March 01, 2007

Mar. 1, 2007: IRB

Jean-Guy Fleury, chair of the Immigration and Refugee Board -- "Immigration Board head abruptly resigns amid changes" Maria Jimenez, Feb. 28, 2007, Globe and Mail

Jean-Guy Fleury, chair of the Immigration and Refugee Board, has unexpectedly announced his resignation, creating a leadership vacuum at the beleaguered tribunal. [A vacuum? Obviously, something must be done. ]

Mr. Fleury is stepping down eight months before his mandate ends ....

Immigration Minister Diane Finley. ....

Mr. Fleury's departure comes as Ms. Finley is set to adopt changes to the appointments process for IRB members, among them a proviso that the minister appoint two of the seven members on a newly formed selection committee. ....

Yesterday, the five members of the IRB's old advisory panel responsible for appointments also resigned ....

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Those who resigned were concerned about "political patronage" ... Political patronage must never have happened before ... Why, bless their little pea-pickin' hearts ... selflessly concerned about Canada and Canadians ... to the end ... but, we're almost grown up now so ...

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