June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006: A Fisking

How Racism Has Invaded Canada -- By Robert Fisk, 06/11/06 "The Independent" Robert Fisk, via Comments: Tinsnips, 6/12/2006 18:16:33

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Robert Fisk The term Fisking, or to Fisk, is a blogosphere term describing ruthlessly detailed point-by-point criticism that highlights errors, disputes the analysis of presented facts, or highlights other problems in a statement, article, or essay.

The Jargon File defines the term as: [.... details here]
Fisk's reporting style - mixing fact with analysis and criticism of Western government policy

[....] leftist pathology

Worth reading.

Comment from David_Leslie, 6/12/2006 19:23:17

White males in Canada are the largest group of racism victims and have been for decades.


Diversion: Headlines from 2029 -- thoroughly enjoyable -- posted by uplink, June 12, 06


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