March 06, 2007

Mar. 6, 2007: CDM

An Inconvenient Truth , David Suzuki, February 20, 2007

[....] As for the remainder, we can purchase international carbon credits through the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This was set up precisely to help countries like Canada achieve our targets in a meaningful way. Funds from the purchase of these credits goes towards projects in developing countries that will result in a net decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

Global warming is a problem without borders, so if Canada helps reduce heat-trapping emissions in another part of the world, the effect is the same. A global carbon market is an effective economic tool to help solve a global problem. Canada should embrace this market. A well-regulated market can be an extremely effective way to help developing countries “leapfrog” technologically and go from high-carbon to low-carbon sources of energy. [....]

Who will run that Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and could we expect it to be run as the UN Oil for Food Program was run? Who are the intermediariaes? Who benefit?

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