January 13, 2007

Jan. 13, 2007: Leasing Heavy Water & Qinshan Concessions

EDC, AECL, Canatom NPM and other companies. You may recognize the names of movers and shakers in the government of the day.

Pay particular attention to the words: "leasing the heavy water" -- in the third screen capture down.

Qinshan Nuclear Reactor Deal with the State Development Bank of China ... and the Concessions

From $1.5 Billion to $1.94 Billion

Qinshan Concessions: Note that "All of the loan agreements were signed with the State Development Bank of China, 100% owned by the Chinese government."

Qinshan Concessions - Canada agreed to "leasing the heavy water"

Would that be where the environmental considerations come in that are mentioned in another post in this series, the one detailing the environmental consulting and the number of native groups consulting with the government because of their traditional knowledge?

There is more if you link.


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