January 08, 2007

Jan. 8, 2006: Elections CA, Kingsley, Holland

The resignation of Jean Pierre Kingsley of Elections Canada is a start. I have my own stories to tell about those who work/worked for Elections Canada. They think they have sown up the process, and, to an extent they have. Politicized and partisan, in my experience.

Kingsley steps down as head of Elections Canada


Jean Pierre Kingsley and MP Mark Holland -- Would this be newly acquired outrage?

Ah, the injustice of it all ... More below on Holland.

Harper was scathing in criticism of elections boss who's now resigning - re: Jean Pierre Kingsley , Alexander Panetta, Dec. 29, 06


[....] House leader Rob Nicholson.[....]

"Everyone knows you can make a person's life a living hell. You can make someone's life so miserable that they have no choice but to leave," said Liberal MP Mark Holland.

Holland referred specifically to Kingsley's recent scrap with the Tories over whether their 2005 convention fees should have been listed as political donations.

Kingsley had complained that the Conservatives resisted his requests to see their convention books. He finally submitted his resignation letter on Dec. 22 - one day after the Tories quietly re-filed their 2005 financial statement.

I noted elsewhere Liberal MP Mark Holland's nattering about the resignation. Perhaps Mr. Holland should read something that happened under Jean Pierre Kingsley's watch having to do with official ballots, schools, and CBC. See Frost Hits the Rhubarb Jan. 22, 2006 and Jan. 29, 2006, links below.

Memory Lane: Frost Hits the Rhubarb Jan. 29 - Feb. 3, 2006


Various posts:

Elections Canada Student Vote NB [Jan. 30, 2006]

No Indoctrination: Elections Canada & Student Vote? [Jan. 29, 2006]

No Indoctrination: Two

[....] Who instigated this initiative which culminated in a cross-pollination of the Department of Heritage, a few businesses, some educators, some unions, some schools but not all, and Elections Canada? Why would Elections Canada allow the use official ballots? Is this an Elections Canada version of reality TV?

Elections Canada, Canadian Heritage, EnCana Corporation, Scotiabank .......


455,000 Future Voters Cast Their Ballots in Parallel Election


[. . . . ] Several hundred campaign events were held in schools

No Indoctrination: Four

This was Sinclair Stevens' attempt to block the Conservative Party of Canada in favour of bringing back the old PC party, in my opinion. It was allowed to go on until the election was over, I believe.

Memory Lane: Elections Canada -- the ghost of school elections past, using official ballots and note where they were held.

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Jan. 22 - 28, 2006


January 22, 2006

The Integrity Challenged #2 -&- Whistleblower, Alan Cutler

CBC of the severely diminished credibility is holding students' Official Elections Canada ballots? Why?

Official Canada Elections ballots were used in activist-controlled Student Vote -- "the schools–by special code--send marked student ballots to CBC." By Judi McLeod, Saturday, January 21, 2006


Question: Is it legal for Elections Canada to allow the use of official ballots during "parallel" elections in Canadian schools?

Question: Why is CBC a point of destination for student marked official ballots and not the shredder?
[. . . . ]

Bonus if you link: Scroll down to Jan. 22, 2006, to a news item that the MSM may have missed: "Ezra Levant: Gagliano's criminal background check -- And here, for the first time, by way of Access to Information, is the RCMP's background check on Gagliano done before Jean Chretien first appointed him to the cabinet. It is in the form of a multi-page letter from the RCMP Commissioner of the day, and is marked "SECRET" on every page. -- a pdf you may download to enjoy"



Liberal MP Mark Holland's selective outrage

Hypocritical Holland Strikes Again -- re: Liberal MP Mark Holland , Stephen Taylor, 02 October 2006


Today Liberal MP Mark Holland (Ajax-Pickering) continues his petty partisan attacks, this time targeting a member of Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench (Globe and Mail, October 2, 2005). Holland’s new found interest in the judicial appointment process is strange, given that he never raised any concerns when then-Justice Minister Irwin Cotler (Mount Royal) appointed his chief-of-staff as a judge or when Liberal election readiness co-chairman in Alberta was named to the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench! Where was Holland’s outrage then? Why the double-standard?:

The facts:

Holland never raised any concerns when

[.... There are details worth reading in the middle. .... ]

Holland led the Liberals’ fight against the creation of an independent Public Appointments Commission, opposing any attempts to reform the public appointments process [....]

Would it cover just about anything to say that Holland is a typical Liberal politico?


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