January 22, 2007

Jan. 22, 2007: #1 Memory Lane

Re: Taxpayer Funding Foundations Crown Corporations Agencies

Selflessly doing good ... on taxpayers' money ...

Frost Hits the Rhubarb June 18 - 22, 2006


Auditor General: Billions of tax dollars held by foundations out of public scrutiny Annual Report 2003-2004 .pdf -- primetimecrime.com, Feb. 28, 05. Assume [....] after each.


[....] The lack of oversight means it's possible foundation money could be misused in the same way tax dollars were wasted in the sponsorship scandal, [....]

What I have noticed about the (usually Liberal) appointees and network members mentioned below is that they effortlessly move from appointment to appointment, invariably to organizations funded by taxpayer money (the details are never clear), perhaps with a bit of private money involved, but who would know? Louise Frechette /Fréchette, having left the United Nations under a cloud then moved into a position with CIGI which was/is associated with CIDAwhich is located at Sir Wilfred Laurier University. CIDA administers taxpayer funding for the EDC / Export Development Canada, of which I have written over the last month or so.

Update Jan. 2007: Note that the UN's Benon Sevan has been charged. Yet, have the media mentioned the Canadian connection? Maybe the Friends of Cdn. Broadcasting/CBC could suggest a little investigative probing?

[Please note: That last sentence and much more had been changed as I worked and posted. Someone changed the font size so that it would be too small to see. I have fixed it but it is an example of the difficulty of posting in Canada, at least in certain parts of Canada. ]

Also, some topics below are mentioned more than once on a webpage, so search further. Assume [....] after most of these excerpts.

UN -- Nair, Sevan, Frechette and Related [Louise Frechette / Louise Fréchette]

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Mar. 27, 05 to Apr. 2, 05


Search header: [...] UN - Frechette, ...

Update: UN -- Nair, Sevan, Frechette [Fréchette]

Dileep Nair, Inspector General for U.N. cites how oil probe blocked

UN scandal inquiry has Frechette questions [ Frechette / Fréchette], March 31, 2005, Greg Weston, Sun Ottawa Bureau

Update -- UN Conference at U of Waterloo

Scroll down or search this page for "UN Conference at U of Waterloo" and Frechette.

Perimeter Institute ...
Research in Motion's founder

March 31, 2005
Daniel Pipes' Speech at U of T, Science for Peace, UN Conference at U of Waterloo, UN Oil for Food Scandal

UN Conference at U of Waterloo, UN Oil for Food Scandal and Links:

[...several items here ...]

* China Urges Support for Kofi Annan
* Kojo's Iraq Connections -- The former business partner of Kofi Annan's son speaks out. -- Mr. Mouselli
* Annan Says He Won't Resign [Jan. 22, 07: Annan is gone.]
* Former U.N. Official's Shredding Probed -- Iqbal Riza -- link for .pdf report
* Canadian Coalition for Democracies -- UN Oil for Food Scandal -- link


Science for Peace is a charitable Canadian-based organizationof natural scientists, engineers, social scientists, scholars in the humanities and lay people throughout the world. It brings together professors, graduate students and first degree students who are concerned about peace, justice and making an environmentally sustainable future. SfP has NGO status at the United Nations -- text version [www.un.org/english/engtxt.shtml]

The first thing that I noted was that this group has NGO status, which may mean Canadian taxpayers' dollars fund them, either in whole or in part. Who do they speak for? How did they achieve NGO status? Who appointed them to speak for whoever they speak for at the UN? Do they purport to speak for all Canadians and did citizens have any say in it? FHTR

Check out Canada and Ballistic Missile Defence : The Facts

Center for Peace Studies, McMaster University [Is that not the university with a nuclear reactor where materials went missing? I forget the details. ]

Very interesting links: Centres and Organizations & NGOs and Other Resources , one of which led to Pugwash.

Pugwash, how it began -- "In their Private Capacity"

Cyrus Eaton, who hosted the meeting. [I believe Eaton maintained ties with the USSR during the Cold War ... ]

UN conference in Waterloo

Paul Heinbecker, organized the event. Among the invited guests are Louise Frechette, the U-N's deputy secretary general and Canada's U-N Ambassador Allan Rock. [Note alternate spelling: Fréchette]

Scroll down Frost Hits the Rhubarb, Feb. 27, 05, for "Kofi Annan’s #2 is Canada's Louise Fréchette. Louise Fréchette served under Prime Minister Paul Martin when he held the title of Canada's Minister of Finance."

Mr. Jean Ping of the UN, one by H.E. Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz al-Nasser representing G-77 and China

[Note: Canadian taxpayer funded - Are these considered to be foundations? Agencies? Or mainly Liberal groups which is reason enough to warrant taxpayers' money?]

The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) and Wilfrid Laurier University are co-sponsoring the conference entitled "The UN: Adapting to the 21st Century". [. . . . ]

"History leaves no doubt that the secretary general's report will not just sell itself," says Paul Heinbecker, senior distinguished fellow at CIGI and director of Laurier Centre for Global Relations

Laurier Centre for Global Relations -- with Canada's former ambassador to the U-N, Paul Heinbecker, senior distinguished fellow at CIGI and director.

CIGI, which is supported by the Government of Canada as well as the private sector, is an independent centre for scholarly research and policy advocacy established in July 2002, to support improvements in multilateral governance, in particular international economic and financial governance. CIGI has formed linkages with a number of prominent organizations, including the World Economic Forum.

Kojo's Iraq Connections -- The former business partner of Kofi Annan's son speaks out....


Mr. Mouselli, a French national

Iqbal Riza (search), the former chief of staff, shredded thousands of documents that might have shed light on Annan's involvement in the Oil-for-Food

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Sept. 4 - 10, 2005


In a scathing report released Wednesday, the IIC, headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker (search), found that the United Nations was guilty of "illicit, unethical and corrupt" behavior. -- "U.N. Deputy Gets Fair Share of Blame in Oil-for-Food Report" ...

It was Frechette's job to keep Annan in the loop about what Sevan was doing and to approve regular reports required as part of the program's management. But the report found that she saw no reason to get involved if it was thought the program was being "well run." [if it was thought -- By whom? Note the passive tense -- no names.]

Frechette tried to deny any responsibility for oversight or that there were problems, [. . . ]

"The deputy secretary-general knew about — but did not act upon — many reports of major program violations," the Volcker report states. "In the final analysis, Mr. Sevan ran a $100 billion program with very little oversight from the supervisory authority that created his position." [....]

[Other names mentioned on that webpage: Li Kashing , CSL & Cordex -- Denver-based? or Alberta-based? , [Maurice] Strong admitted that Tongsun Park , Paul Martin ]

Is Maurice Strong still a member of Canada's Privy Council Office?

Strong took tainted cheque, inquiry finds -- No 'direct evidence' prominent Canadian businessman knew money came from Iraq , Shawn McCarthy with Alan Freeman in Washington, Globe and Mail, Sept. 8, 05 via Newsbeat1

[. . . . ] Ms. Frechette, a former senior bureaucrat in Ottawa, "did not carry out the responsibilities of her office," Mr. Volcker said. He offered the same criticism of her boss, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. [....]

UNSCAM -- Louise Frechette's "decision to intervene"

Volcker Panel to Correct Frechette Omission , March 10, 2005, Fox News -- or here


NEW YORK — The committee probing the Oil-for-Food (search) scandal says it will correct omitting the name of a U.N. official involved in the international controversy who has a close relationship with the executive director of the panel.

It's well known that the Volcker commission's executive director, Reid Morden (search), and Louise Frechette (search) have had a "longstanding professional relationship" [....]

Morden was Canada's deputy minister of foreign affairs in the 1990s. Frechette is U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's No. 2 at the international organization.

[....] Committee officials admit that Morden discussed working on the U.N.-commissioned investigation with Frechette before he took the job with Volcker but they insist the friendship has not influenced Volcker's work at all and that the investigation is being conducted in a thorough and impartial manner.

But in the interim report released by the Volcker commission last month, which highlighted abuses and mismanagement of the Oil-for-Food program, Frechette is treated discreetly. Her name is nowhere to be found — the report mentions only her job title — even when declaring that she stopped U.N. auditors from telling the U.N. Security Council about Oil-for-Food irregularities. That detail can be found on page 186 of the 219-page interim report. She later claimed she was just following U.N. rules.

[....] "The fact that in this report, they didn't even refer to her by name or by title, and it seems to be that there is some attempt here to hide that there is any link or relationship there, I think only heightens or magnifies the concerns here that there's a potential for a conflict of interest." [....]

Frechette's decision to intervene also may place responsibility in the secretary-general’s office for obscuring mismanagement of the program from the Security Council. [....]

Not only was there little, if any Canadian media investigation, Ms. Frechette moved seamlessly from potential disgrace (hidden) at the UN to another cushy position in a government funded CIDA connected group, CIGI.

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting might like to push Canadian media to investigate who paid for this workshop. I wouldn't be afraid to bet it was taxpayers.

Compare: "Pulp MIll Workers Urged to Build Arts Industry" & UNB: World Bank, Industry, Educ. Ambassadorial Reps "Working with Africa Workshop"


Just a few items mentioned -- there is much more:

SNC Lavalin [This company's Canatom NPM nuclear receives much funding through the EDC about which I have written in the last three weeks -- lack of accountability and transparency in the EDC funding]

Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica)

Trade Commissioner and Liaison Officer with the African Development Bank, Canadian Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia The Role of the ADB in African Development

Marketing, French and Portuguese Speaking Africa, SNC-Lavalin

* Ambassadors from Africa

* High Commissioner for the Republic of Kenya
* Ambassador for the Republic of Guinea
* Ambassador for the Republic of Mali [Canada's GG visited within the year]
* Ambassador for the Federal Republic of Ethiopia
* Ambassador for the Republic of Cameroon
* Ambassador for the Republic of Burkina Faso

There is much more, should the Friends be interested in pushing for more light to be shone on where Canadians' money goes. Try the EDC / CIDA, of course. Then there is where Canadian aid money administered by CIDA in Afghanistan has gone. What, actually, has been funded? I wrote on this one also.

Jan. 16, 2006: Update
Update-additions: Jan. 13, 2007: Financing Disaster #2 Introduction
and posts before that


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