June 14, 2006

June 14, 2006: Gitmo-Terrorism prisoners seek asylum

Oh, wonderful! Maybe we'll get more refugees

Guantanamo Bay: Those cleared of wrongdoing look to Canada Glen McGregor, CanWest News Service, June 14, 2006

Four men... in Camp Iguana ... cleared by a combat status review tribunal and could leave if the United States can find a place to send them.

Lawyers ... speaking to Canadian authorities about the possibility of taking him in, perhaps as a refugee claimant.

[....] A refugee claim from Guantanamo would likely first require the Canadian government to give approval through diplomatic channels, as a claim cannot usually be made from outside the country.

'What does the world do with somebody truly dangerous?' -- Security laws before Supreme Court Janice Tibbetts, June 14, 06

[....] Lawyer Barbara Jackman, representing Mr. Almrei, said the detainees are enduring cruel and unusual punishment because they are left to languish in a facility that is not officially part of the Canadian justice system and therefore does not have programs and services in place, such as education and counselling.

"What it leaves them with is complete hopelessness," she said. She said her client, Mr. Almrei, has said: "I feel like I'm dead."

Frankly, it leaves me with complete satisfaction. How do you feel about Mr. Almrei's "complete hopelessness", yourself?


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