January 19, 2007

Jan. 19, 2007: Drugs

I listened to CBC's account (TV early in the evening) of this case a couple of days ago. Left unmentioned was that the drug involved was morphine. I heard the word marijuana but not morphine -- Was CBC expecting listeners to think of the "peace, love, and pot" era -- you know, benign. I have not heard a verdict on this announced yet, nor have I read every detail.

Father killed to save daughter, jury told -- Saskatchewan welder to be judged a hero or a vigilante in drug dealer's slaying , Anne Marie Owens, National Post, with files from CanWest, January 17, 2007


[....] To the jury hearing evidence in his first-degree murder case, however, Mr. Walker is either a hero father who saved his daughter from the ravaging death of a drug addict or a small-town vigilante who took the law into his own hands.

[....] Their concern escalated with the revelation, contained in an anonymous letter delivered in March, 2003, that Jadah was addicted to morphine, and was "slowly killing herself " by injecting the drug with her then-boyfriend.

The Walkers turned to the RCMP for help, and then to a provincial court
, where they ended up getting a warrant under the Mental Health Act to have Jadah committed for a short term assessment.

She was released from the psychiatric ward and returned to her parents' house, but a few hours later, was back again with Mr. Hayward at his house. [....]

In my opinion, people no longer believe that the courts, the justice system, even, it seems, the medical system, will help them to get rid of the influence of what are scum, when desperate law abiding citizens, in this case parents, need help. It is not an excuse to kill and yet ... what is a parent desperate to get his daughter away from an evil influence and off morphine to do?

Canadians see the coddling of criminals and the normalization of what they know is wrong for their children. By normalization I am referring to what amounts to de facto legalization of some amounts of what are becoming stronger and stronger drugs. Meanwhile the system treats criminals with lax and laughable sentencing. Courts have been according rights to those who do not care about the rights of the law abiding. Is this killing also what happens when the courts do not support strong families, when the courts give a pat on the wrist to druggies and drug crime? Remember Grand Manan, NB, where a number of residents had had enough of drugs and druggies. Think about a group purportedly speaking for women (SoW) and they treat killing a foetus as a right. Think of the MP's who are supposed to uphold the laws they make; yet, some marched with the No One is Illegal group(s). Little is considered wrong or evil, it seems, at least not evil enough to act for the long-term good of society.

Forum with comments: Father shoots daughter's drug-dealer boyfriend , Gambit, 1/15/2007 15:41:55 -- based on this article: CNEWS article and scroll down to more information from wagccan, 1/15/2007 19:38:43


These things happen because the courts do not take crime seriously enough and tend to favour the criminal. That is part of the reason this poor man is in court for killing a low life. [....]

Coming to a river near you

Drugs don't affect you? Think again.

The Thames: awash with cocaine -- "after cocaine had passed through users' bodies and sewage treatment plants, an estimated 2kg - 80,000 lines - of the drug went into the river each day."
, By Nina Goswami and James Orr, (Filed: 06/11/2005)



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