January 16, 2007

Jan. 16, 2007: Into a black hole

Update added below the line. FHTR

One of my posts from July 5, 2006 has disappeared. It is re-posted below.

Yesterday, I had occasion to look at the following post; I wondered why Canadian taxpayers had contributed such large amounts of money to oil companies.


Frost Hits the Rhubarb Nov. 13 - 18, 2005


Excerpts: Assume [....] after most.

November 15, 2005

What is integrity in government worth to you? -&-$30-Billion Pieces of Silver -- Etc.

Bill C-54 -- an act to allow First Nations to manage and regulate oil and gas management currently being carried out on their behalf by the federal government.

[....] Why was Minister of Languages (Heritage) [Dyane] Adam ... visiting China in the last year or so? Canadians to learn Mandarin or one of the Chinese dialects? Aboriginal languages and culture? Expansion of French language services? . . . Or was it, in reality, an absolutely crucial check of embassy language(s) services ....

Public Accounts of Canada 2004 - 2005 Transfer Payments -- some numbered recipients or accounts -- and more interesting reading

Contributions in support of the Ethanol expansion program component of the climate change: emission reduction package / Contributions à l'appui du Programme d'expansion de l'éthanol, une composante de l'initiative changement climatique : Train de mesures pour la réduction des émissions 31,159,694

Husky Oil Operations Ltd Calgary Alta / Husky Oil Operations Ltd Calgary Alb 7,800,001

Noramera BioEnergy Corp Moose Jaw Sask / Noramera BioEnergy Corp Moose Jaw Sask 1,359,694

Suncor Energy Products Inc Calgary Alta / Suncor Energy Products Inc Calgary Alb 21,999,999 [That is almost $22-Million from taxpayers]

A Husky Company [....]

White Rose project offshore Newfoundland

[....] Its partner is Petro-Canada.

[. . . . ] The project will boost Husky's production by 20% next year. The company, controlled by Asian tycoon Li Ka-shing, is a major producer of heavy oil in Western Canada, light oil in offshore China, owns gasoline stations, and wants to become a top oilsands player. [. . . . Also Li Ka Shing Li Ka-Shing]

French bank BNP Paribas -- Canadian "Affiliate"

Update to this post ... FHTR Nov. 14, 05: "More international banking info here: Inquiry names major firms in Iraq bribe scandal -- US report reveals 2,253 firms gave Saddam's regime kickbacks on humanitarian good shipped to Iraq

The French bank BNP Paribas, which was supervised [sic] the escrow account for the program on behalf of the United Nations, came in for detailed criticism.

BNP faced a clear conflict of interest [. . . . ]

Power Corp. -- Paul Desmarais Jr. -- Chairman and Co-CEO -- Pargesa

I searched for more information on Suncor, recipient of $21,999,999 and that led to mention of Anadarko which led, eventually, to Addax and Oryx.

Search Technorati for anything on Addax , Oryx or "Addax and Oryx"


Among a number of posts listed was Frost Hits the Rhubarb, July 5, 2006: The Right Connections & Memory Lane. It had disappeared. That post had existed on Blogger; 14 other bloggers had seen and linked to it. Yet, by Jan. 15, 07, it had gone up in a puff of smoke ... or it had been removed. I would not want the world to be deprived, so here it is again.

By the way, this is a perfect example of what happens if you rely on online accounts of anything to remain. That is what will happen to history unless there are libraries and paper copies. This is proof that it had been posted.

Technorati screen capture

A copy of the post that had disappeared:

July 5, 2006: The Right Connections & Memory Lane

Those interested in oil, gas, banking, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhastan, China may be interested in Alexandre "Sasha" Trudeau's series of articles published in Macleans in the fall of 2004 (Was Jean Chretien travelling to the Far East that fall too, just before Paul Martin became PM?). It helps to travel in the right circles ... for information and more. Background and related links including search terms are below this.

Alexandre "Sasha" Trudeau: Rubles to burn -- Moscow's New Russians have gotten rich and they're happy to flaunt it November 15, 2004


After reporting on the Chechens and then the republic of Georgia for Maclean's (Oct. 11 and Oct. 25), Contributing Editor Alexandre Trudeau went to Moscow to assess the state of affairs in the Russian capital 13 years after the fall of the Soviet Union. This week's story is the first of a series. [....]

We sit down for lunch with Dima, his tall blond girlfriend, the rent-a-priests and the bodyguards. Dima is still a young man; in the early nineties, when he was even younger and as the Soviet Union was in its death throes, he made a fortune. How remains unclear, but he had to hastily leave Russia. After a jaunt in Switzerland, he ended up in Canada, buying a huge gated home in Toronto's opulent Bridal Path area.

[....] They hated the fact that I used to hire off-duty Mounties, have them wear their red uniforms and stand guard with Canadian and Russian flags." This spectacle went on for months. Finally, when somebody sloppily opened fire on his home one night, Canadian authorities asked Dima to leave the country. [no reason given ....]

... Bari Alibasov is my host for a few days. [....]

Bari has become passionate about photography: more specifically, fantastic and lewd photography. The walls of his apartment are covered with bizarre, carnal imagery. [....] booking shows for his bands, constantly promoting his artists.

Just before my arrival, Bari -- who is an ethnic Kazakh, in the middle ground between East and West -- returned from a stint in China. Now, he is completely enamoured with the place. [....]

Another of my New Russian friends is Andrei Dellos, a restaurateur extraordinaire of distant French ancestry. [....]

Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau: The Burden of the Past -- Moscow's legacy weighs heavily here October 25, 2004


[....] Iosef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, a.k.a. Joseph Stalin.

[....] The family story goes something like this: [Joseph] Stalin had a son, Yakov, with his first wife, Ekaterina Svanidze, to whom he was married for just three years until her death in 1907. Yakov died in a Nazi prison camp after Stalin refused to trade him for a captured German general. Yakov's son, Yevgeny, grew up in a military orphanage and went on to become a Red Army colonel. He had two sons: Jacob the painter, and Jacob's older brother Vissarion, a filmmaker. Only in this branch of the family do Stalin's descendants still bear a version of his name, and still live in Georgia. Georgia has a contingent of people proud of Stalin's heritage -- and proud that one of their own once dominated the Soviet Union. But most, and especially those in power now, revile his name. That hasn't been easy for Jacob and his brother. Vissarion found it impossible to find work, and is now doing menial labour in New York City.

[....] The countryside grows poorer, but Tbilisi [....] The man in charge of Georgia's economy is Kakha Bendukidze, an oligarch recently returned from Russia who made his money manufacturing industrial and mechanical equipment. Perhaps because of Russian President Vladimir Putin's manoeuvres against the oligarchs, Bendukidze happily agreed to come back to Georgia to become Saakashvili's minister of economic development.

[....] There will be no quick miracles. [....] Jacob Jugashvili, great-grandson of that wolf among 20th-century wolves, summarizes his fears by saying that "with this kind of primitive free market, I am afraid it is a time of wolves for us all. I loathe the idea of having to tell my kids: be ruthless, and you will triumph." [....]

Memory Lane: Related & Background

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: June 18-24, 06

June 24, 2006: Update to Addax & Oryx Gp, BNP Paribas, AXMIN.inc & Canada
June 22, 2006: Kazakhastan, Silk Road Group, Banks, Shipping, & More [Relevant Maps, Completing the French Connection ... forged Niger Documents, Addax & Oryx Group]

[Search or scroll to for further links and information.]

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: posted Aug. 29, 05 -- "Update: PetroKazakstan, Bernard Isautier & Jean Chretien" [spelling Isautier/Isaultier?]



Frost Hits the Rhubarb Mar. 27, 05 to Apr. 2, 05

frosthitstherhubarb_archive.html [the week of Mar. 27, 05 to Apr. 2, 05]

April 1, 2005: UN, Frechette, McKenna, Marijuana, PetroKazakhstan, Chretien ... Kazemi [....]

Completing the French Connection ... forged Niger Documents

Silk Road Group


Addax & Oryx Group

BNP Paribas

Millennium Development Goal initiatives laid out by the United Nations. ***

Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA]

Zahra Kazemi ...... and Saeed Mortazavi.

June 22, 2006: AG: Foundations Hiding Tax $$$ From Public Scrutiny [Check the list: "the following foundations are identified" -- familiar names, names which keep popping up as one reads further]

End of copy of that July 5, 2006 post.

Frost Hits the Rhubarb July 2 - 8, 2006 -- re: ex-Deputy PM, Anne McLellan - "According to the article, Jean Chretien made a similar career move and then became "a special advisor to ... PetroKazakhstan Inc"

There are other links.


Anadarko Petroleum


Big Oil Looking for a Government Handout , World Internet News, April 2006.


Triple Point News: Global Commodity Importer/Exporter, Addax ... Addax & Oryx Group is deploying the system in its Geneva office, ... CEOs, and CFOs at more than 70 multinational energy, power, and financial services ...


Addax Petroleum- Africa Energy Intelligence - Oil and Gas
As Africa Energy Intelligence anticipated would be the case (AEI 405), Addax Petroleum, an affiliate of Jean-Claude Gandur’s Addax/Oryx Group, ...


ADDAX Petroleum
How Addax Petroleum would like to make the most of the gas resources on its Nigerian concessions by setting up an LPG plant and supplying LNG plants in the region. Its floatation on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the investments resulting from it. Who sits on its board of directors?


Addax Seeks Toronto Listing
Africa Energy Intelligence has learned that Addax, a firm run by Jean-Claude Gandur that acts as both a trader and a oil and mining operator, will seek a listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange next year. (...)
-- or here


Addax Seeks Listing on TSX
As Africa Energy Intelligence anticipated would be the case (AEI 405), Addax Petroleum, an affiliate of Jean-Claude Gandur’s Addax/Oryx Group, submitted a preliminary prospectus for an IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Dec. (...).


Anadarko Petroleum

Why has Anadarko Petroleum sold off some of its oil assets in Africa? The reason is simply to pay for its simultaneous acquisition of Kerr McGee and Western Gas Resources. The report also looks into the partnership of the American independent with Sonatrach in Algeria, where it is heavily engaged.


BNP PARIBAS - Energy Commodities Export Project
BNP Paribas has an historical relationship with the Addax & Oryx Group (“AOG”), providing trade finance to the trade group and upstream financing to Addax ...
-- or here -- or Google's cached copy

FE0046B87C?OpenDocument [Place on one line]

BNP Paribas, Oct. 5, 2006


BNP Paribas Reserves Based Lending Europe, acted as Bookrunner, Facility Agent, Mandated Lead Arranger, supported Addax Petroleum N.V. in its USD 1.4 billion acquisition of Pan-Ocean Energy by extending a USD 1.0 billon senior secured 12-month bridge loan. [....]

Addax created a new holding company in February this year, Addax Petroleum Corporation (“APC”), and successfully listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, achieving a market capitalisation in excess of USD 3.2 billion. For the purposes of this acquisition, APC raised another USD 400 million in equity over the summer to complement the USD 1.0 billion bridge loan and existing cash on hand.

BNP Paribas has an historical relationship with the Addax & Oryx Group (“AOG”), providing trade finance to the trade group and upstream financing to Addax Petroleum N.V. (“Addax”) going back to 2001. [....]

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: APC) is one of the world’s largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, ....

Anadarko History
[....] The United States, Canada and Algeria represent the majority of the company's proved reserves and production; U.S. onshore accounts for about 60%

Anadarko announced on September 14th, 2006 that they had reached a deal to sell their Canadian assets, Anadarko Canada Corp., to Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. [....]

Anadarko Technology

Anadarko has been at the forefront of some of the industry's most significant technological advances in 3-D seismic imaging, drilling and completion technology, and reservoir management. As information is critical in this high-tech business, the company has been placing a lof of emphasis on state-of-the-art visualization technology.... IDEA system, an acronym for "Image Delivery for Enhanced Awareness" [....]

Anadarko Other Productions

Apart from oil and gas, Anadarko has a 'Minerals business unit' that manages its non-oil-and-gas mineral resources. The company holds approximately 7.5 million acres (30,000 km²) of fee mineral rights, located in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. These lands contain significant resources of coal, trona, limestone, titanium, zeolite, oil shale, and diamonds.

The Merger

On June 23, 2006, Anadarko announced that they would acquire Kerr-McGee Corporation and Western Gas Resources for a combined total of $23.3 billion[3].On August 10, 2006, Kerr McGee shareholders approved the buyout, and Kerr-McGee was merged into Anadarko.

About Kerr-McGee

[....] On June 23, 2006, Houston-based Anadarko Petroleum Corporation agreed to acquire Kerr-McGee in an all-cash transaction totaling $16.4 billion. Kerr-McGee shareholders voted to approve the offer on August 10, 2006. [....]

[....] With the acquisition of the Oryx Energy Company of Dallas, Texas in 1999, Kerr-McGee gained more onshore assets, as well as significant assets in several foreign areas, most notably Algeria and western Kazakhstan. [....]

Until 2005, Kerr-McGee had two major divisions: chemical and oil-related. On November 21, 2005, the chemical division of the company, based in Oklahoma City, was sold off by IPO as Tronox ...

Kerr McGee Locations [....]

Oil operations are a cooperation with CNOOC based in Bohai Bay, near Beijing, with offices in Beijing.

Other locations

Kerr-McGee and its subsidiaries formerly operated in western Kazakhstan, western Australia, and [....]

Kerr-McGee Controversy

Kerr-McGee sued ... to expand a royalty relief program.... The Federal government contends that Kerr-McGee owes the government billions of dollars in back royalties ....

... criticism for undertaking exploration for hydrocarbon resources offshore the Moroccan occupied area of Western Sahara. .... On May 2, 2005, the company declared its intention to no longer drill off the coast of the Sahara.

[....] Anadarko sells Canada unit for $4.24B.

Anadarko sells Canada unit for $4.24B


2006-09-14 12:23:00 Anadarko sells Canada unit for $4.24B. HOUSTON (AFX) - Anadarko Petroleum Corp. said Wednesday it agreed to sell its Canadian subsidiary ...

Anadarko Petroleum sells Canadian unit for $4.24B , September 21, 2006, Post-Standard, Syracuse.com -- or here


Anadarko Petroleum Corp., ... agreed to sell its Canadian subsidiary for about $4.24 billion to Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. [....]


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