March 06, 2007

Mar. 6, 2007: MP Andy Scott

N.B. Liberal MP Andy Scott leaving federal politics for private life

He had been Minister of Indian affairs, Minister for Infrastructure and Housing, Solicitor General and regional minister for New Brunswick. [pork portfolio]

Loose lips on a plane resulted in his having to resign from his position as Solicitor General, the APEC scandal, the "Let Hughie take the fall" episode. Also, it was then-Min. Scott who settled a Labrador Inuit land claims suit by regulation, and not through Parliament, as had been customary. He was a supporter of Paul Martin, a good Liberal ... whatever that implies. There were a few scandals in Indian Affairs involving money shenanigans which seem not to have impacted his tenure. What has been the outcome of investigations into those?

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Andy Scott is a career politician who became executive director of the New Brunswick Liberal Party shortly after leaving school. ...

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