January 28, 2007

Jan. 28, 2007: Documentary: Hezbollah

See if this documentary is going to be re-broadcast: “Smokescreen: Hezbollah Inside America.”. There is mention of connections to Canada. Also, note Venezuela and Lebanon. It has been shown by FoxNews at least once.

Hezbollah Inside America: FOX News Tells All in Documentary , By David Asman, January 18, 2007


Does any terrorist organization pose a greater threat to Americans than Al Qaeda?

[....] Hezbollah operatives have been quietly setting up operations in the U.S. for years.

One of those operations is the subject of Smokescreen: Hezbollah Inside America,” an exhaustive FOX News report about a Hezbollah cell that was operating for several years in Charlotte, North Carolina. FOX followed the many tentacles of this cell, which extended far beyond Charlotte — to Michigan, to the West Coast, to Canada and to Beirut, Lebanon, where most of the members were from. FOX News spent months tracking this story to all these places and more. [....]

We highlight their heroic efforts and the flaws in our own system that allowed this terror network to flourish.

Initially, the hardest part of the job for FBI terror investigators was convincing their cohorts that Hezbollah was a genuine threat to Americans. There was much skepticism, despite the fact that before 9/11, no terrorist group had killed more Americans in the Mideast than Hezbollah. And Hezbollah extended their killing spree to this hemisphere, with a 1994 bombing that killed dozens of women and children at a Jewish center in Argentina. [....]

.... An FBI agent who refused to allow the taunts and skepticism of his colleagues to dissuade him from tracking the connections that linked a group of Lebanese illegals operating in Charlotte to terror cells in Canada and Beirut. An alert sheriff’s deputy, working part time at a tobacco wholesaler in Charlotte, who spent his own time tracking down a suspicious group of Arabic-speaking customers who were trading wads of cash for tons of cheap tobacco. A young prosecutor willing to bet his reputation on a case that had to leapfrog over terrorist laws that were either antiquated or hadn’t even been written yet. [....]

Think about the flaws in Canada's system that would facilitate terrorists entering. How many illegal aliens does Canada have who were supposed to be deported but weren't. Do some or many of these come from a particular voting block who might be upset?

Police rethink use of "stop and search" , by Michael Holden, Jan. 24, 2007


LONDON (Reuters) - Police are holding a review of much-criticised "stop and search" powers over concerns the tactic used to target possible terrorists was causing more harm than good by alienating the Muslim community.

Senior officers are warming to "new thinking" about the powers which would see people only stopped on the basis of prior intelligence and not their appearance, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

"I think we need to move from the concept of stopping on appearance and ethnicity," Richard Gargini, ACPO's national coordinator for community engagement, told Reuters at a conference to discuss Islamophobia. [....]

Why worry about alienating a community which, given the reality of extremist Muslim violence around the world, finds reason to complain about the slightest mention of this truth, yet has done little to disown those who perpetrate the violence while calling out "Allah is great"? Granted, a few Muslims are speaking out in Canada against the jihadis and the extremism, but mainly, we are fed reports of what is termed "racism" and that Muslims don't like it one bit. In the media, particularly CBC, terrorists have morphed into "miltants". There has been little journalistic investigation of the infiltration of Canadian mosques by extremist imams nor of their influence, nor of which branch(es) of Islam are most virulent, nor of the 17 or so who were picked up last summer, the ones who would have blown up the CBC, the PM and others they don't like. Those alleged extremists have morphed into "students" or "youths".


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