February 26, 2007

Feb. 26, 2007: April Audits -&- Threads

April Audits

April audits may bring Grits shame , Ezra Levant, Feb. 26, 2007, Calgary Sun -- Interesting days ahead?



This is terrifying for multi-million dollar slush funds like the Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology, previously exempt from that kind of basic scrutiny. Secretive boards and foundations were stocked full of Liberal appointees who operated beyond the oversight of Parliament or the Auditor General.

It was the Auditor General who helped expose AdScam ... $2-billion gun registry .... Canadian Foundation for Innovation or the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation were put out of reach by the Liberals -- so no trouble-making auditors could peer through their books. [....]

Threads of interest:

Al-Qaeda's Hidden Arsenal and Sponsors: Interview with Hamid Mir , By Ryan Mauro, TDCAnalyst@aol.com Team, Thursday, May 25, 2006


Bush threatens to cut Pakistan aid.


Refugee describes abuse in Chinese prison -- Physical abuse was bad, but mental torture was worse, Falun Gong member recalls , Gary Castagna, Sun Media

Radical Imam Aly Hindy on The Michael Coren Show --



Impotence fears hit polio drive , By Ashfaq Yusufzai, BBC News, Peshawar


Health officials in Pakistan say they have failed to immunise over 160,000 children against polio due to rumours the vaccine causes sexual impotence.

Parents in parts of northern Pakistan told the BBC news website they feared an "American conspiracy" to cut the fertility of the next generation. [....]

[More information here]

Imposing Islamic law , By Diana West, Washington Times, Feb. 23, 2007


[....] What is quite eerie about these horrific crimes is the striking fact that the perpetrators, who acted to avenge various infractions of Islamic law, would likely feel right at home in a British state school that had adopted the Muslim Council of Britain's recommendations. In other words, the outlaws and the advocacy group are working in their different ways to enact Islamic law. Which should teach us all a lesson — if we bothered to learn it.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes , via puntedposters

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