December 22, 2006

Dec. 22, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn - Questions

A few questions that need to be answered

1) How can Stephane Dion say he will help the Bloc bring down the Conservative government on its budget, when he doesn't even know what is in it? As well, how does Dion square his Liberal government's--and as Environment Minister, especially, his own--horrible Kyoto record, with the hysteria he is whipping up over Prime Minister Harper's policy? Finally, does Dion not see rather bad optics in his alliance with the Bloc? As a Quebecois, joining another Quebecois, Duceppe, in defeating a primarily Anglophone-elected government? Really bad optics west of Montreal, I would think. [comment on this by FHTR below]

2) Major Sprague, a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan, explained the problems of cultural differences in that war. He said, "the Afghanis cherish honour and respect. While the Westerners are controlled by a guilt-based philosophy; the Afghanis are ruled by a shame-based one. However not honouring your commitment of Afghani support troops during combat operations causes not an iota of shame." How do we conduct a war with such "allies" as these people?

3) How can a [now retired*] UN chief like Kofi Annan start casting blame for the world's crises on individual states? On his watch, there has been the UN, impotent in the face of millions killed in Rwanda, the Congo and Darfur? A president who couldn't save his own continent from unrelenting savagery does not deserve accolades from Canada. I [would have recommended*] that the West let the thug states of the UN host his farewell party.

© Bud Talkinghorn


* I changed the tense from "now retiring" and from "recommend". I am late posting this so Annan has retired now. Sorry, Bud, but there is much to do and too little time. Merry Christmas, anyway.

Bud, there are Quebecois who support the efforts of this government to root out the corruption and to create a system all Canadians may believe in; they will be as unhappy with Stephane Dion's crawling into bed with the Bloc / separatists, as are those west of Quebec. The average Quebecois wants what we all want, decent government, honest, transparent, and accountable. FHTR


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