February 28, 2007

Feb. 28, 2007: Security, the Spin, Another Private Foundation

It has irritated me that, while repeatedly mentioning that PM Harper apologized to Mayer Arar, there was virtually no exploration of whether torture actually occurred, that is, proof other than Arar's word, and the mainstream media have been his champion. Nor was there any questioning of, if torture occurred, what went wrong under the previous administration(s), nor exploration of how this might have occurred, why Arar was under surveillance, nor discrepancies, and there were discrepancies. None of this has been explored by journalists, at least from what I read or listened to from the usual suspects. It is as though Arar's troubles were the current government's fault.

A world of Maher Arars
Why won't the U.S. admit Maher Arar's innocence? It may be fear of precedent. Tales of other suspects seized and sent abroad to face torture are beginning to come to light in Europe. This week, those stories helped bring down the Italian government. And as Doug Saunders reports, this could be just the beginning.
, Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail, Saturday, Feb. 24, 2007


Note: PM "Harper apologizes to Arar for torture in Syria" -- Actually, he apologized on behalf of Canada. What occurred, whatever it was, occurred under a previous administration but apologies customarily come from whoever is PM when the issue is settled (Or said to be settled, considering that there may yet be a sequel, imho).

Does it serve the BCE/Globe and Mail/CBC political purpose to muddy the waters concerning Arar? While propagandizing for him, there is much missing, as the next article will detail.

Paid $10.5-million ... taken at his own word

What really happened to Maher Arar? Maher Arar received the largest government settlement in Canadian history. Even after an inquiry, the public should ask, why? Kevin Steel, Feb. 26, 2007


Excellent. Read this one closely.

The problem is, Arar's claims of physical torture have gone largely unchallenged. The Canadian media has been eager to report every dramatic detail and columnists write as if the allegations are established fact. But even though the Arar commission wrote that he had been tortured, it did little to substantiate the 34-year-old wireless technology consultant's assertions. [....]

When compared to the recommendations outlined in the Istanbul Protocol, the Toope Report can only be characterized as inadequate. For instance, the Protocol emphasizes the creation of a medical report by a physician with expertise in documenting physical abuse. But no such medical report appears to have been created .... Toope relied on an oral interview with Doug Gruner, a doctor who Amnesty International, which had politically lobbied for Arar, had recommended--hardly an independent expert. As for expertise, [....]

The Protocol stresses the selection of an unbiased physician, but Toope makes no effort to establish Gruner as unbiased and actually notes Gruner is also working for another political activist. [....]

Search: why Canadian police were suspicious of him back in 2001 , whipped with a two-inch-thick electrical cable , an experienced consular official , Martel , Even after Arar was released, he did not speak of beatings., Stephen Toope, president of the left-leaning Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, was appointed as fact-finder , rapporteur of the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances , al Qaeda teaches them to make a claim of torture , Manual on the Effective Investigation and Documentation of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, otherwise known as the Istanbul Protocol , The credibility of Arar's allegations of physical torture , gone unchallenged , to obtain any documentation establishing Maher's whereabouts , produced none.

More on another Foundation

I thought the fact that the one investigating came from the Trudeau Foundation; yet Trudeau's son Sacha Trudeau was one of the ones supporting one or more of the ones picked up on security certificates was intriguing. What, exactly, is the Trudeau Foundation for, the one Canadian taxpayers kicked $125,000,000 into ... in honour of something or another?

A "Private" Foundation for "advanced research in the humanities and the human sciences"

Frost Hits the Rhubarb -- or you may find it here but it would not come up for me this morning. I posted it but it did not exist ... this morning. Try Frost Hits the Rhubarb Dec. 5, 2006
Dec. 5, 2006: Ring around the rosie ...

Caveat emptor: Please note that, even as I was putting this up, the first link developed some strange extra marks ... maybe normal, maybe Gremlins.

Based on the Liberal leadership fest, yesterday, Dec. 4, 06, I posted "CTV interrupts convention coverage to interview Alexandre Trudeau in Havana". Intrigued, I searched and found the following; you might be similarly intrigued.

Table of Contents [....]

[Naturally, some information goes astray.]


Sacha Trudeau - Security Certificates
Missing history and screen capture

Trudeau takes up cause of hunger strikers held on security certificates


Filmmaker Alexandre Trudeau [Sacha] has come to the defence of two security detainees now on a hunger strike for improved conditions, appealing to federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler to intervene on their behalf.

Frost Hits the Rhubarb December 11, 2006
Dec. 11, 2006: Propinquity

It's wonderful how the concerns of various groups coalesce ... or appear to ... academe , "doing good" for students , academics , mentors , foundations , mining , mining engineering , investment banking , bank profits , taxpayer money

First, some background and / or related items, then the current news below those items -- Street race: Now TD vies for the prize

re: Toronto Dominion Bank, TD Securities, Frank McKenna and ranging over Falconbridge, CVRD, mining and energy, oil sands, Air Canada, AIM funds, Cheung Kong and its partners, Deutsche Bank and Bilfinger Burger, Anglo-Swiss miner Xstrata PLC, Toronto-Dominion advisory deals, equity deals and more


Dec. 5, 2006: Ring around the rosie ...


Scroll down to this section: The Pierre Trudeau Foundation - Scholar in Mining Engineering Grant -- Global Citizenship - Canadian Taxpayers' Contribution

Sacha Trudeau on Global Citizenship , UBC Report, Nov 3, 2006, Public Affairs, UBC / University of British Columbia [....]

Not exactly how it all began, my son, but moving in that direction , a bit of Memory Lane from Industry Canada, 2002 [....]

modern technology network

[....] Update 2:....

More Background

The halls of academe , CVRD Brazil , Trudeau Foundation Mining Engineering Grant , UBC Mining engineering , internships in Brazil at CVRD , Vancouver-based Teck Cominco Ltd. , Xstrata , Falconbridge and Inco , Noranda , Sumitomo , and more [....]

There is much more on that foundation, should you check.

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Sept. 21, 2006: Crying Wolf or ... what?

Al Shukrijumah, Adnan G.
, tbk.com -- The Terrorism Knowledge Base


[....] Bit by bit, the al-Qaeda operative allegedly managed to pilfer approximately 180 pounds of nuclear material from the university - - enough to build several radiological bombs.[xv]

CFP article: Al-Quaeda' "hidden arsenal"


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