Muslim reaction

Note: Muslim reaction has been covered by CBC, ad nauseam. Wahhabism was actually mentioned on CBC on the national news last evening. If the mothercorps has noticed, it is probably too late to start learning. Check anyway.

'It's not over' -- More terror arrests expected Mike Blanchfield and Allan Woods, CanWest, June 05, 2006


[Senator and chair of the security committee] Kenny said he is happy with Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's plans to add 1,000 new RCMP officers, but that 3,000 are needed to recover from the damage done by Liberal cost-cutting measures in the 1990s.

In Washington, Wilson was forced to defend Canada's record on domestic security before an American television audience, when CNN played the ambassador a clip of New York Rep. Peter King, the Republican chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives homeland security committee, lambasting Canada's record fighting terrorism.

"There's a large al-Qaida presence in Canada E [sic] a disproportionate number of al-Qaida in Canada because of their very liberal immigration laws," [New York Rep. Peter] King said, before taking a shot at the former Liberal government. "The previous government, quite frankly, in Canada, I don't think was tough enough as far as going after terrorists."

[....] Kenny said Canada's security apparatus, be it the RCMP or CSIS, faces serious deficiencies in battling the emerging threat of homegrown terrorists. All of those arrested Saturday were either born in Canada, or raised in Canada from a young age.

Days before the arrests, Kenny's Senate committee heard testimony from Jack Hooper, CSIS deputy director of operations, about the growing threat of homegrown terrorists and the problems battling it.

Kenny said it requires luck "and it requires an intelligence capacity we simply don't have."

Kenny also said it requires the help of particular ethnic communities.

Search: Al-Rahman Islamic Centre in Mississauga

"He speaks out," Mr. Hindy said of Mr. Jamal. "He said we should not let the Khadrs be isolated and we should help them."

Discussing the allegations against the suspects, Mr. Hindy said, "Three tonnes of fertilizer would be delivered to where? These guys are living in townhouses and apartments, in the city," he told The New York Times. "Now I'm hearing this three tonnes may have been organized by the police. Maybe the police tried to frame them, I don't know. There's a lot of uncertainty and I don't think this evidence, when they get to court, will hold up."

[....] Mr. Hindy said four others picked up in the sweep attended his Kennedy Road mosque, including Mr. Ahmad, Jahmaal James, 23, Steven Vikash Chand, 25 -- a Hindu convert to Islam who changed his name to Abdul Shakur -- and one of five young offenders charged with taking part in the alleged plot.

"I am sure, 100%, none of these guys would do anything in Canada," Mr. Hindy said, adding he was aware some of the men from both mosques were being tailed by CSIS and the RCMP.

[....] At the Al-Rahman centre they found a more appealing message and spent time listening to Mr. Jamal. "The Al-Rahman centre was an extremist hub but not a terror extreme, just extreme in their interpretation," said the man. [....]

Ali/Aly Hindy certainly gets around -- seems to know all the important people.

With the exception of two men aged 43 and 30, the alleged terrorists are all in their teens and early 20s. They include men of Somali, Egyptian, Jamaican, and Trinidadian origin. All are residents of Canada and "for the most part" all are Canadian citizens, police said. NatPost, May 5, 06

Memory Lane: FHTR week of July 24, 2005 Over a week, there are several items. You'll just have to scroll.

To give an idea of the content that might be of interest (I have no time to include the links):

Aly Hindy was not invited and he's piqued. . . That's the same Aly Hindy, the subject of this: Imam warns Ottawa to back off Muslims and then, there is "Re: Elmasry's fatwa": Mohammed Elmasry: "Muslims told to integrate politically" -- "You have to vote. Voting counts." -- Will voting Liberal ensure no politically incorrect questioning by CSIS about sleeper cells or associations or suspect individuals that might disturb Muslims? No suggestion that Muslims should be co-operating with CSIS without urging? James Rusk, CIC, July 23, 05 posted by Al Gordon of whom Gordon writes: [....]

CAIR Founded by "Islamic Terrorists"? Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha, FrontPageMagazine.com, July 28, 2005 -- Remove "?" for the answer. [....]

Check the connections between CAIR (US) and Mohammed Elmasry's CIC [Canadian Islamic Congress]

[....] Dissembling & Misinforming? Ah, cut to the chase: "Islam - Why Muslims Lie" -- Ali Hindy, Guarantor and Friend

Update: this goes along with a post from previously today. I posted on Dr. Ali Hindy and Dr. Mohamed Elmasry's views and activities:

"Honour", Aly Hindy, CSIS, Lying, General Hillier, Elmasry, Anomaly, Restoring the Caliphate

[....] Out of Africa, Al Hindy & Elmasry, Rosset on the UN, Zimbabwe & Mugabe
Refugees -- again

Failed hit in London tied to East Africans -- "British newspapers focused outraged headlines on the fact that each of the four had received around $7,500 a year in housing-benefit payments, and more in income support." Paul Martin (definitely not our PM), Washington Times, July 27, 05

[....] "The long and ruinous rule of Mugabe and his cronies."

Claudia Rosset & the UN: "Ruin By Design" July 27, 05, The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal and European Edition)
/in_the_media_show.htm?doc_id=287091 [....]

Via newsbeat1 -- Also, check that site for the photo of the Murragh Building after the bombing

Walid Phares on the arrests in Toronto area......

Video David Harris -- see right side for clips

More on the arrests over the weekend.....Make sure you click on the video of interview with Raheel Raza

Talkback radio will probably deal with the terrorism related arrests over the weekend -- CFRB

Montreal CJAD [ http://www.cjad.com/ ]

Toronto [ http://www.640toronto.com/ ]

June 3, 06, Tom Brodbeck - Harper not shutting any reporters out
What's really going on. -- Tom Brodbeck gives a sober, reasoned account of how it's done and why the most vociferous members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery would be piqued. -- on the old and the new systems of press scrums.

Under the old system, when the prime minister was doing a press conference, he would take questions from reporters who would shout them out to him.

In most cases, it was a dozen or two reporters yelling their respective questions in unison, sometimes to the point where the PM couldn't even understand them.

The PM, whether it was Jean Chretien or Paul Martin, would scan the crowd of reporters and choose the question he wanted to answer. Reporters who got their questions answered were usually the ones who could shout the loudest or who were the most aggressive.

Although a little unruly, the benefit of this traditional scrum was that reporters could feed off each other's questions and zero in on important, more detailed lines of questioning.

The downside is not all reporters got to ask questions, especially less aggressive ones who didn't feel comfortable getting into yelling matches with their more vociferous colleagues. [....]

David Jones: What Harper has to put up with Citizen Special, June 02, 2006

David Jones, a former American diplomat who served in Ottawa, now lives in Arlington, Virginia.

To the immense irritation of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has refused to play by their game rules. Having examined the "game" during the period when he was in opposition and during election campaigns, he apparently concluded that it was stacked against him. And that he would be a fool to play by its rules.

Of course those who made up the rules (the Parliamentary Press Gallery) think them fair and even-handed.

Mr. Harper has adopted the Boston politics ethos: "Don't get mad; get even." And now, from a position in which he can play the game in a manner more to his preference, he is changing the rules. Surprise! The matador, having tired of being gored, is demonstrating his mastery of riposte. [....]

To keep abreast of news almost as it happens, check Jack's Newswatch

Also: Western Standard -- and don't forget to check the Shotgun blog -- see sidebar for it

Small Dead Animals -- and search the comments for links to news items posted by maz2 -- usually useful

CanadianCoalition.org -- See sidebar for the Forum

For enjoyment: uplink: Remember these pictures? with this link: The views start a the galaxy level and end up looking at the quarks in a leaf.

There is more news today of interest but ........ well, maybe a bit, later


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