June 12, 2006

June 12, 2006: Bilderberg --You want conspiracy theories?

As a member of the not invited hoi polloi, as is almost everyone else, I may search for information but am not privy to any concerning why they meet and what is discussed. What is interesting is the paucity of information from our mainstream media about the conference, considering who are reported to be attending.

What do these people have in common? Who is paying? Who is being brought along ... groomed, as it were, for greater things? Are there any glaring omissions in the business and world leaders category?

Mystery lends a certain frisson ... yet, it could just be a world snooker tournament with high-stakes players.

Holly Lake: Ottawasun.com - Ottawa and Region - Secret meetings set? June 7, 2006.

Bilderberg is criticized for being accountable to no one and circumventing democracy by privately discussing public issues -- and some suspect setting public policy. Members say they're building transatlantic understanding, frankly talking about issues, but they prefer to do it in private where invited participants can speak freely.

Secret meetings that have Indigo Books CEO Heather Reisman, Richard Perle, one of George W. Bush's top advisors, billionaire David Rockefeller and Holland's Queen Beatrix in the same group?

"What could they possibly have to say to one another?" O'Donnell asked. "And why hide in secrecy if they're talking about good? It just seems to stink of something."

Who's Who of the Bilderbergs -- What do all these people have in common?

Check the list which includes ...

[....] Ahmad Chalabi, former deputy prime minister of Iraq.

[....] Paul Desmarais, CEO of Power Corporation.

[....] Frank McKenna, former New Brunswick premier, former ambassador to the U.S. and deputy chair of the Toronto Dominion Bank (a regular participant).

Does the list lean more toward Republicans or Democrats? Canadian Conservatives or Liberals? Representatives of Muslim oil producing countries or ....... ?

Out in the Open: The Bilderbergs

[...] Their aim, critics say, is a new world order, one world government, one religion, elimination of national boundaries and governments and complete control of finance, energy, natural resources, and production and distribution of goods and services.

Secretive power brokers meeting coming to Ottawa? -- The conference takes its name from the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands, ... He said two conferences, one out of Montreal and another out of Toronto, ...
/story. html?id=ff614eb8-02cc-41

These guys love secrecy Megan Gillis, Ottawa Sun, June 9, 06

via gordholio, 6/09/2006 CNEWS Forum: Shroud of Secrecy Surrounds Bilderberg Meeting


"These guys love secrecy -- 125 of the most elite people on the planet meeting together and setting policy," Jones said. "It's diabolical -- world government, global taxation. On the agenda here, they're debating (an impending) attack on Iran."

The Bilderberg Group -- named after the Dutch hotel where they first met in 1954 -- has as its stated goal to increase ties between Europe and North America.

Bilderbergers meet behind closed doors, they say, so the politicians, tycoons and royalty can speak frankly.

But even mainstream critics call them elitist. They've spawned a stream of conspiracy theories.

"A very powerful group of people who destroy every constitution on Earth to create a new world order" is the conclusion of Canadian Daniel Estulin who published a book that, he said, prominent Bilderbergers arranged to have banned.

The tiny group controls the world's 6 billion people, said Estulin, who, undeterred, is at work on a second book from his home base in Spain.


"The annual Bilderberg Group conference is the most important meeting in the world. It is attended annually by more world leaders, more top politicians, more royalty, and business leaders, than any other gathering of any kind. The G8 summit is a mere side-show in comparison. No other meeting is attended by the leaders of all the major international institutions, such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, and the EU.

Collectively, these are the men who control the world, and their decisions therefore affect every human being on earth, now and in the future. Yet Bilderberg Group meetings receive no publicity and are not reported in the news.

[....] In a recent Radio documentary the BBC disclosed that the decision to create a European Union was taken at the first official Bilderberg Group meeting in 1953, but the rest of the programme was devoted to portraying Bilderberg as a superficial extension of Western democracy.

Who organizes the Bilderberg Group? Who pays for it? What are they discussing? What are they deciding?"

Bilderberg Canada Conference = Global Swindle, Jun. 09, 2006

Canada at Large (Current Events) ... ruling class the Bilderberg Conference is meeting in Ottawa this weekend. ... Total sees 2020 oil output peak, urges less demand Wed Jun 7, 2006 7:48am ...

Judge for yourself

Conspiracy Theory News

New World Order - Novus Ordo Seclorum

The NWO is no longer just a conspiracy theory. It is a fact, publicly acknowledged by world leaders. What is the NWO? There are many valid questions and concerns, and various theories. We advise you to investigate it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.


United Nations - One World Government

UN hints at United States of the World for the new age:- "The turn of the century is a unique and symbolically compelling moment for the 189 Member States of the United Nations to articulate and affirm an animating vision for the Organization in the new era."


Attendees Anne_mcm, 6/09/2006 19:43:57

Bilderberg Group. The movers and the shakers and the Politicians that decide how the world will be run. They have the power to make and break, they pick the winners and they pick the losers.

The shortlist of Canadian Bilderberg Alumni ought to include: Paul Martin Jr., Jean Chretien, Mike Harris, Lloyd Axworthy, (all 1996, Toronto), Stephen Harper, (2003, Versailles), Frank McKenna, (2001, Gothenburg), Ralph Klein, (1995, Zurich), and Preston Manning,(1998, Turnberry, Scotland).

BBC News, "Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory", 3 June 2004.

[....] What sets Bilderberg apart from other high-powered get-togethers, such as the annual World Economic Forum (WEF), is its mystique.

Not a word of what is said at Bilderberg meetings can be breathed outside. No reporters are invited in and while confidential minutes of meetings are taken, names are not noted. [....]

As an up-and-coming statesmen in the 1950s, Denis Healey, who went on to become a Labour chancellor, was one of the four founding members of Bilderberg (which was named after the hotel in Holland where the first meeting was held in 1954). ...

"There's absolutely nothing in it. We never sought to reach a consensus on the big issues at Bilderberg. It's simply a place for discussion," says Lord Healey. ...

That activists have seized on Bilderberg is no suprise to Alasdair Spark, an expert in conspiracy theories.

"The idea that a shadowy clique is running the world is nothing new. For hundreds of years people have believed the world is governed by a cabal of Jews.

"Shouldn't we expect that the rich and powerful organise things in their own interests. It's called capitalism."

And the great unwashed are not included. I wonder what NB's ex-Liberal Premier offers to Bilderberg? Perhaps a do not ask about Bilderberg call centre in beautiful downtown Apohoqui or North Forks?

The Bilderberg Group has been called the most exclusive, and secretive club in the world. To be admitted, you have to run a multinational bank, a giant corporation or a country. Since its first meeting in 1953, it has been attended by every British Prime Minister. But until now its very existence has been shrouded in secrecy.

[....] This year Bilderberg has announced a list of attendees

They include BP chief John Browne, US Senator John Edwards, World Bank president James Wolfensohn and Mrs Bill Gates

[....] A former journalist, Mr Gosling runs a campaign against the group from his home in Bristol, UK.

"My main problem is the secrecy. When so many people with so much power get together in one place I think we are owed an explanation of what is going on. [....]

Listen to BBC documentary -- and here

The Illuminati via uplink / CNEWS Forum


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