December 19, 2006

Dec. 19, 2006: Braves' new world

Natives demand release of Six Nations protester they consider 'political prisoner , Chinta Puxley, Dec. 18, 06 -- Via Punted Posters Forum

TORONTO (CP) - A Six Nations protester arrested during the ongoing aboriginal occupation in Caledonia, Ont., is a "political prisoner" who's being kept behind bars to deter other aboriginals from standing up for their land rights, demonstrators protesting his incarceration said Monday.

"He was doing what any Mohawk man should do in this circumstance," said Houlley, who came from Six Nations in New York state to protest Miller's detention. ....

Miller should never have been charged, Houlley said, because he isn't subject to Canadian law....

...a hostage, a political prisoner." [....]


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