February 11, 2007

Feb. 11, 2007: Bud Talkinghorn -&- Gang education

Multiculturalism on fade

A number of articles and columnists in The Globe and Mail have been examining the doctrine of official multiculturalism, another of PET's * social engineering schemes. The basic message of this doctrine is: Come to Canada, but feel free to harbour all the old beliefs that made your native country so backward. Even as I write this, I can hear the Human Rights Commissioners stirring. How dare he suggest that the Hindu caste system, the 4,000 plus cases of bride burning (invariably unsolved-- accidents you understand) and the corruption which touches every official body isn't equal to Canadian norms? Or that some of the more exotic customs of Muslims like female sexual mutilation, the burqa, and the preaching of virulent anti-infidel rhetoric in mosques isn't as valid as Canadian cultural expressions?

The gist of the Globe's lead story (Thursday, Feb. 8) is that many immigrants choose to live in ghettos and apart from Canadian culture, except for their necessary participation in the workforce. This would be understandable with the new arrivals, but when it continues into the second generation or the third, this is a potential timebomb. Most noticeable in the Islamic communities is the idea that you must go to the old country to find a groom or bride. If the enlightened "open" social and cultural attitudes of Canada are so attractive, why would they look outside Canada for spouses? There are many questions that can't even be asked because of political correctness and the fear of the loonie-left Human Rights Commissions **, who have been given powers equal to the Spanish Inquistion.

Margaret Wente took up the issue of Herouxville's dictates for membership in their town. She showed that rather than being capital "R" rednecks, they have touched a nerve. CBC's radio program, "As It Happens", got a surprise when they broached that topic. Rather than heaping scorn on Herouxville's citizens, most listeners agreed that noxious cultural beliefs were not welcome in Canada. When people came here from their mainly grotty countries, they have an obligation to assimilate. We in turn should help them do that. But the ghettoes keep growing. The elites, who created and sustained this multi-cult nonsense, are wealthy enough to cocoon themselves from any nasty foreign cultural outbreaks -- except that CBC, their liberal heartbeat, turned out to be a target of the thwarted Toronto terrorist plot (alleged, as yet). That target alone should have raised eyebrows about the efficacy of this policy.
With a quarter of a million immigrants a year coming to the cities, most from Asia, we have to get a grip. Richmond, B.C. is already 54% Oriental-Canadian. How long before it and "Curry" Surrey become mini-versions of Hong Kong and New Delhi? The vaunted cultural mosaic is starting to look a tad weird and will get stranger as we drop a million more Asian immigrants into three main cities over the next five years. Time to re-think Trudeau's utopian vision of cultural flowering amongst all. Going to a Thai restaurant doesn't make you or the wait staff cosmopolitan.

© Bud Talkinghorn

* PET: Pierre Elliott Trudeau
** Human Rights Commissions: unelected, appointed bodies with far too much power. Let Canadians vote on whether they want these unelected, unrepresentative, undemocratic, appointed bodies, along with some of the rest of the unelected who manage to get taxpayer money to continue. Even better, get rid of them. FHTR

Can we make three roughed-up Taliban suspects, our own Abu Ghraib?

The opposition and the MSM will sure try to make that happen. Endless news loops keep up the drum beat. And, horrors of horrors, we actually turn the prisoners over to the Afghan army or police. Aren't they supposed to be our dearest allies in the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban? Who would have a better idea if this guy is just a peasant, or a hardened Taliban? One suspect had bomb making material in his house. Sounds like a bad guy to me.

To attempt an historical analogy, I don't get too upset about Hiroshima or Nagasaki either. In Japan the Allies faced an enemy that used suicide bombers, engaged in biological/chemical warfare, slaughtered millions of civilians in China and throughout S.E. Asia, disregarded every Geneva Convention for treatment of prisoners, and was prepared to mount a last ditch defense of the mainland. Their final Armageddon stance was estimated to have cost 200,000 allied and 7,000,000 Japanese deaths. We are fighting the same kind of enemy in Afghanistan. You only have to substitute an Islamic fundamentalist mindset for that of "bushido" and racial superiority. Tough love has its place in such circumstances.

© Bud Talkinghorn--Of course instead we could send Jack Layton into the badlands of Wasirastan to parley with the Taliban. He could quote extensively from Canada's multicultural bible as an icebreaker.

Gang Education: Fast learners

VANCOUVER-A different kind of brain drain is underway in B.C. as pot growers share their billions of dollars worth of skills with a worldwide audience. , Matthew Ramsey, CanWest News Service / Vancouver Province, February 11, 2007


[....] "What's happening there (in Washington State) is characteristic of organized crime in general. They go wherever there's an opportunity," Plecas said.

Nor should it be surprising, says Julian Sher, award-winning author of The Road to Hell: How Biker Gangs Conquered Canada.

Sher points to an example of intelligence sharing in his book, where he documents how a Hells Angel acquired a recipe for the drug speed in a California jail, then promptly exported that recipe to colleagues in Australia for production.

"Technology, like drugs and money, flows very quickly in the organized crime world," said Sher. "It stands to reason that B.C., where the grow-ops are the biggest cash crop, that technology flows east and south."


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