February 20, 2007

Feb. 20, 2007: Poll - Prediction

A Moment in Time

The Conservatives, according to polls, are ahead and, as a leader for Canada, Stephen Harper is away ahead of Stephane Dion.

PM holds election aces -- Combination of a federal Liberal leader who has failed to make a strong impression in Ontario and an unprecedented crisis of confidence within sovereignist ranks in Quebec could make temptation of a spring federal election irresistible for Stephen Harper , Chantal H├ębert, Feb 19, 2007 09:20 AM


OTTAWA - To all intents and purposes, the re-election of a federalist government in Quebec next month would give Prime Minister Stephen Harper quasi-absolute control over the life and death of his minority government.

Short of Harper terminating his own regime by calling an election, there cannot be a federal campaign this year unless the three opposition parties unite to bring down the Conservatives. [....]


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