February 07, 2007

Feb. 7, 2007 Bud Talkinghorn: CROP

The Radio Canada's CROP poll on official bilingualism

According to this poll, 81% of Canadians are very pleased with official bilingualism. They want to see practically every major government position filled with the fluently bilingual. The poll supposedly winkled out the statistic that 16% of Canadians are now bilingual. It would be instructive to know what per centage of the respondents were from Quebec or Acadian NB. So what are we to make of this utterly fascinating result--trumpeted by CBC as a giant step in the right direction?

The first thought I had was "hog wash", quickly followed by "Figures lie, and liars figure." Unless I meet only Canadians who are not politically correct, this stat does not resonate. Most will admit that bilingualism is an asset, but that the Trudeaupian-driven offical bilingualism is nothing but a plot to have francophones rule Canada. As far back as 1989, a study of federal government personnel (using only Stats Canada data) showed a vast over-representation of francophones in positions of power. I shudder to think what that percentage is today. Positions for senior bureaucrats are now limited to people who are already fluently bilingual. There went the last chance for unilingual anglophones to advance in government. De facto, the majority of Canadians are disenfranchised from political control.

Now let us examine this CROP poll and its instigator, Radio Canada. A week back, there were two polls gauging political support in Quebec. One showed a certain party at only 13%, while the other showed it at 23%--close to double. Which poll are we to believe? The answer is that pollsters are adept at pleasing the customer and getting the desired outcome. Questions can be tailored to elicit a given response. A Maritimes resident pointed out a poll taken back in the early 90's that showed that a language fairness political party was at almost negligible support and might, only barely, elect one candidate. The poll was commissioned by the ruling Liberal Party and the results released mere days before the election. That party with negligible support went on to elect 8 members, formed the opposition, and came in a very strong second in numerous other districts. Anglophones saw what was happening at the federal level and counterattacked at the polling stations. Like those Liberals, Radio Canada has an agenda. This Quebec wing of the CBC has always been a hotbed of separatists. Advancing francophone (i.e. Quebec) interests in running Canada has been their unspoken mandate. The fact that all Canadians have to finance this gross perversion of "Canadiana" is constantly amusing to them.

But as Joseph Goebels, the Nazi's master propagandist, said, "Tell a big lie, and tell it often." He used every government organ at his disposal to either advance Nazi doctrine or demonize his detractors. The Liberals made sure to layer their ideological nest, so that even if they lost power there would be opinion-makers still pumping out their message. CBC and its Radio Canada rump fit neatly into this scenario.

The relentless pressure on the Quebec anglophones has resulted in a mass exodus from that province. In a Globe and Mail column by Andrew Coulson (Feb. 5, 2007, A-13) the result of this pressure is shown to be detrimental to Quebec's long-term interests. A 2004 study by the geographer, Kao-Lee Liaw, showed that the outmigration of non-francophones from Quebec was five times that of Ontario. And in 2006 that outmigration was the greatest since 2000. This continuous exodus of talented anglophones has resulted in Quebec being ranked 54th in a study of the U.S states and Canadian provinces in terms of GDP. If Quebec's pure laine are willing to become our surrogate Cuba, fine, but we mustn't let them inflict their linguistic nonsense on the rest of Canada.*

© Bud Talkinghorn--One day Quebec will understand what causes that giant economic sucking sound.

* And francophones claim it is reasonable service. Bosh! It is promotion and favouritism designed to promote a minority until it totally runs the country ... On second thought, that has happened already. There are rumblings from that part of the country which actually acts when it has had enough unfairness, unlike that part which whines to gain more and more. Separatism will come but it won't be the province which has been threatening for years, which acts. When the majority of Canadians cannot work for their own government because of a language requirement to please a minority, that is not reasonable. They have used programs such as the Court Challenges Program to enforce their will and to promote their interests even more. Now, they want the return of this CCP -- a linguistic bully-pulpit with which to beat down any Anglo who dares question this -- via the appointed, ever-Liberally-compliant court system. FHTR


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