February 22, 2007

Feb. 20, 2007: The Family and a Leader for the Family

There were articles lately in the Globe and Mail, lengthy, and worth reading on our young people and they present a dismal picture. The source for much information is the Vanier Institute for the Family, the following essay. Read for yourself; eliminate intermediaries.

The Rise in the Number of Children and Adolescents
Who Exhibit Problematic Behaviors: Multiple Causes
-- and What can be done , by Anne-Marie Ambert , (2007)




What are problematic behaviours?
Problematic behaviours have increased
Personality and perceptions: Genes and environment
Genetic inheritance, environment, and parenting
Children's faulty perceptions
What has changed? The enabling environment
Parenting: An interactional and collective perspective
Parents and children: Co-creation of problematic outcomes
Behavioral monitoring versus permissiveness
Parenting: A collective phenomenon
Child and adolescent maltreatment
What has changed? Parental characteristics and situations
Marital status and domestic conflict
Parental criminality
Parental values and behaviours
Peer selection and influence
Absence of a counterbalancing parental peer group
Quality of schools and education
Schoolmates and teachers
Educational contents and contexts
Quality of neighborhoods
Effects on children
Discrimination and segregation
Affluence and poverty
Media influences
The promotion of violence
The promotion of consumerism
Conclusions: The global context
What has changed?
Return to an earlier theme: The enabling environment
What can be done?
References [....]

Lately, there has been news out of Manitoba concerning young aboriginal women and prostitution. Whether there has been adequate exploration of the drug connection, or whether it is all whitey's fault ... and send the chiefs more money to dispense, you will have to check, but I do not believe this is the solution, developing native language programs ... dictionaries, curricula (in something like 67 languages planned) ... the kind funding which employs more academics than saves young women and girls from the purveyors of drugs, alcohol and prostitution, I suspect.

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Feb. 20, 2005 -- or here, Memory Lane: Essential service if natives are to thrive in the North Frost Hits the Rhubarb, Feb. 23, 2005



New Communications PM's right to appoint judge to CRTC , By Andrew Cardozo, The Hill Times, January 29th, 2007


Displaying start of article containing 760 words - The Prime Minister's pick of Conrad von Finckenstein to chair the CRTC is a good one as far as I can tell–a judge from the Federal Court of Canada. I have long held the view that the chair of the commission should be a judge and said so in my column in The Hill Times in the Oct. 16, 2006 issue. Needless to say I'm happy that the PMO is reading my column. [....]

Perhaps the CRTC could put a stop to the programming that debases a society, that accepts the prurient as simply somebody's protected expression? It affects our children.

Tories surge on Harper's leadership
Conservatives building momentum for spring election, poll finds
, Feb. 20, 2007, Brian Laghi


Were an election to be held today, 34 per cent of voters would opt for the Conservatives, up three points from last month. [....]

On the question of who has the best vision for the nation, 50 per cent pick Mr. Harper; 22 per cent Mr. Dion and 20 per cent Mr. Layton.

[....] Finally, with 36 per cent, Mr. Harper tops the field of who Canadians believe would be the best PM, doubling Mr. Dion's score of 18 per cent. [....]


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