March 21, 2007

Mar. 21, 2007: Totally absorbing

Update: Mar. 24, 2007

The day after the url above was posted, the website had disappeared. The website might have been down. It seems to be all right now, so try it again.

Total‘s CEO charged in Iran probe , Pierre-Antoine Souchard, AP, March 22, 2007

PARIS - An investigating judge filed preliminary charges Thursday against the chief executive of Total SA in a corruption case linked to a 1997 contract with Iran , the company and judicial officials said.

De Margerie, who replaced Thierry Desmarest as Total‘s CEO in mid-February, was released after two days of questioning in the case. However, he is forbidden to meet with certain people during the investigation, the officials said without elaborating.

De Margerie is also targeted in an investigation into Total‘s activities in Iraq.

[....] Total is suspected of having indirectly paid commissions into two accounts of a Swiss citizen of Iranian origin acting as an intermediary, according to judicial officials. Tens of millions of dollars allegedly passed through the accounts before ending up in an account of a Persian Gulf country, the officials said.

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The list at the left below concerns the ethical rating of Total.

Technip is owned by Total and listed in the above screen capture. Technip is operating in Newfoundland. More here: Frost Hits the Rhubarb April 22, 2005

Search: Technip

There are several entries.

End of Update

Totally intriguing

Check carefully the Total menu at left and don't miss what is available if you move the sliders to reveal more information: ownership, CEO's-managers-directors (See 1999), world locations and manufacturing, subsidiaries owned, shareholder country and related information in revealing gifs explained at left.

And then, there is Addax & Oryx for added absorption

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