December 22, 2006

Dec. 22, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn - Appeals

It is time to repeal the deportation appeals

You want an example of "the law is an a** "? Just tune into the endless deportation appeals. The latest case is some Mr. Watson, an American teacher, who was sentenced in Buffalo for sexual assault on a student. He arrived back in Canada to live with his wife. The CBSA or Canadian Border Services Agency finally got a deportation order on this guy, but he appealed that. So possibly he can remain in Canada for a year until the appeal is heard--could be even longer. If he loses that appeal, then he can go to a higher court. Chr***, one Iranian PLO terrorist fought his deportation order for 10 years. He arrived in Canada on a fake passport. His terrorist attack on an El-al plane in Athens resulted in a death . This joker's true identity has been known for a decade. He has used up a million dollars of tax-funded lawyers. I think he is still here.

Does the justice system in this country not understand that Canadians are losing faith in it? Whether it was the gross miscarriage of justice in the Karla Homulka case or in absurdly light sentences for gross criminality, the system is seen as flawed. As one cop said, "It burns my a**when a bad guy I arrested, after months of investigation, is out on the streets before I have even finished my paperwork on the case." I won't get into the nonsense sentencing for little psychopaths, who burn down companies for kicks, or randomly murder. Kids who are described by court reporters as "showing not an iota of repentance, or even gratitude for their "get-out-of-jail-free sentences. There is a need for serious sentences for serious crimes, be they career criminals or their juvenile apprentices.

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A Related Gift

From Pierre Trudeau and friends, the gift that keeps on giving, while the rest pay, the Charter of Rights--with no corresponding responsibilities--along with the politicized, leftist courts, chief of which are the members of Canada's Supreme Court. The SCOC is as politicized as the rest--I would say, chosen especially, for that reason--and it has been aided by the Court Challenges Program, which, thankfully, the current government has decided de-fund -- to end its political activitism perhaps. The activism was used to break Canada into competing groups, to push a global agenda, but often on its own behalf, I believe, in that its members made money--legal advice and law work--or gained what they wanted, particularly during the former languages tzar's regime, for example, expanding her department with native languages, and gaining more clout using other taxpayers' money. (Check further and into the language rights activism). No wonder the Liberals / leftists / language police / NDP and assorted other lefties are squealing like ... well, squealing like stuck pigs ... or sows, to use a country description at this time of plenty and celebration. A toast to our current government's common sense. The rest of us were never asked what we thought and, in the time of His Eminence, PET, it was not explained thoroughly what was intended to be implemented, incrementally, over the last forty years.

American sex offender released , Adrian Humphreys, CanWest / Vancouver Sun, December 19, 2006

[....] While his status as an American made him ineligible to remain in Canada, his permanent residency status here does allow him to appeal the IRB's decision.

"As a permanent resident he is eligible to appeal that deportation order and his lawyer did state today that he intended to appeal the removal order," said Melissa Anderson, a spokeswoman for the Immigration and Refugee Board.

"He can stay put until the appeal of his removal order to the Immigration and Refugee Board is finalized -- and that can be a long time given our backlog." [....]

Check further for I thought someone posted that he had actually been removed to the US but I cannot find it now. Remember, the activists, the UN and No One Is Illegal. (Look it up.)


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