December 28, 2006

Dec. 28, 2006: Financing Disaster

Funding through EDC and related tentacles

Traditionally, Canada has been a safe country within which to live. I have never had a problem with the use of nuclear power within Canada. However, I do have a problem with what I have learned concerning export and how much it has cost Canadians, and with some of the countries with which Canada has tried to, or would do business. Is there a problem of transparency, as well? In the following I noted a difference between a Corporate Account and a Canada Account, among other things.

The current situation in Canada leaves me somewhat more apprehensive:

* given the corruption that has surfaced in Canada, and the likelihood of more evidence of it to come,
* given the nexus among crime, drugs, criminal gangs, money laundering, terrorists, and the scope for bribery,
* given the past laxity in funding and support for our military and security services,
* given the evident insecurity of our entry points--ports, airports, border, even our north, * given the fact that very little of the cargo entering Canada is inspected, and maybe it cannot be adequately inspected, with the available manpower and instrumentation,
* given the proliferation of nuclear knowledge and theft of same (see previous posts on this website),
* given the other security lapses such as have been detailed concerning our foreign embassies (e.g. Hong Kong, Beijing),
* given the laxity in the areas of immigration and refugee determination,
* given the expanded and expanding "rights" industry aided by various, often taxpayer-funded, activist and refugee-aid groups,
* given the growing lack of faith many of us have in our courts and justice system, a system consisting of appointees, where political connections count, and where usually left leaning philosophy has counted more than respect for the intent of the law and for upholding the laws Canada already has, as opposed to creating new law, and where the primary consideration should be the security of Canadians, ahead of aliens,

I think Canadians have much to worry about, considering what has gone before and what could be coming, considering the security issues and the expansion of population through immigration and refugees controlled by appointees with all that means, and that all have inadequate time and manpower to adequately safeguard us. It is essential that, in future, we have a government which is not corrupt, that is incorruptible.

Note: I considered whether to post the following link or not, because it is from an anti-nuclear group. Canadians do not have to be anti-nuclear to suggest extreme caution. I have been reassured about Canada's use of nuclear power and repairing or building more. People who know something about nuclear reactors and the safety standards surrounding the Canadian nuclear reactors are confident in them. They would build more nuclear facilities.

The report which I suggest people read carefully, concerns security and bribery issues with past international sales. Taxpayers might want to read this closely, particularly as it is the section concerning Canadian international sales ... and their repercussions, in hindsight.

EDC = Export Development Corporation - including a CIDA component

* Check into the differences between a Corporate Account and a Canada Account. Why did Export Development Canada move from using a Corporate Account to using a Canada Account with the sale to China? What is the significance, if any?

* CIDA = Canadian International Development Agency - Is CIDA still involved? Is it connected through EDC or with the Canada Account, internationally? Who and what department are responsible for the Canada Account? For accountability and transparency? What does CIDA have to do with export - nuclear development or the EDC, if there is any current involvement? Was there not a move to merge two government departments under PM Martin and was DFAIT not one of them? What was the other?

EDC Support for Canadian Nuclear Exports

There is much more in the document:

Financing Disaster
How the G8 Fund the Global Proliferation of Nuclear Technology
Executive Summary and section on Canada
, 2001 report -- which is Google's cache in html format

Or download the pdf here.

The same table without highlighting

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