January 18, 2007

Jan. 18, 2007: Nuclear - Gremlins

Caveat: Please note that I am not against nuclear reactors and use of nuclear power in Canada. The following concerns foreign sales, of which I have written lately. I trust the ones who have re-assured me about safety systems in their area(s) of Canada. FHTR

Nuclear, Pakistan, Khan - Another corrupted link

Frost Hits the Rhubarb April 16 - 21, 2006


Note: My link for this has been changed since I posted it ... but all is not lost thanks to Google, Prime Time Crime and the Asia Pacific Post -- links and pertinent parts are below this section which was corrupted ... Do you wonder why? Read carefully and you may be able to figure it out.

I had posted: Canadian Connection for Dr. A. Q. Khan

Canada-trained Pakistani nuclear scientists 'defecting'
, Asia Pacific Post, January 16 2003

My link was changed to:


The pertinent information:

Dr. A. Q. Khan, Pakistan, nuclear, Canada

[. . . . ] At least five of nine Pakistani nuclear scientists who have 'secretly' left their country to seek more money and better working conditions were trained in Canada, The Asian Pacific Post has learned.

Another top scientist, Dr. A.Q. Khan, the man who made Pakistan's nuclear bomb and who has been linked to assisting Iran, Iraq and North Korea weapons programs, was also hosted by the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, (AECL). [. . . . ]

Search: Chinese-assisted CHASNUPP reactor , In December 1987, a Canadian of Pakistan origin , hard steel , Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood and Chaudhry Abdul Majeed , a French-Canadian nuclear engineer who was working on Canadian Candu reactors in South Korea , A second unidentified Canadian, who was working on the Candu reactors in South Korea

Google search: Canada-trained Pakistani nuclear scientists 'defecting'

The two articles which follow may be found via Prime Time Crime: Canada-trained Pakistani nuclear scientists 'defecting'


Link good as of Jan. 18, 2007: Canada-trained Pakistani nuclear scientists 'defecting' -- taking nuclear knowledge with them , January 16 2003


[....] Some 50 other leading Pakistani nuclear engineers, including the five of nine who have 'absconded' were also trained in Ontario and New Brunswick.

The nine scientists who are said to have left Pakistan are listed in an internal CHASNUPP memo as Muhammad Zubair, Asst. Engineer, (CNS Fellow, Electrical Division, April 1997), Murad Qasin, Senior Engineer (KINPOE fellow, Mechanical Division, Maintenance, Feb 2000), Tariq Mahmood Senior Engineer, (CNS Fellow, Operation Division, May 2000), Saeed Akhther Senior Engineer, (CNS Fellow, Training Division, June 2000), Imtaz Baig, (Senior Engineer KINPOE Fellow, Operation Division July 2000), (Weheed Nasir, Senior Engineer, KINPOE Fellow, Mechanical Division Aug 2000), Munawar Ismail Senior Engineer (CNS fellow Technical Division Oct. 2000), Shaheen Fareed (Senior Engineer CNS fellow Operation Division Feb. 2002) and Khalid Mahmood (Senior Engineer, Operation Division, July 2002). [....]

Did North Korea steal Canada's nuclear secrets? , October 24 2002


A French-Canadian nuclear engineer who was working on Canadian Candu reactors in South Korea was befriended by North Korean agents seeking western technological and scientific secrets.

The meetings at the Nashville Restaurant and Bar in the Itewon district of Seoul was observed and reported by a contract intelligence operative working for the U.S. government, the Asian Pacific Post has learned.

A second unidentified Canadian, who was working on the Candu reactors in South Korea also met with the North Korean spies. [....]

"The French-Canadian was targetted...he was married but the North Koreans wined and dined him and gave him women," said the U.S. agent in a telephone interview with the Asian Pacific Post.

"I reported this to my U.S. bosses and later to CSIS (the Canadian Security Intelligence Service)," said the agent, whose primary role was to monitor North Korean spies making contact with American soldiers. [....]

The first meeting with the French Canadian nuclear engineer, he said, was around 1996. [....]

Search: The Nashville Bar , elicit sensitive information about the nuclear reactors , Government officials in Ottawa , refused to comment officially , an employee of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) , Candu reactors at Wolsong, South Korea since 1983.

To my knowledge, the Canadian mainstream media did not pursue this story to any more information, such as who were involved and to check further on the credibility of the information. The government of the day undoubtedly reassured the media ... and that was that. The names of the engineers in question remain unknown, it appears. Perhaps more actual journalistic investigation would reveal something ... In Canada? Yes, I jest.

Iran nuclear

Iran Completes Secret Uranium Plant , Kenneth R. Timmerman, NewsMax.com, Friday, April 21, 2006


Search: A large agricultural center was constructed overhead to disguise , The IAEA has verified , military analyst Homayoun Moghaddam , Shahid Moradian center , Belarus and Ukraine

Frost Hits the Rhubarb April 16 - 21, 2006


Iranian group seeks British suicide bombers , Robert Tait in Tehran and Ewen MacAskill, April 19, 2006, The Guardian


Relations between the west and the hardline Iranian regime are set to worsen after a Tehran-based group claimed yesterday it was trying to recruit Iranians and other Muslims in Britain to carry out suicide bombings against Israel.

The Committee for the Commemoration of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Campaign, which claims to be independent but has the backing of the regime, said it is targeting potential recruits in Britain because of the relative ease with which UK passport-holders can enter Israel.

[....] "Britain and other European countries have a lot of disaffected Muslims who are ready. We understand the suspicion with which Britain, America and other western countries regard their Muslim populations. We don't condemn them for this because we believe every Muslim has the potential to turn into a bomb against the west."

Mr Samadi said recruits would not be told to attack British cities. "With the exception of Israel, we do not target civilians," he said. "They would definitely not be sent to carry out an attack on London unless it was to kill Salman Rushdie." [....]

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