February 04, 2007

Feb. 4, 2007: Francoscénie - Echo d'un peuple

Francophone festival looking for more grants

Bankrupt Francoscénie tries to rise again
Festival gets $300,000 in government grants after $1.6-million handout
, Dave Rogers, The Ottawa Citizen, Dave Rogers, Feb. 1, 2007


A French-Canadian historical pageant that declared bankruptcy in October after receiving more than $1.6 million in government grants will be resurrected next summer near Casselman under an as-yet-unnamed board of directors.

Pageant manager Francois Desormeaux ... 300 volunteer actors .... FrancoBiz, an Ottawa non-profit corporation ....

FrancoBiz is seeking a Canadian Heritage Department grant to pay Mr. Desormeaux $65,000 a year for three years.

... will be operated by Echo d'un peuple Inc. instead of the defunct Francoscenie. Organizers have received $30,000 from the municipality of Prescott-Russell for a marketing study.

... seeking $300,000 in government grants ... Tourism Ontario.[....]

... Mr. Desormeaux, who is also the manager of FrancoBiz. [....]

Alain Dagenais, the founder of the $4-million pageant, said bad management is to blame for $759,000 in debts that forced the show to seek bankruptcy protection from creditors in 2005.

Francoscenie .... bankruptcy, ... 150 creditors [....]

Search: Drummondville , $2.7 million , to renew a show that has been produced for nine years , the Embrun group , $621,000 from Human Resources Development Canada , Ontario government , $1 million worth , $30,000 , cost $1 million

Background 2006: Even in the face of bankruptcy through incompetence ... demanding more taxpayers' dollars

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Jan. 29, 2006


Scroll down to

[....] the tie-in among the arts, arts funding, Heritage, Foreign Affairs, and Liberal politicians

[....] the failed Francoscenie production of L'echo d'un peuple was going to receive more public funds after having spent at least $4 million from taxpayers in an ambitious production that didn't get the audience it expected.... Pierre Lemieux, the newly elected MP for Glengarry-Prescott Russell was quoted as saying that he would lend his support. However, in fairness to Pierre Lemieux, he was talking more about support from the public i.e. private funds donated by people who believe in the merits of this project and who would help by donating from their own pockets. Pierre Lemieux said he would be the first to donate [....]

A vote of confidence -- MP vows to aid ailing production
Tom Van Dusen, Ottawa Sun, Jan 26, 2006

Before last summer's performances [of L'echo d'un peuple], then-Francoscenie GM Jacques Blouin suggested attendance could reach 40,000, up 10,000 over the inaugural summer of 2004. However, only 21,000 attended.

While numbers were shrinking in the bleachers, they were climbing on stage, from 180 to 320 performers last summer -- with all of the costuming and catering costs that entailed. Among other direct costs or lost revenues were an unexpected $40,000 for site drainage and $175,000 handed out in courtesy tickets. Last year, a $500,000 grant over three years promised from the Francophonie Games fund was withdrawn.

I wonder if the rise in the number of artists had anything to do with the intended Liberal payments to the arts, including taxpayers' money for travel abroad, as detailed in the Liberal 2005 budget? [....]

Who appoints the Canada Council for the Arts? The Heritage Minister who at that time was Min. Lisa Frulla. [.... Think of the implications for that.]

The Department of Foreign Affairs budgeted for international touring; the funding would keep rising. One could argue that this is important in placing Canada's best face before the world, but it is hardly an arms length process

While on that webpage, this might be of interest in the control department:

From a search: canada crtc digital radio

CRTC: subscription radio services -- heavily into control ... not the freedom of the individual to choose -- ... The CRTC is governed by the Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act and reports to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage. June 16th, 2005

Why have our past Ministers of Heritage come from one province, Quebec? The rest of us have heritage(s) too. If you dig a little deeper, you will know why, and it has to do with control.


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