February 26, 2007

Feb. 26, 2007: Memory Lane: Judicial Appointments

Memory Lane: To be read with jaundiced eye

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Not Politicized: Justice

[....In] the two-year period that former Prime Minister Paul Martin and his Minister of Justice, Irwin Cotler, were in power, the following individuals were given judicial appointments:

- Michael Brown, Mr. Cotler's executive assistant and policy advisor;
- Yves de Montigny, Mr. Cotler's Chief of Staff;
- Randall Echlin, the Legal Counsel to the Ontario Liberal Party;
- Rosalie Abella, (appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada), wife of Mr. Cotler's close friend, Irving Abella;
- Marsha Erb, Alberta Liberal fundraiser, a close personal friend of Cotler's former Cabinet colleague, Anne McLellan;
- John J. Gill, Co-chair of the 2004 Alberta federal Liberal campaign;
- Vital Ouellette, an unsuccessful Alberta provincial Liberal candidate in 1997 and 2000 elections;
- Bryan Mahoney, federal Liberal candidate who lost twice to federal Conservative MP Myron Thompson;
- Edmond Blanchard, former Liberal New Brunswick Minister of Finance [....]

No common thread there ... No appointments politicized in Canada. It goes without saying.

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Telling ...

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