December 27, 2006

Dec. 27, 2006: Senate reform

PM on to something , Opposition beware, by Sheila Copps, Dec. 17, 06

The opposition in Ottawa may have quickly dismissed Prime Minister Stephen Harper's call for Senate reform but don't be surprised if he has just found himself a key election issue with which to flog those same opponents.

The public cares little about parliamentary configurations and even less about constitutional amendments. But for years the Canadian Senate has been served up as a symbol of what is wrong with the body politic. Unelected, tenured loafers who while away their Senate senior moments in Mexico on the public pig's back. [She disagrees ....]

He understands that Canadians are incrementalists. [Perhaps not all of us are. Some want reform quickly, before the natural governing party returns, then appoints and funds with taxpayer money more of what has gone on before ... and "justice"]

They fundamentally do not support radical change of any nature but are committed to modernizing their country. [....]

The achievement of long-promised Senate reform would be one change most Canadians support.[....]


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